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Doodle Sat 04-Feb-23 21:37:47

For the support, understanding and sharing of mental health issues. All are welcome.

Doodle Sat 04-Feb-23 21:38:59

Hello all. Hope everyone finds us ok.
Sweetpeasue just going back to read your last post. I didn’t realise we were so close to 1000 posts

Doodle Sat 04-Feb-23 21:42:02

Sweetpeasue that sound worrying about your husband. So many men don’t like going to hospital. I hope it’s nothing serious and he’s ok.
To be honest I don’t know why they call them Rollators. I call it a walker and DH a trolley. 😊. Hope to give it a try outside tomorrow. Bet your auntie enjoyed seeing you.

HowVeryDareYou Sat 04-Feb-23 21:59:05

Oh, sorry, Doodle, I've only just seen this thread and had started one, so I'll try to get mine deleted.

Sweetpeasue Sat 04-Feb-23 22:41:34

Doodle I felt responsible for the new BD having to be started as I posted to you separately. Never mind. Didnt mean to alarm unnecessarily about DH, but I'm worried and Ill be on his case tomorrow. I think he needs to go to our walk-in centre. Hope you both have a decent rest tonight. x

Doodle Sat 04-Feb-23 22:54:57

Thanks HVDY I did look to see if anyone had started another thread. Not sure which of us got there first but I guess we both didn’t want anyone being left with no where to go.
Sweetpeasue don’t worry we would have been starting a new thread anyway.
Have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so the others can find us 😊

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Feb-23 00:27:56

Hello found you.....

Doodle glad that the Collator was a success,

Sweetpeasue best luck with Mr SP tomorrow, blokes dont alway find it easy.

I'm having a very worrying tum time. Just consulted sister who had helpful suggestions, but more really its a blessing that she is there.
Scared of the last time it reached crisis (ambulance, A and E, etc etc). Haven't got someone to take me from colonoscopy yet, hoping sis will offer, once I get a date, as she would be more than useful to come with, as there will be complications due to meds I'm on already finding sedatives that will work etc etc.

rafichagran Sun 05-Feb-23 01:55:33

Good morning everyone. I have not been posting but have read your posts.
I hope Annie gets sorted soon.
Doodle I hope you are keeping well, I know you have alot to contend with.
Take care Wyllow sweetpeasue and *Howverydareyou.
Sleep is evading me tonight due to a very annoying health condition that I hope will be sorted by the end of the month.

Whiff Sun 05-Feb-23 08:03:45

Glad to see the thread continues. Thank you all for your kind comments about my cushion cover. I liked the chart as it was real women and not sticks with boobs😁.

Because of the promises I made to my husband who was very wise and knew what I needed to live on after he died I live my life to the full now. Until I moved here my old life after my husband died was taken up with others being dependent on me both parents and mother in law. Only when they died and I moved I live a full life and no longer just exist. My husband made me promise to live the best life I can and I do.

Like others I find exercise helps me physically and mentally . I go to a sit fit class. But we do some stand up exercises as well. Last week we did circuit training 7 different exercises twice. Exhausting but fun. At 64 I am the youngest oldest is 90.

I go to a mixed media craft group we just take whatever we are doing. I am a one trick pony cross stitch but it's my addiction. I find it very relaxing as it's a slow craft and keeps my fingers nimble and my mind. I do counted cross stitch and don't mark my charts so I have to keep track where I am ,helps with my memory.

Most in my craft group either have physical problems or mental health issues or both. Isn't a group of people with conditions it just happens we have. But all agree doing a craft helps us. I am with some very talented women and love to see what they are working on.

Take care everyone. 💐

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Feb-23 09:21:30

Morning rafichagran and nice to see you "in". Hope you do get sorted soon.

Whiff that craft group sounds lovely.

