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Elless Mon 06-Feb-23 12:22:30

Has anybody had new lenses put in old frames or can anyone recommend anywhere to get it done? I treated myself to designer frames last year but after this years eye test I need a different prescription already.

kittylester Mon 06-Feb-23 12:23:25

Our optician would do that.

Aveline Mon 06-Feb-23 12:24:07

My optician is happy to reuse frames. He's in independent practice. I think it's the big chains that won't do it.

Margiknot Mon 06-Feb-23 12:42:35

Its usually possible to put new lenses into an old frame still in very good condition, but there is a risk that the frame will break or be weakened or the lenses not fit perfectly ( depending on the type quality and age of frame). I think this is why its not done as much now. I was told it would be at my own risk if I reused an older metal frame so decided on a new one, (and keep my previous one as a back up pair) but have reused frames in the past. I had one pair ( a metal frame) where one of the replaced lenses didn't fit quite perfectly and fell out sometimes - a risk I was warned about.
The other issue is that the 'old' spectacles usually need to be taken away for a few days to have the new lenses cut and fitted. If the lenses are anything other than very simple, the lenses may need to be ordered and made specially to prescription to await the frame. So if your lovely frame is your only usable pair of spectacles it can be quite inconvenient to be without them. An on site spectacle glazing facility may make this easier.

I would ask the dispensing optician for their advice.

FannyCornforth Mon 06-Feb-23 13:00:29

Specsavers do it

ayse Mon 06-Feb-23 13:05:33

I used Lensology for some tinted bifocals. They took a while but the results were fantastic (£100). I will certainly use them again. I have so many rare worn frames as I used to do the two for one offers at Specsavers. My local independent optician cost £50 to use old frames.

Pixieboots Mon 06-Feb-23 17:30:19

My brilliant independent optician doesnt have a huge range of frames so I buy my designer frames online and he pus my prescription lenses in - no problem.

Humbertbear Mon 06-Feb-23 17:52:55

My independent optician will put lenses to my current frames. It usually takes 36 hours once the lenses have been made. In the meantime I wear my prescription sunglasses.

M0nica Mon 06-Feb-23 17:55:27

I think any optician would do it, I have never had a problem with getting it down. My optician often suggests it.

crazyH Mon 06-Feb-23 17:58:52

Yes, Tesco Optician has said they would use my present frame - no problem

Elless Mon 06-Feb-23 18:27:17

Oh that's good news, I have asked Specsavers in the past and they wouldn't do it. I have asked Vision Express (Tesco) and they won't do it because I didn't buy my frames from there.

SachaMac Mon 06-Feb-23 18:35:00

I heard someone asking this question in my local Specsavers only a couple of weeks ago. Their answer was yes but he had purchased the frames from them in the first place.

Grannmarie Mon 06-Feb-23 18:54:05

My local Specsavers did that for me last year. I had bought the glasses from them a couple of years ago, from their Kylie designer range. The lenses had become scratched, my fault, so they replaced them in the original frames for £30.
Last week I sat on them and broke the right leg. Cannot be repaired. 😔

pascal30 Mon 06-Feb-23 18:59:00

My local Boots opticians did this for me recently with some frames I'd bought online. They charged £110