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CountessFosco Thu 18-Aug-22 14:49:07

The Count has taken to snoring in a big way : he used to do this gently whilst lying on his back. After he had woken me up, I gave him a prod, he would then turn over and eventually I could go back to sleep. Now it has come to pass that he is snoring on his side. Night before last it was loud, prolonged and not only exhaling but inhaling as well.
Next morning he said "you woke me up when you prodded me" Grrrrrrrrr.
I cannot go back to sleep for hours after the snoring awakens me. He sent for some strips to put over the nose - no good. Not only did they come off in the night, but they were totally ineffectual. He puts Vicks under his nostrils, blows his nose before retiring, but it is now four+ times per night and I am exhausted from lack of sleep. If anyone has any effective suggestions, I would be eternally grateful. TIA

Lucca Thu 18-Aug-22 14:54:02

Sleep in another room

MiniMoon Thu 18-Aug-22 15:00:30

I second that suggestion Lucca.

Aveline Thu 18-Aug-22 15:03:25

That's the only way CountessFosco. You need your sleep.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 18-Aug-22 15:03:47

Have you tried ear-plugs?

I mean, it is that or seperate rooms.

DH and I can't sleep properly if not in the same bed, but fortunately he is not bothered that I snore, nor does it bother me that he sometimes does.

sharon103 Thu 18-Aug-22 15:14:00

My son sleeps in the next room to me. He snores for England.
I've never heard anything like it and when he's got a cold I could honestly leave home.
He usually waits until I've been in bed a few minutes and then he starts.
I got out of bed twice last night to give him a prod. It does my head in.
Another son snores sometimes so I get it in stereo.
Any remedies greatly appreciated
He can't afford to get his own place and considering a shed down the bottom of the garden ha ha!

M0nica Thu 18-Aug-22 15:26:15

CountessFosco If the Count has only just started snoring, I would get him down to the doctor to have him checked to see if he has sleep apnea. This is the result of the throat 'collapsing' when he lies down to breath, so he he stops breathing, may be just for a few seconds, and then when he begins to wake he takes a huge breath - and snores.

DH went to his doctor when he had a minisleep on the motorway, this distrubed breathing can leave the person with it very tired during the day. I had told him often enough that I thought he had it. The doctor sent him for tests that confirmed it and he now has a breathing aid he is meant o use at night. It can also lead to heart disease and other medical problems.

nadateturbe Thu 18-Aug-22 15:28:19

My son has had a shed for the last year. It's been insulated, carpeted etc, very cosy. He has had an operation on his nose which didn't help. Sometimes, in mild weather, he sleeps here to give my DIL a break from the most horrendous snoring I have ever heard.
I've suggested converting the garage. To me this would be ideal. She has suffered all their married life, as have their children.
I would try separate rooms CountessFosco but it may not be enough.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 15:32:38

It is sometimes possible to have an operation to stop snoring, depending on what is causing it. Your husband should see his GP and get a referral to a specialist.

Kate1949 Thu 18-Aug-22 15:38:32

We have this problem. My husband snores so loudly the house almost shakes. He's been to his GP to no avail. We've tried various remedies. Ear plugs are useless it's so loud. So it's separate rooms. We can't share a hotel room so have to go self catering with 2 bedrooms. It's a problem but we work around it. He's not overweight which is sometimes cited as a cause.

Georgesgran Thu 18-Aug-22 16:13:50

My SinL snores - it’s like a sty full of pigs! She knows she does so when we went on holiday pre-Covid, she asked me to record her snores. She was mortified, but her GP dismissed it, saying it was just her age. She’s had a couple of holidays since with M, who apparently is quite deaf and said she wasn’t disturbed by the noise. However, a recent stay in Portugal found M sleeping in the bath!

Separate rooms is the answer, unless your DH has sleep apnea (stops breathing) which should be investigated.

V3ra Thu 18-Aug-22 17:32:02

This has been an ongoing problem for many years for us.
My husband has had surgery on his nose twice to no avail.
He spent a night in hospital being monitored for sleep apnoea but it's not that.

A combination of things have worked for us:
Two single beds pushed together and two single duvets, this means I don't get disturbed by the vibrations of his snoring through the mattress.
Boots Muffles wax ear plugs which I can soften and mould to a sound-proof fit.

He's lost over five stone in weight over the last year and that's definitely helped.

Snoring is too often treated as a joke by people who aren't affected by it.
Lack of sleep is very draining and you have my every sympathy CountessFosco ?

Smileless2012 Thu 18-Aug-22 17:36:34

I'm afraid sleeping in separate rooms is the only answer. Poor Mr. S. had surgery on his nose (broken a couple of times during his rugby days) and throat. He didn't snore for a year but when he started again it was horrendous, far worse that he'd been before.

sodapop Thu 18-Aug-22 17:40:14

Separate rooms, no snoring and you can read for as long as you want smile

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 18-Aug-22 17:41:36

We’ve slept in separate rooms for years.

Scotgirlnick Thu 18-Aug-22 17:55:44

Overweight and alcohol make it worse

AreWeThereYet Thu 18-Aug-22 18:25:10

Blimey - that gave me a shock. Thought something had happened to Witzend shock

Aveline Thu 18-Aug-22 18:36:26

Me too. I thought there might have been some sort of knitting related incident!

Smudgie Thu 18-Aug-22 18:36:30

Countess, you have to face it! You need your own bedrooms, preferably at each end of your stately home otherwise you will hear him through the wall. I havn't slept with my husband for yearsgrin, we both have a double bed each, bed made to our individual taste, I can't wait to get in it and read my kindle without a voice saying " can you turn that off now, I can see the backlight". Do it, you know it makes sense.

3dognight Thu 18-Aug-22 18:39:14

So did I, AWTY !

Callistemon21 Thu 18-Aug-22 18:41:59

Oh my goodness!

I saw the heading of this thread and thought something had happened to our Gransnetter, Witzend!
Thank goodness it's about something else entirely.

Has your DH been tested for sleep apnoea, CountessFosco? It can cause snoring to get worse but there is a machine available which can help with that.

Kate1949 Thu 18-Aug-22 22:47:02

Separate rooms is no big deal.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 22:52:15

I’d hate separate rooms.

VioletSky Thu 18-Aug-22 22:57:33

I take medication that helps sleep but I need to be in a deep by the time my husband comes to bed...

I'm on school holidays from work and staying up later has ruined my sleep pattern so I'm not asleep when he gets to bed and if he keeps me awake the restless legs kick in...

I've been thinking we need a new patio and a bit of axe murder might help lol

BlueBelle Fri 19-Aug-22 07:03:38

Me too arewethereyet
Glad witzend is ok