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Colonoscopy, help and advice

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Megs36 Mon 15-Aug-22 22:27:42

Just had results of “poo test” and need one of these, Thankyou anyone with experience.

Shinamae Mon 15-Aug-22 22:55:39

Because my brother died of bowel cancer in 2003 over those years after that I have had three colonoscopies and the worst bit is drinking the “prep” to empty your bowel.. that’s my experience anyway, please don’t worry,all good wishes…

cornergran Mon 15-Aug-22 22:58:18

Dangerous to generalise I know but it seems most people find the preparation harder going than the actual procedure. Staff are unfailingly kind, do their best to reassure and understand anxieties. I’ve had two, no sedation although it was offered, totally my choice. Not painful or embarrassing and actually rather interesting as the option was there to watch it on a screen. Please try not to worry, tell the staff if you have particular anxieties and remember it is soon over.

There have been other threads on the topic which may be reassuring. I’m sorry, I’m rubbish at searching this site so can’t provide a link. If you do a search I’m sure you’ll have more success. Wishing you well.

crazyH Mon 15-Aug-22 23:01:47

I have no experience, but I couldn’t just scroll by, without sending you good wishes. All the best !

Mollygo Mon 15-Aug-22 23:02:48

As Shinamae says, the worst bit is the preparation. You can opt to have an anaesthetic if you are really worried. It involves a longer wait before being allowed home, but they give you gas and air and my DH finds that is sufficient and he’s had several.
Hope it all goes well for you.

Baggytrazzas Mon 15-Aug-22 23:14:24

HI, Megs36 , I think you might also have the option of being sedated, so not fully out as in anaesthetic, but away enough to be calm and relaxed with a relatively short recovery period.

I hope you don't have too long a wait, and that everything goes well for you

Holsey Mon 15-Aug-22 23:16:20

Went through the same last month. Total surprise being called for colonoscopy as blood found. As others have said the ‘clear out’ drink was the worst bit. Hospital staff couldn’t have been kinder. Over very quickly and watched it all on screen. Consultant very reassuring and chief nurse tells you the results and gives you written report. Thankfully all was ok. I chose the light sedation. Appointment was 9.15am and left hospital at 11am. Do hope all goes well for you too.

Elrel Mon 15-Aug-22 23:47:02

Happy to say that mine too was far less unpleasant than expected. Staff lovely, reassuring and competent. Hoping OP’s goes as smoothly as mine and with a good outcome.

grannydarkhair Tue 16-Aug-22 03:21:42

As others have said, the “clean out” preparation isn’t pleasant. I struggled to drink all the first lot, but the next morning’s lot was easier, I suppose because I hadn’t eaten for so long.
The hospital staff were all lovely, one held my hand throughout the procedure. I managed fine with no sedation, was a wee bit uncomfortable at one point but that lasted a few seconds at the most. I chose not to watch it on-screen.
What no one has mentioned is the amount of wind you should pass after it. By the time I left the recovery area to have a cup of tea and a sandwich, there were five other women still resting. I didn’t hear even one of them passing wind, whereas I was doing so constantly. The nurse who’d been looking after me said that it was stupid to try and hold it in as you’d just get very uncomfortable.

harrigran Tue 16-Aug-22 05:23:45

I am about to have a colonoscopy, my 8th procedure, so know what to expect. The laxatives are the worst part, I suggest you use vaseline to protect your bum from soreness.
I also used Tena pants in case of accidents.
I have never been bothered by wind after the procedure.

Marmight Tue 16-Aug-22 06:05:17

I agree. The preparation/clear out is the most unpleasant part but it has to be done. Just don’t move too far from the loo! I chose not to have sedation as there was nobody available to drive me home. I watched on the screen (weird seeing one’s insides) & experienced only mild discomfort; at one point the Doc warned me the probe was ‘going round a bend which could be uncomfortable’! No after effects and grateful for the tea and biscuit. Just take it gently on food intake afterwards ….

lemsip Tue 16-Aug-22 07:44:27

I don't need one but read up about it, how can you stay next to the loo after the prep when you share the house with another person? I worry about this should I need one in the future

NanKate Tue 16-Aug-22 08:11:00

I’ve had a number of colonoscopies and agree drinking lots of liquid is unpleasant but not painful.

