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CBD oil for osteoarthritis pain

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greenmossgiel Sun 29-Jan-23 08:49:36

Has anyone used this and found it helpful? My knees give a lot of pain and I’ve been prescribed Tramadol, which does help, but I don’t like taking. Needs must at the moment though.

Aveline Sun 29-Jan-23 09:13:23

Sorry to hear this greenmossgiel. I'm assuming you've seen a consultant, had an X ray etc? Are you needing a knee replacement? Long wait of course but you could be expedited up the list if you're at the bone on bone stage.
Sorry I can't comment on CBD oil. All I took pre and post op was paracetamol which worked well for me. Have you tried icing to reduce inflammation?

Wyllow3 Sun 29-Jan-23 09:20:48

I have found rubbing in proper herbalists strong arnica helpful, a good deep massage. I also take high dose turmeric daily, that's been magic, but a few - not all - have on gransnet reported their taking turmeric reduces iron in the body

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Jan-23 09:24:53

Hello greenmossgiel
I’ve seen threads about CBD oil on here before, and I’m almost certain that no one has had good results.
I tried some CBD oil for exam anxiety and it didn’t do a thing.
It was very pricy too,
I take Tramodol too.
Is there a particular reason that you don’t like taking it?

tanith Sun 29-Jan-23 09:26:39

CBD Oil didn’t help with my Arthritis pain I tried it for 2 months but sadly no improvement.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 29-Jan-23 09:28:50

The CBD oil you can buy isn’t strong enough to provide pain relief.
The Real CBD oil is illegal in this country.

MissOops has erosive Arthritis and is waiting for a Consultants appointment after her recent X-ray, they can prescribe medication that your GP can’t.

greenmossgiel Sun 29-Jan-23 09:28:53

Had X-ray, Aveline, and I’m waiting for orthopaedic appointment now. I haven’t tried icing, but I’ll give it a go. It’s just so limiting, isn’t it? From walking miles most days, to being reduced to a stagger back from the paper shop, just isn’t on!

Georgesgran Sun 29-Jan-23 09:31:49

I remember the thread on CBD - I think the general consensus was that it was over priced, over hyped snake oil. I have several friends who tried it for various conditions and felt no benefit.

Aveline Sun 29-Jan-23 09:38:33

Awww. That's horrible for you greenmossgiel. I well remember that stage. I hope you find some relief soon.

greenmossgiel Sun 29-Jan-23 09:41:24

Glad I asked you all about CBD oil now, because I was going to order some from H.....span.
FannyCornforth, I’m wary of Tramadol because GP told me it would eventually stop working as ‘I would get used to it’. 🤔Can I ask, have you been taking it for a while and does it help you?
I’ll look into high dose turmeric, Wyllow.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 29-Jan-23 09:52:22

MissOops was on Tramadol, be wary they are a very addictive Opiate and you need to come off of them very gradually.

BlueBelle Sun 29-Jan-23 10:02:16

Lots of posts about this previously with the vast majority saying it was a total waste of money My friend tried it for similar reason to you green with no outcome
Turmeric I believe with black pepper can help
I understand about the tramadol it’s not good to be on long term
Might be worth a visit to a proper herbalist ( I don’t mean a high street store ) while your waiting for your consultation
Good luck

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Jan-23 10:07:05

GMG I’ve been on Tramodol for nearly 2 years.
I was in a right state with my hip which had fused.
I could barely stand, let alone walk. I was told that the level of wear and tear was what you’d might see in someone in their 80s or 90s.
That was three years ago when I was 48.
I cried with pain most days. I had a THR 6 months ago.
I’m still on it now, but taking a much lower dose (along with pregabalin - another opiate).
I still have various pain issues with osteoarthritis and I get awful headaches if I don’t take it.

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Jan-23 10:09:33

Our thread may be of interest.
It also links to the previous two

Elless Sun 29-Jan-23 10:30:37

I too found CBD oil ineffective. Very interesting comment from Wyllow3 because I've recently started taking Turmeric and Glucosamine and I do think my iron levels have dropped. I take Tramadol and find that taking two paracetamol with them helps. Good luck Greenmossgiel it's awful living with chronic pain.

Shinamae Sun 29-Jan-23 10:36:32

Stupidly paid about £80 for this “ snake oil “did absolutely nothing for me..🤨

Visgir1 Sun 29-Jan-23 10:51:41

I used for years until I had to stop due to other meds.
Mine was 6 % you need to take for several months and it's not cheap. I bought it "Provocam"
I found it worked on my hands particularly.
I needed orthopedic surgery Knee and Hip now done.
It won't sort that sort of pain just the other minor irritating ones.

greenmossgiel Sun 29-Jan-23 10:53:28

Thanks so much for your really helpful replies. I’ve been reading the thread on Hip/knee replacement, FannyCornforth. Very supportive and useful, so no-one needs to feel they’re on their own with this problem.
I think I’m going to see if taking regular paracetamol throughout the day will suffice, and leave out the Tramadol.
Won’t be buying CBD oil, anyway!

JaneJudge Sun 29-Jan-23 10:55:14

Have you tried glucosamine? I find that helps with my joints and tiger balm

greenmossgiel Sun 29-Jan-23 11:44:33

I have, JaneJudge, but it gives me awful indigestion. Tiger Balm gives a comforting heat - unlike Capsaicin gel which GP prescribed. This was supposed to be really hot, so warnings to be very careful with it were heeded. I felt nothing, so I must be a bit of a cold fish.

Nightsky2 Thu 02-Feb-23 14:35:45


I have found rubbing in proper herbalists strong arnica helpful, a good deep massage. I also take high dose turmeric daily, that's been magic, but a few - not all - have on gransnet reported their taking turmeric reduces iron in the body

Hi Willow…can I ask where you get your turmeric from a what dosage please. I take some I bought from Amazon but I don’t think it’s doing anything for me.

Wyllow3 Thu 02-Feb-23 15:14:57

I actually got my latest lot on Amazon, as follows

Natures's Best

High Potency Turmeric
(as 500mg of extract)

Standardised at 95% Curcuminoids

its the 20.000mg as 500mg of extract you need to look for.

The herbalists brand was called Lamberts same specs

Yes its expensive but worth it.

Theexwife Thu 02-Feb-23 15:59:34

I see it as on par with rescue remedy which was popular in the 80s, more of a psychological effect.

Wyllow3 Thu 02-Feb-23 16:09:33

Was put onto it by local top physio its real and physical. Its basis is in Indian herbal medicine.

It's like saying in western medicine, "Lavender is all in the mind for relaxation" when it's well known to help many, ditto Ginger for tum stuff and so on.

MerylStreep Thu 02-Feb-23 16:14:30

My Dr recommends ( if you can) to use the fresh Turmeric root.