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Mystery condition

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GagaJo Mon 05-Dec-22 21:25:34

Seen 2 GPs, 2 A&E doctors, 2 maxillofacial doctors.

It started 2 weeks ago with an inflammed area on my face. Became infected and had to be drained. Given antibiotics and an antibacterial ointment.

Next developed a range of lumps on my face (they look a bit like hives). No heads. Nothing inside to drain.

Have something in my ear. Possibly a boil, or maybe one of the lumps.

Also 2 lumps on my bottom lip and one inside my mouth.

Even the max fax doctors don't know what's wrong. They've said:
Ulcers (mouth)
Shingles (I've got tingling, itching, nerve pain).

I'm fed up with it. I've got a big scar from the infection draining. Ear ache. A sore mouth.

Anyone got any ideas?

Mollygo Mon 05-Dec-22 21:30:01

No ideas, but I hope you feel better soon. It’s great that you’re getting treatment, but not so good if it isn’t helping.
Incidentally, last time I had an appointment at the Maxillofacial clinic, they asked if I had any toenail infections.

Luckygirl3 Mon 05-Dec-22 21:33:37

I am sorry I have no idea. But I have just collected some oral antibiotics from the surgery as I have a swollen hot red cheek. The nurse practitioner prescribed these after me sending her a photo!

I first of all thought it was was the eye drops I have been putting in both eyes after cataract surgery (some drops trickle down the cheek) but it was only on one side and the drops were in both eyes, so that did not make sense.

She obviously thinks it is cellulitis. I'm bunging down the anti B's and await the squits and the thrush.

It is clearly not nearly as bad as your problem OP, but I guess I am glad they are dealing with it to prevent it getting any worse.

I am sorry you are having these horrible problems - you must be thoroughly fed up. I hope it all clears soon.

Patsy70 Mon 05-Dec-22 21:33:51

So sorry to hear this, GagaJo, it sounds so,painful. It could be a bad case of shingles, and hopefully you’ll get a diagnosis very soon.

GagaJo Mon 05-Dec-22 21:36:14

Shingles turn to blisters though don't they? And then scabs? I don't have that.

icanhandthemback Mon 05-Dec-22 21:43:23

Sorry to hear of your problems, GagaJo and Luckygirl3.. I don't know the answer but didn't want to read and run. I hope they get it sorted out soon.

Callistemon21 Mon 05-Dec-22 21:48:07

Shingles (I've got tingling, itching, nerve pain)

I don't know that shingles always turn to blisters.
Shingles is miserable.
Sometimes the pain starts before the spots appear.

Have you been given anti-virals?
They do need to be taken asap, but I'm not sure if a blood test will prove whether or not it's shingles.

Callistemon21 Mon 05-Dec-22 21:50:01

And Luckygirl too - hope that the diagnosis is right and it clears up soon.

Hot and red with a defined edge could be cellulitis.

MissAdventure Mon 05-Dec-22 21:51:25

A vitamin deficiency?

I think lack of the B vitamins can cause cracked lips, ulcers and other nasties.

MissAdventure Mon 05-Dec-22 21:57:50

Also, my mum had shingles on her scalp once.

The pain, which was excruciating, came on a good few days before welts appeared on her scalp.

She never got blisters.

Glorianny Mon 05-Dec-22 21:59:36

Are you taking any medication GagaJo? If so can you stop it for a short while just to check it isn't the cause?

The first treatment I had for my osteoporosis brought me out in lumps on my face. I realised it was the cause because the condition worsened when I was taking it and cleared up when I wasn't. It is apparently one of the rarer side effects.

Callistemon21 Mon 05-Dec-22 22:07:52

Tingling and nerve pain really suggests shingles.

Anti-virals are effective if taken as soon as possible after symptoms begin.

growstuff Mon 05-Dec-22 22:11:00

Have hives been discounted?

I had mysterious bumps on my face and legs many years ago. I was prescribed all sorts of treatments, but nothing worked. The individual bumps would disappear and then a new patch would appear in a slightly different place - at one time in my mouth. It went on like that for a few weeks. I was told it was a form of urticaria (hives).

Eventually, I started bathing them with witch hazel and they calmed down and disappeared. I don't know if it was a coincidence. I've never had a recurrence.

MissAdventure Mon 05-Dec-22 22:11:36

Are your ears pierced?
Not as extreme, but I've had problems through leaving small gold studs in for too long five years solid

growstuff Mon 05-Dec-22 22:17:46

Ibuprofen brings me out in mysterious bumps.

GagaJo Mon 05-Dec-22 22:18:54

Not taking medication. Maxfax Dr. suggested multivitamins because I'm not eating much.

It's been almost 2 weeks so I think too late for antivirals.

Ears are pierced but I haven't worn any jewellery for months.

I did have a bad time with hives 10 years ago, but they turned out to be linked to undiagnosed thrush.

These lumps are the same ones sadly. The newest ones have been there for 5 days now. The original one, that got infected, for 2 weeks.

MissAdventure Mon 05-Dec-22 22:23:08

I do like a mystery!

Do you lean with your hand on that side of your face, or always put your phone that side?

Sleep on that side?

nadateturbe Mon 05-Dec-22 22:35:32

Have you used any different cleaning materials, creams etc.

MissAdventure Mon 05-Dec-22 22:50:31

Has your blood sugar been checked? Are you diabetic, I can't remember?

Too much sugar can play havoc with your system.

pieinthesky Tue 06-Dec-22 00:15:00

Have you seen a dermatologist? Maybe it’s a skin thing unconnected with viruses or bacteria and it can’t do any harm. Have the drs checked whether you have an allergy to something you’ve eaten?

Grannmarie Tue 06-Dec-22 00:36:17

I'm sorry you're going through this, GagaJo. I've pm'd you.

Hetty58 Tue 06-Dec-22 00:55:06

I have loads of allergies - so wonder if, maybe, the ingredients in your toothpaste or foods have changed - or you've developed an allergy to them. If you use any creams/lotions I'd suggest stopping and using just coconut oil for a while.

Then there's insect and spider bites - often the lump, rash and infection are away from the original bite and they can be very painful. Have you tried antihistamines?

Whiff Tue 06-Dec-22 04:54:21

Gagajo sorry you are suffering like this. Have you had a complete blood test that tests for everything? Someone has suggested a dermatologist I think you need a referral to them. As they have a better understanding of skin problems than maxillofacial do.

This isn't related to your problem but I have had problems with my limbs all my life. Only by genetic blood tests have I finally found out what is wrong with me . I am 64 and found out in April I have a rare hereditary condition.

If you see the dermatologist perhaps if they don't know what's wrong they would know what panel to have your blood genetically tested.

It's a long shot but might help.

Blondiescot Tue 06-Dec-22 06:52:02

Oh my god, GagaJo - I have had something very similar for the past 10 days or so. It started with shooting pains in my head - so excruciating that I actually had to go to A&E twice. First time, they thought it could be a migraine triggered by my covid booster, but the pain got worse and I had these bumps on my scalp, so second time they were unsure what it could be but sent me home with antibiotics and painkillers. I've now finished the course of antibiotics but the bumps are still there. It's very hard to describe, but I also have a sore ear (the outer ear rather than inner) and at times the pain is just horrendous. It's very mysterious.

MawtheMerrier Tue 06-Dec-22 07:05:02

Blondiescot that sounds so like shingles.A/b’s are no use for that, you need anti-virals (Acyclovir) and those within the first couple of days.
Been there done that.
Sympathies Gagajo surely somebody must be better than clueless? Awful for you, not least because of your online teaching. Gute Besserung!