No real problem Lemsip you do have a bit of warning before each poo session and it only lasts for an hour or so. If you take the preparation the night before the procedure I suggest you lie on a towel to avoid any leakage on the bedding.

Yes Vaseline is a must.

Good luck and welcome to the club.

NanKate Tue 16-Aug-22 08:12:32

I see you are not having one Lemsip just remember this advice if things change.

lemsip Tue 16-Aug-22 08:23:35

thank you NanKate. my poo test was clear thankfully but should I need one in the future i worry about staying in the loo. also on the way to the hospital what about wind and smell from it.

lemsip Tue 16-Aug-22 08:35:52

I have had a sigmoidoscopy some years ago which was alright. just had to 'starve' myself for couple of days before and drink lots of water

silverlining48 Tue 16-Aug-22 08:42:39

Have had this a number of times. The pre op is the worst but doesn’t last long and with sedation you won’t feel a thing. I like watching it all on the tv and had no wind or other problem afterwards. Nothing to worry about.

Megs36 Tue 16-Aug-22 11:20:30

Thankyou all for your kindness x

welbeck Tue 16-Aug-22 11:31:12

i ve had two and didn't find the movi-prep too difficult.
just follow the instructions to the letter.
maybe my body is different, or my expectations, but i really don't find anything unpleasant about it; some inconvenience of course, but it's just a matter of planning.
round here they do require a person to escort you home. they are meant to stay with you afterwards
some places make the same person come in with you, to undertake to do escort and monitor duty,
the actual procedure was not too bad, no pain.
try not to worry.
i wore puffy pants en route, just for my own reassurance.
i think the thought of it was the worst part, esp first time.

Megs36 Wed 17-Aug-22 20:51:09

Thanks again everyone x

NanKate Thu 18-Aug-22 06:52:00

Lemsip no need to worry because after taking the preparation you have a bit of warning that you need to go, to be crude it comes out like a rocket 🚀 and then it’s over for a bit and then it repeats itself until your are clear. You are never in the loo for more than a few minutes. By the time you go to the hospital you don’t need to go anymore, however it is sensible to wear a pad on the journey in case you are leaking a bit.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 18-Aug-22 07:30:57

I’ve had a few!
Before I had the procedure I had an appointment at the Hospital where they ran through what would happen and how everything was done, just to make sure that you understand what is going to happen, any questions you have will be answered then.
The prep is definitely the worst part, I didn’t leave the loo for the whole evening.
The staff are so friendly, i told them how worried I was (the first time) and my blood pressure went so high that I had to wait in a little room for an hour until it went down to an acceptable level, they gave me some magazines to read and I calmed down.
Take light shoes to change into, you are allowed to keep your top on, but undies and trousers are exchanged for a rather fetching pair of paper undies and a ‘nightgown’ take a large bag as you will take it all with you into the room, you will be escorted to the room where everything will be explained to you.
I opted for the sedation for the first time, I laid on the bed a nurse held my hand throughout, I had oxygen but that might be because I have Asthma, then just follow their instructions to move this way and that, I also watched it on the screen and they showed me what they were removing.

The second time I didn’t have sedation and it was a bit uncomfortable but they gave me gas and air.
After I had come round ( with a cup of tea and biscuits) they explained what had happened and when I would get my results, I was asked beforehand if I wanted to know straight after the procedure (it was just before Christmas the first time ) I said yes, so they told me what they had found.
I didn’t have any wind after the procedure.
MrOops came with me and drove me home.
They rang me the next morning to check I was ok and my results were telephoned to me within 3 days, unfortunately I had to go back again, but all is now well.
There really was nothing for me to worry about the procedure and I’m sure yours will go smoothly, they do hundreds a week.

lemsip Thu 18-Aug-22 08:13:16

Thanks NanKate