Wretched tum eased only slightly, feel down about it all, hoping Quakers will give me a lift.

~~~~~~~~~~warm wave to all BD's.

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Feb-23 14:20:37

Quakers was peaceful loving and at then at the end I asked for help with the hospital and someone was able to help out whatever the day and I feel comfy enough with her, got a message to telephone the clinic first thing tomorrow so mood better this morning was a lifespan's to worth it all too much time.

How are BD days going?

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Feb-23 14:22:44

I wish we could edit - my last sentence was "mood better , this morning was a "life's not worth living" , all too much etc.

Better have a rest to get brain and fingers in sync.

Doodle Sun 05-Feb-23 15:10:42

Hello Wyllow glad you found us. Sorry you have stomach troubles. Hope your sister was able to help.
Do hope you get to feel better soon. I’m glad Quakers give you support and some nice person will go with you. That is such good news.
Rafichagran nice to hear from you. Sorry about your health condition and hope that it will be resolved soon. Please let us know how you get on. Thank you for your kind thoughts.
Whiff you should be very pleased with your cushion cover. Not only is it skilful but you friend will be so please you spent your time making it for her. So much better than just buying something.
You are doing well keeping yourself active and busy. The craft is such a good plan and help for you and others. Take care.
Sweetpeasue Ellie Anne HVDY hope you all have a good day. I’m just off to wish second DGD happy birthday. It’s lovely and sunny here. Take care all

HowVeryDareYou Sun 05-Feb-23 15:28:03

rafichagran Hope whatever it is that's troubling you is soon resolved.

Whiff Your craft group sounds very nice. I wish I was good at something like that.

Wyllow Hope your stomach has settled. Your Quakers meeting seemed to be helpful. It will be good if that lady can go to hospital with you.

Doodle Lovely to spend time with grandchildren. How ld is she?

Hope everyone's day is going well. DH and I went out for lunch and a couple of drinks. It's sunny and bright here, but still cold.

Sweetpeasue Sun 05-Feb-23 15:36:32

Rafichagran Hello. I do hope you can get your health problem sorted soon. Sounds as if its worrying for you too, keeping you awake in early hrs.
Whiff The cross-stitch sounds
good in so many ways, not least that you're all able to see and chat to each other. You are certainly fulfilling your husband's wish that you are doing your best to enjoy your life.
Wyllow Your Quaker meetings seem an oasis in a desert. Its lovely that amidst your troubles there are those who will step up to help. Good to know someone there to take you to
hospital. Its not surprising youve a v low mood. Tummy pain affects everything and youll be anticipating the outcome. I do hope you feel better after your rest.

Yesterday DH said his mouth/tongue had gone funny, on way to garden centre. He couldnt talk properly for a while. I honestly didnt think too much about it as thought he'd a dry mouth and I was trying to look after aunt. He didnt speak much so didnt notice until we returned home and I looked it up. I wanted to take him to a minor injury unit 20 mins away but he wouldnt go. Gave him soluble aspirin. I forced him this morning. Seen by out of hrs GP promptly, thorough examination. Thinks had TIA. ( don't even want to write it). Told to expect call at home. Has appt now at hospital on Tuesday for more investigation. He'd taken in 2 lots of bp readings into our surgery because high blood pressure and was given water tab, a week ago.
I'm terrified and angry at same time. Only DH knows what last 2 yrs been like - stress ect. Know its prob combination of factors but 'those' drs I cant help blame. Blame myself too for my MH weaknesses. I'm scared(I know he's had a jolt). To cap it all, my bowels are bl**dy awful. Honestly we were both healthy before. Yet, I know many are worse. Just so scared. Thanks for listening.

HowVeryDareYou Sun 05-Feb-23 15:43:27

SweetpeaSue When you told me last night about your husband, I thought it sounded like a TIA. It's good that he'll be getting seen fairly quickly, though (the day after tomorrow) but I expect if he'd been prepared to go to A &E (and wait for hours) he'd have been sorted out by now. TIAs don't always lead to a stroke, and some are so slight that they don't cause any obvious symptoms. The best thing to do is to let him take things easy until he is seen on Tuesday, and ring 111 if necessary before then. I'm sorry your bowel problems are so bad today.

Sweetpeasue Sun 05-Feb-23 15:56:26

Thanks HVDY. Actually Dr told us if he has anothef episode like that to call 999 but Im worried about ambulance times now. Just his speech that went strange. Thanks HVDY.

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Feb-23 17:15:34

