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Inshure and antidepressants.

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Megs36 Tue 04-Oct-22 20:13:03

Not been so good for few weeks,some of you gave helpful advice when I had cystitis so what your opinions are on my latest prescriptions would be welcome.. , I
have been totally wiped out and cannot eat normal meals so my son came up with meal replacements, GP approved. And had a discussion with me and her regarding anxiety and depression.The pills take weeks to kick in so watch this space,tell me your experiences.x

Blossoming Tue 04-Oct-22 20:30:54

Sorry, I have no experience to share with this but I didn’t want to pass by without commenting. Hope things improve for you soon ❤️

Farmor15 Tue 04-Oct-22 22:28:35

I think you may be talking about Ensure meal replacements. My mother was prescribed these and found them very good, but she was advised to take in addition to a small meal, not completely instead of eating.

Callistemon21 Tue 04-Oct-22 22:50:32

Your GP should be able to prescribe Ensure drinks, they are fine in the very short-term but, as Farmor says, best as a supplement as they should ensure you get the right vitamins etc if your appetite is poor.

I don't know about the medication, sorry. Your GP is the best one to talk to about that.

crazyH Tue 04-Oct-22 23:02:02

Megs - I was prescribed antidepressants during my difficult divorce , but I’ll be honest, they did nothing for me.
As for Ensure, I have heard of it but know nothing about it, sorry.
Hope you get sorted. Yes, antidepressants do take a couple of weeks to take effect. Don’t give up. You must persevere.

MissAdventure Tue 04-Oct-22 23:58:52

I have both ensure and antidepressants.

I only really notice a difference if I stop the antidepressants, as a gradual decline, like a dark cloud descending.

The ensure I have been prescribed as I have days, or weeks, when the quality of food I have is not so great.

I'm hardly wasting away, so they are just to provide vitamins and the things I should be getting from food.

Megs36 Wed 05-Oct-22 16:19:52

Thanks allx