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Reasons for Anaemia

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bouncingdragon Fri 07-Oct-22 23:05:46

My partner has recently had a blood test and the doctor rang him the same day because his haemoglobin levels were so low. Apart from feeling tired, he is fit and active. The doctor is sending him for a colonoscopy. My partner has always taken part in the diagnostic poo test scheme. He has no traces of blood in his poo and no other symptoms.
I am terrified he might have bowel cancer. Is anaemia always a sign of bowel cancer?

Blossoming Fri 07-Oct-22 23:14:45

It can be a symptom of bowel cancer if there is internal bleeding, but it can also have other causes. I’m guessing your doctor wants to check that as if caught quickly it can be treated successfully. Please try not to stress.

silverlining48 Fri 07-Oct-22 23:16:22

I have heard that people are being offered colonoscopy fir all sorts of strange reasons. A friend had something completely unconnected and she was referred for a colonoscopy. Think this was discussed on GN recently.

Try not to worry, if there are no other symptoms there shouldn’t be a problem. I have had about 5 and its interesting watching the tv screen and is not painful.

Debbi58 Sat 08-Oct-22 00:26:39

It could be due to Any medication he's taking, I get anaemic from time to time , last time was a few months ago. Picked up on my routine bloods for my diabetes etc. They suggested I stop my naproxen for a month and then retest, I did and it went back to normal. But my arthritis was bad because I couldn't take the naproxen ?‍♀️

CanadianGran Sat 08-Oct-22 03:56:51

Agree with others that there can be numerous causes. My DH also was diagnosed as low iron. It could be his medication that causes anemia, as well as autoimmune diseases or even vitamin deficiency. He started on vit B12 with good results.

Please try not to worry too much, and wait for doctor to advise.

bouncingdragon Sat 08-Oct-22 08:08:09

Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.
It’s not medication because he isn’t on any of the meds that can cause anaemia.
The only thing that makes sense is bowel cancer. I have read a couple of times on here that bowel cancer is slow growing. His last poo test was nearly two years ago. He has no other symptoms than anaemia but apparently that is one of the first symptoms

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 08-Oct-22 08:40:41

I think as well that it’s a test that a GP can order and it gets done really very quickly, once that’s out of the way the GP can then order other tests if the Colonoscopy is clear.

tanith Sat 08-Oct-22 09:02:45

My daughter was diagnosed with anaemia and was put on high iron tablets but advised to stop drinking energy drinks. Within 3 mths her iron levels were fine and she was taken off the meds had no problems since.