Sweetpeasue wrapping you and Mr SP in a blanket of healing thoughts. Course you're scared. And it's not surprising your bowels are awful too.

You deserve a medal for spotting Mr SP's condition and insisting, not to blame yourself for MH stuff, but that's easier said than done.
It's part of having MH stuff, "it must be my fault".... but it isn't,

and I hope Tuesday arrives without incident and you get help and information you need. Look, his symptoms and the quick appointment mean they are taking it seriously, and so will an ambulance call be taken seriously.

Doodle is Mr D still using the treadmill? Hope you both are "as well as" today.

Waves to HVDY for making the most of a day out.

thinking of all BD's, posters and readers, we are not alone...

HowVeryDareYou Sun 05-Feb-23 17:22:26

SweetpeaSue I've messaged you.

Wyllow3 No, it's good that we're ll here for each other (Wouldn't it be great if we all lived near each other?)

Just got my rota for next week - 1.5 hours with a man who wants companionship, then 2hrs de-cluttering and tidying with/for a lady. Friday will be similar. There are a lot of lonely people around sad. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening x

Sweetpeasue Sun 05-Feb-23 17:43:25

HVDY Thankyou. I know you have training and experience in some of these things. Appreciated.
Glad you and DH had a pleasant day. Id like to echo those words about how good it would be to be living nearer each other.
Wyllow Thankyou fot taking time, amidst all of your own awful problems, to say those kind words to me. I know you are struggling. Hope you feel more rested and the anxieties dont overwhelm tonight.
Doodle Hope you and DH have been ok today. Has he been out with rollater today? Been fine weather here, not sure what its like there.

Hope everyone else coping with their days. Wishing peaceful night to all. x

Wyllow3 Sun 05-Feb-23 17:44:22

There are, HVDY, but I'm just so glad you are helping people with the loneliness as part of the work. It must be more rewarding than just cleaning, and I'm sure it happens a lot with people designated "cleaners" or "carers", its the cuppaT and smile that goes with.

Doodle Sun 05-Feb-23 19:12:28

HVDY my DGD is 17. Where did the time go.
It’s been a sunny day here too but still chilly. Hope you enjoyed your lunch.
Sweetpeasue my DH had 3 TIAs 14 years ago. It’s a good job your DH has been seen and now will have tests. They will try and establish the cause. I know I was really beside myself when it happened to him and was frantic for quite some time. DH had to have an op on an artery in his neck but his was a severe case. TIA’s are classed as warnings so it’s a good thing it’s been that rather than full on stroke. Hope he gets all the tests he needs soon . I expect your upset is linked to worry about your DH. It may be nothing to do with the stress of what’s happened to you. It could happen to anyone.
Please take care. If it does happen again take him straight to A&E yourself and don’t worry about the ambulance.
HvDY helping people who are lonely is one of the most important jobs you could have. I hope it works well for you. I’m sure you are great company.
Wyllow do you feel any easier knowing one of your Quaker friends has agreed to accompany you to your hospital appointment? Not used treadmill today yet as we got up late then went to see DGD. Probably try out Rollator tomorrow if it’s not too cold. Sleep well all.

HowVeryDareYou Sun 05-Feb-23 20:03:59

Wyllow I could never just do the work and then get out and go to the next person. I always chatted with people, I've done that in every job I've had (I've worked as Coordinator for care agencies but still went out and did the care duties alongside as well. Helping someone in some way is what I've always enjoyed doing. Are you going to the gym tomorrow? You seem to keep pretty active.

Doodle Your GD is quite grown-up then smile. They years fly by. There was a jazz band playing at the pub at lunchtime, which was really good. They played extremely well.

DH is still coughing LOTS at the slightest movement - going from one room to another/getting up for the loo/going upstairs/putting his shoes on, etc. I keep telling him not to go to work - he won't get put, but so what - so we'll see tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a restful evening. The last Happy Valley tonight! x

Joce345 Sun 05-Feb-23 21:40:17

Evening all, I have been reading back on your post.
I’m sorry and don’t mean to upset anyone, I agree totally with Annie’s post this group is no longer the place I was happy to come to anymore, it’s not what I believe the BDG is about..
Annie I know you care and always have about the BDG just to let you know I totally agree with you it’s not what it was ...
Take care all the BDG

HowVeryDareYou Sun 05-Feb-23 22:39:12

Joce What on earth is wrong? All of us on BD have anxiety/depression/some MH problems. We don't just share unhappy or worrying times, we tell each other about our good news too. I certainly don't want or intend to wallow in misery all the time