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Help ... Am I the only woman with size 9+ feet ?

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jenniwren Sat 18-Mar-23 17:46:57

I'm a size 9 shoe but because I have to wear orthotic insoles I need a size 10. Size 10 in a ladies shoe is impossible to find so I usually end up wearing a mens walking/trecking shoe for my daily walks with the dog and mens trainers for trips to the shops etc. It's obvious they are mens shoes as they are clumpier and a different shape to ladies' styles . Does anyone else have the same problem?

joannapiano Sat 18-Mar-23 17:58:14

DGD aged 14 takes a size nine. It’s very difficult for her to find school shoes that fit.

Yammy Sat 18-Mar-23 18:09:03

Sorry my family have the opposite problem DD just a three DH just a 6 they once brought him boys shoes which made bird prints and I had to walk out of the shop for laughing.
It's hard enough finding half sizes it must be impossible for you.
Try American sites my DD says they have on average bigger feet have you tried Amazon?

denbylover Sat 18-Mar-23 18:20:39

Jenniwren, hi in NZ there is Willow, who have stores and mail order. They’re great for ladies with a longer foot. Half a world away and sizing could well be tricky, but they wonderfully helpful and do post internationally. They start at a size 42 which I think equates to a 10/11 and go up in many styles to a 45/46.

Jaxjacky Sat 18-Mar-23 18:46:40

Evans go up to a 10, online.

absent Sat 18-Mar-23 18:53:04

When I was selecting models for the photography for a book I was editing, I was surprised how many of the young women – whose agencies supplied a sheet of details – had size 9+ feet. Quite a few were tall and most were very slim, but even the smaller women often had 9+ feet. I think this is much more common than I realised.

LadyGracie Sat 18-Mar-23 19:26:09

My sister has size 9’s, she loves shoes. Spends a fortune on them.

Katek Sat 18-Mar-23 19:31:07

LongTallSally, Yours, SimplyBe and Cinderella Shoes all stock size 10s and above. Hope you can find what you would like jenniwren

Callistemon21 Sat 18-Mar-23 20:03:37

I'd hoped things had improved since I used to take my por MIL shopping for shoes - she took a size 9.
I've gone up 1.5 sizes with having to wear orthotics, jenniwren, but only to a 7.

However with Widerfit Shoes, I only need a 6 because you can take out the insole to insert your orthotics. They are deeper, too.

I feel as if I'm always advertising, but I have no connection with the firm except as a customer.

Perhaps worth a try?

LadyHonoriaDedlock Sat 18-Mar-23 20:39:56

Long Tall Sally is pretty good (I'm an 8 going on 9 so it's hit and miss whether I can find an 8 that fits)

There are mail-order/online outlets which can be useful if chosen judiciously – some have historically specialised in the drag market.

In the past Brixton Market used to be good if you're in London, because Caribbean-heritage women tend towards bigger feet. I can't comment on the current position because I haven't lived in London for 30 years (gosh!) now but I'd be surprised if there weren't similar markets in Birmingham or Manchester.

Callistemon21 Sat 18-Mar-23 22:51:42


LongTallSally, Yours, SimplyBe and Cinderella Shoes all stock size 10s and above. Hope you can find what you would like jenniwren

Cinderella Shoes?

I thought Cinderalla had dainty little feet and it was the Ugly Sisters who couldn't cram the glass slipper on their big feet?

Not saying that larger feet may not be beautiful. Of course they could be beautiful.
Mine aren't!

Grammaretto Sun 19-Mar-23 01:14:34

I hoped that the shoe companies had caught up with bigger foot sizes
Years ago a child of 12 I knew had size 9 feet and couldn't find children's shoes to fit.
Ladies shoes were unsuitable. I think she found some sandals eventually.
I hope you managed to find yourself some shoes jenniwren

My DS had very wide feet and Clarks offered to adapt a last and make him some school shoes which would cost 25% more. It would take 6 weeks. However since his feet were still growing, I decided to buy him trainers instead!

funnily a few years later, his sister was told there were no AA fittings for such narrow feet. Same parents. Opposite shaped feet!

jenniwren Sun 19-Mar-23 22:45:58

Thankyou everyone for your help and suggestions. I now have a number of options to investigate. I don't know why I was blessed with such humongous feet as my mum and both grans were only size 4. Also my brother only just squeezes into a mans' size 13. We both also grew much taller than our parents and I've often wondered was it anything to do with the Virol Malt Extract we were given in the early 1950's and the Welfare orange juice and Cod liver oil. LOL or are we just throwbacks wink

pieinthesky Sun 19-Mar-23 22:56:07

I take a size 11 ladies shoe and I find Magnus Shoes have the largest selection. They have a shop in London and one in Northampton and also an online shop. Not cheap but not ridiculous prices and they also stock wide fit.

Baggs Mon 20-Mar-23 09:27:33

i find even supposedly wide fitting shoes don't fit my feet because most of them narrow towards the toes (Hotter is typical). My feet don't do that. Going up a size can help. I do that a fair bit anyway because I'm generally in two pairs of socks, including a hiking pair.

Birkenstock women's shoes are great but you have to have your own style and not be trying to be ordinarily fashionable.

I love the new fashion to wear walking shoes/trainers with dresses. It's what I've always done but never managed to be fashionable before 😂

How are men's feet different from women's feet apart from being bigger on average (like the rest of them)?

Wheniwasyourage Mon 20-Mar-23 13:04:06

I have to wear men's shoes quite often as I have very wide feet. Also I walk everywhere and men's shoes do seem to last better - the soles of women's shoes seem to give up more quickly. That means wearing a 6 instead of the 5 which I actually am.

On the other hand, Skechers are great. comfortable and wide enough and I'm old enough to wear comfortable shoes rather than try to look glamorous (never managed that even when I was young) grin

DaisyL Thu 23-Mar-23 11:51:06

I take Size 9/10 and find Long Tall Sally good for reasonably priced shoes and for special occasions Sargasso & Gray. My son takes size 13 and my fifteen year old grandson is already size 14!

Welshy Sat 25-Mar-23 14:17:35

Just reading this thread & I would be interested to know what height you all are.

I'm 5ft 6 and take a 7/8 depends where I buy them from.

My adult daughter takes the same size but a fraction shorter than me.

I also have big hands too.

Welshy Sat 25-Mar-23 14:28:28

Have you tried Or NEXT online?

Grandma70s Sat 25-Mar-23 14:46:41

We all tend to have big feet in our family, and we are mostly tall, too, I’m 5’8 or 5’9, not sure, feet size 8. I took a size 7 when I was 11 years old, have needed an 8 for about a decade. My mother took an 8, my father I think a mere 10

My brother (6’4”) takes a 12, my sister in law an 8 like me (
she’s about 5’7”), their son takes a 15. He’s 6’7”. My sons take a 12 and a 10. They are both over six feet. My late husband only took a 7 although he was six feet tall. I thought it was weird!

My DIL’s sister, on the other hand, takes a 2! I didn’t know adults ever had such small feet. DIL herself takes a 5, but her daughter, my granddaughter, has tiny feet so far - she’s ten and small for her age. Takes after the Polish side of the family - they are all, males and females, very small..

Welshy Sat 25-Mar-23 15:44:28

Wow Grandma70s, late husband over six feet tall and only took a 7 shoe. That is unusual.