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Just heard I've got to have a colonoscopy - help!

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Macerena Thu 22-Sep-22 12:34:13

Having just broken my shoulder, I had to have "routine" tests and they said I have to have a colonoscopy. Very worried. Can anyone offer tips please? Thank you.

NannyInTheKitchen Thu 22-Sep-22 12:42:43

I heard this week that I have to have one too. Look forward to any ressasuring information anyone can offer us, thanks

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 22-Sep-22 12:43:31

That’s an odd thing to have for a broken shoulder.

Look on the Health forum, plenty of advice on there, many of us have had them.

Come back if you are unsure? It really is nothing to worry about and you will have an appointment at your hospital to talk though the procedure and any worries.

I would think that they will wait until your shoulder is healed before you get an appointment.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 22-Sep-22 12:44:04

Through, sorry- not though.

PollyDolly Thu 22-Sep-22 12:47:16

"That’s an odd thing to have for a broken shoulder." Perhaps not so odd Oops, I was recently told that I needed an MRI for a scabby knee.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 22-Sep-22 12:55:46

pollydolly well I have to admit I’m not a Doctor!

As you can probably tell!

CoolCoco Thu 22-Sep-22 13:07:41

You'll be offered the choice of sedation or not. Take the sedation is my advice. You will be relaxed. It'll all be over before you know it.

krazykat Thu 22-Sep-22 13:10:32

As someone who has to have them regularly they are not as scarey as you think.
Most people will be able to have mild sedation, although you will need to have someone to collect you after.
The worst thing about them is the very strong laxative you have to take before hand, they taste pretty gross and they certainly work.

Spice101 Thu 22-Sep-22 13:10:40

I had my only colonoscopy 18 months ago. I was told the worst part was the preparation and I should be prepared to virtually not leave the bathroom.

Fortunately I did not have that problem and the bowel emptying cleared up within about 8 hours. After I had to stop eating I had jelly and either beef or chicken stock and water only.

I was sedated for the procedure which is usual where I live. Once at home and the sedation had worn off I was back to my usual activities. The gastroenterologist rang me about an hour after I got home with the result. I also had a gastroscopy done at the same time.

NotSpaghetti Thu 22-Sep-22 13:17:05

The worst thing about them is the very strong laxative you have to take before hand, they taste pretty gross and they certainly work.

This was true for my husband.
He says wear only elasticated trousers or easy to whip-off PJs- as you don't have time for zips/buttons

Nannarose Thu 22-Sep-22 13:31:19

Do you remember your breathing exercises from ante-natal classes? Very useful in such situations (the colonoscopy - probably the laxatives as well)

Nell8 Thu 22-Sep-22 13:40:35

Nothing much to add other than be careful afterwards as you may feel fine after sedative but waves of grogginess can come from nowhere and affect your balance.

As regards the superstrong laxative, you will probably be advised to have Vaseline handy in case your bottom gets a bit sore.

Afterwards you should be offered a cuppa and a light snack which will be very welcome after the period of "fasting"! Best wishes.

nadateturbe Thu 22-Sep-22 13:47:58


"That’s an odd thing to have for a broken shoulder." Perhaps not so odd Oops, I was recently told that I needed an MRI for a scabby knee.

I can understand an MRI for your knee, but how is the colon related to the shoulder?
Nevertheless don't worry about the colonoscopy. I have had two and other colon tests. If you relax, do controlled breathing you'll be fine. You will also be offered a sedative to breathe in as needed from a mask.
The prep is worse, but you'll survive it.
Don't worry. 🙂

Macerena Thu 22-Sep-22 13:56:03

Thank you so much everybody. Good luck Nannyinthekitchen. I suppose it does sound odd, but whilst in hospital they found my blood pressure is all over the place and that was responsible for the fall and the broken shoulder. Blood tests led to stool test (they found blood) and so here I am. I live on my own and talking to all of you makes such a difference. I might have to get in touch again if the result is bad. I hope that's ok.

NotSpaghetti Thu 22-Sep-22 14:08:51

Use the vaseline before any problems and invest in some gentle toilet wipes . My husband recommends the Andrex Aloe Vera.

He says drink your horrible mix through a straw so you taste as little as possible.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 22-Sep-22 14:20:56

Had my 3rd one 3 weeks ago and as they say the worse part is preparation, first the diet of mainly. Living without eating fruit or veg for a few days and then the awful laxative drink that I had to take twice. But once through all that and with sedation given with a pain killer it was quick and easy and I was given the result straight away. So try not to worry.

nadateturbe Thu 22-Sep-22 14:39:47

Ah, I get it now Macerena.

Hope all goes well. Straw sounds like a good idea.

Macerena Thu 22-Sep-22 14:46:27


Ah, I get it now Macerena.

Hope all goes well. Straw sounds like a good idea.

Thank you.

MissChateline Thu 22-Sep-22 14:55:37

I had a colonoscopy a few months ago. My partner is a doctor and she managed my prep for me. I spent 3 days devising interesting meals consisting of mashed potato, egg and bovril!
The Moviprep on the day before is evil. I added a lot of lime cordial to it to make it palatable and used a straw to drink it through. I spent 5 hours on the loo. The lowest point in my life was when I managed to get to the bedroom, realised that I needed to get back to the bathroom very quickly, slipped on some very watery poo, hit my head in the wall and ended up in the laundry basket.
Colonoscopy was fun compared to this !

NannyInTheKitchen Thu 22-Sep-22 15:05:52

Many thanks for your best wishes Macerena and good luck to you in return.
Thank you so much to everyone who posted with the helpful advice.

Charleygirl5 Thu 22-Sep-22 15:07:31

I agree, the prep was the worst part. My rear end was on fire when I had the colonoscopy carried out. I decided not to have sedation and I did not need it. I only felt a sharp pain for a second when the tube was inserted into my rear.

I also had 2 polyps removed and I did not feel a thing.

It took a couple of days for my rear to return to normal and I still needed to know where the loo was but there were no frantic dashes.

nadateturbe Thu 22-Sep-22 15:15:35

Best wishes to you too Naanyinthekitchen.
You'll be fine.
I had several polyps removed too. No problem.

I didn't suffer from the prep either, no burning. Lucky me.

Dottydots Thu 22-Sep-22 15:35:40

The laxative certainly was strong. I felt an urge to go, ran from lounge into kitchen to get to bathroom. Didn't get to the bathroom in time and ruined my slippers and the kitchen rug. Never heard the last of it from my boyfriend!

nadateturbe Fri 23-Sep-22 17:02:03

Oh poor you Dotty.
Yes, more advice Macarena stay close to the bathroom.

NotSpaghetti Fri 23-Sep-22 17:57:16

Someone (who had been through it) suggested my husband just stay on the loo till it was all over! grin