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Need help from a nurse

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Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 08:43:50

For some years I have had a small black lesion on the side of my nail on the middle toe of my left foot. It has been very tiny but grew a bit recently. IN the middle of the night last Wednesday it must have caught on something (I have fleece sheets) and it woke me in a cute pain. When I put my leg out of the bed it was bleeding - a lot! - I am on an anticoagulant and it poured over the carpet.

It was a great challenge as I have had a disc op and have a painful hip replacement, so bending is a very difficult. I eventually managed to staunch the flow by putting a large wodge of tissue on a grabber and pushing hard on my foot. With great difficulty I got a plaster on it and I have had it on ever since. I am hoping to get it off somehow this morning and try and see what is going on.

Ideally I would soak it in some salt water to keep it sterile, then replaster it if needs be. But it is very difficult to do and if it starts bleeding like it did before I will be in a pickle.

I actually think the lesion itself needs looking at, but no point at the moment as it will be surrounded in scab. I am imagining myself saying to the receptionist on the other end of the phone that I need someone to dress my toe - you have to be dying to get an appointment for major problems!

I am about to sally forth to the bathroom to see what I can do. Things are further compounded by not being able to see it in detail - no part of my varifocals seems to get it in focus. Time I was recycled I think!

Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 08:44:27

A cute pain! - it was not the least bit cute!

Quokka Sat 21-Jan-23 08:50:38

Do you have someone in your family who could look at it and change the dressing perhaps?

Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 08:53:18

Yes - 2 of my DDs live locally - but I am trying not to put upon them - I guess I may have no choice.

greenmossgiel Sat 21-Jan-23 08:58:00

You really do need to at least let your Practice Nurse look at the lesion, especially now it’s been bleeding. Do you not need to go regularly to have your INR level checked, Luckygirl?

Redhead56 Sat 21-Jan-23 09:00:18

You need to get help feet are very prone to problems if not looked at. I hope you ask for help and get it dressed so it can heal up.

Whiff Sat 21-Jan-23 09:00:19

Luckgirl are there any walk in clinics never you if so phone them to see if they will see you if not sounds like you need a trip to A&E.

I don't want to alarm you but black lesions should never be ignored. I can't say this any gentler but skin cancers can grow on any part of your body. Your lesion needs to be tested ASAP.

When you tell someone say it's a black lesion and they will take notice.

My husband's malignant melanoma looked like a black bumpy lump it appeared over night. And it bled. Unfortunately for him it was grade 4 malignant melanoma and was given 5 years to live he lived 3.

But on the skin cancer thread on this forum a man told me there is now treatment for grade 4 malignant melanoma and it's not a death sentence. Which made me happy as I don't want anyone go through what we did. My husband died 19 years next month aged 47.

So please get it checked out today.

mumofmadboys Sat 21-Jan-23 09:06:19

I would recommend an urgent appointment with your GP on Monday.

Mollygo Sat 21-Jan-23 09:16:55

Ouch! A second opinion would be helpful even just from a family member.
It sounds quite serious in terms of progression and with the other problems you mention about being able to deal with it + anticoagulants it sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Maybe a cry for help to nhs111 -my toe keeps bleeding and because of x,y, and z, I can’t reach to dress it. Can you suggest what to do?
Hope you manage to sort it.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Jan-23 09:23:05

As well as all the help given already which has been very sensible information would it be possible to take a photo on your phone or iPad you wouldn’t have to get down close just the length of your arm as you could increase the photo size afterwards
Just an idea

Visgir1 Sat 21-Jan-23 09:26:00

Agree get one of your daughters to check it out and go to a minor injuries unit.
DD's will not be happy if you don't ask.

Minor Injuries units can sort this type of issue, you need to get it checked especially if you are on Anticoagulant.

vickymeldrew Sat 21-Jan-23 09:56:43

I’m impressed that you call yourself Luckygirl3, even though you’re not very lucky at the moment!
You must involve your daughters, if the boot was on the other foot (no pun intended) you would be helping them like a shot.

Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 10:01:09

I have managed to get the plaster off and have a shower. The previous lesion is now not there as far as I can see - toe is just swollen and with a red area and blood there too. It used to look like a tiny mole, but had got bigger - but now the is no black at all.

I will speak to docs on Monday and see what I can do - it would be good to have someone look at it.

lemsip Sat 21-Jan-23 10:07:25

I use a handheld magnifying glass to look at things like that.

a case for A&E if can't be seen at doctors. get your daughter to run you there, you will be seen by triage and it will be dressed and accessed then the wait.

lemsip Sat 21-Jan-23 10:08:09

the black was the blood!

Whiff Sat 21-Jan-23 10:17:23

Luckygirl all moles no matter how small and especially if they go black and get bigger need urgent looking at. The black isn't there now as the tops come off but please, please don't ignore it. It will come back . You need the area tested.

I urge anyone with moles to check them weekly and if they change shape or get dark or bleed you need to see a doctor. Most are benign but some like my husband's can be cancerous . It cost him his life. But treatments have come a long way since he was diagnosed in 2001 he died in 2004.

My brother had a mole on his face when he was in his 20's which changed shaped and weeped he had it removed and it was benign. He's 63 now.

Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 10:19:30


the black was the blood!

The black was before the blood!

Whiff Sat 21-Jan-23 10:36:54

You need it checked out ASAP. Please . Black marks, moles ,lesions should always be checked out .

Charleygirl5 Sat 21-Jan-23 10:53:44

I agree with every word that Whiff says. When you ring the surgery on Monday it is important to mention the lesion has been growing, it has bled profusely and you are on anticoagulants. You need an urgent appointment asap. Be prepared for a same-day appointment because that is what you need.

Kalu Sat 21-Jan-23 10:53:57

You will need to have this looked at urgently Lucky.

M0nica Sat 21-Jan-23 10:57:12

You have a black mark on your toe that suddenly grows. In the night something fairly trivial caught the lesion and it bled and bled and bled and three days later is still causing problems.

You do NOT ring the doctor and say, ' Please can someone dress my toe' What you say is 'I have had a black mark on my toe for some time that has suddenly grown and has started to bleed, and I am rather concerned about it'. You may start with the nurse, but penny to a pound you fairly rapidly find yourself seeing the doctor.

Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 11:13:21

Thank you for the advice. Since the bleeding the black mark has gone, but I will go on Monday and ask someone to look at it.

Theexwife Sat 21-Jan-23 11:28:05

If you cannot get an appointment with the doctor maybe a podiatrist could help, they do a lot more than remove hard skin and can often be seen much quicker.

Caleo Sat 21-Jan-23 11:35:33

The black mark that eventually bled may be a simple haematoma . Take MOnica's advice.

Presumably they will assess your blood sugar if not already been done.

Wear sensible wide enough shoes if not already doing so.

Luckygirl3 Sat 21-Jan-23 12:15:42

The mark has been there for years; and only recently got bigger and bled. It looked like a mole really, rather than a bruise.