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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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DaisyAlice Sun 14-Aug-22 22:26:12

With the aim to help support a prolapse I had a Vaginal Ring Pessary fitted by my G.P. last week. I felt unwell the following day and after three days decided to have it removed. The G.P. thought it was the correct size but has offered to fit a smaller one. I don't know what decision to make. Have any of you experience that you can share? Pros and Cons?

Blossoming Mon 15-Aug-22 19:35:00

Sorry, can’t help, hope someone else can give an opinion.

Marydoll Mon 15-Aug-22 19:40:43

There was a recent thread about a prolapse. It may help to read it.

Debbi58 Mon 15-Aug-22 19:56:23

Hi Daisy Alice, I've had 2 prolapse surgeries , the first one around 4 years ago. That was my bladder had prolapsed. Felt amazing after , then around a year later I had another prolapse, this time it was a back wall prolapse, quite severe. It was deemed too serious for a ring , so I opted for surgery again. It been amazing , I do have to be careful, no heavy lifting or straining etc.

DaisyAlice Tue 16-Aug-22 16:00:42

Thank you ladies for your replies. The link to Prolapsed Everything was helpful. Debbie58, I'm pleased to hear that the surgeries have been helpful to you. I think I will use my doctor's appointment on Friday to learn more about the condition and treatment. Google becomes too much conflicting information! My prolapse is mild at the moment, slightly uncomfortable but the feeling of needing the loo when out and about has made me a little anxious. I have been reading reviews of the Kegel8 and considering purchasing one, along with weight loss and continued use of my prescribed Oestrogen cream. I'm 66. Thank you again.

Debbi58 Tue 16-Aug-22 18:06:34

Your welcome, hope all goes well for you