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Fosfomycin Powder

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Welshy Tue 21-Mar-23 21:06:33

Fosfomycin powder antibiotic. Has anyone else used this for a UTI. I've been looking at the side effects and the reviews and it doesn't read that good! It's really putting me off taking it, but I will. I have been given two sachets to take. One tonight and another in 3 days.

NotSpaghetti Tue 21-Mar-23 23:52:36

I haven't any knowledge of this but I would be keen to get rid of a UTI - which it seems to be regularly used for.
Why not call your pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist about it?

Welshy Wed 22-Mar-23 21:35:00

Hi NotSpaghetti

Well I took the first sachet last night & have had no side effects yet. So hopefully all will be ok (fingers crossed)

Kimski44 Wed 22-Mar-23 21:41:37

Yes - overall, I think it’s useless. Sorry! Your best bet is to either try and get a better antibiotic from your Dr if it doesn’t clear, and/or, get hold of some HIPREX (methenamine hippurate) which is having a resurgence due to antibiotic resistance. You can buy it over the counter now at a pharmacy. Also, d-Mannose (Boots effervescent ones are v good) is worth a try. Best of luck - hope you clear it asap.

NotSpaghetti Thu 23-Mar-23 18:53:23

Fingers crossed Welshy

Welshy Thu 23-Mar-23 20:23:15

Thank you both - Kimski44 & NotSpaghetti

I hate taking new meds!

Roswell Sat 25-Mar-23 13:19:41

Agree re Hiprex

Iam64 Sat 25-Mar-23 13:21:17

Welshy, I think if the possible side effects stopped us taking necessary meds, life expectancy would be short 😉

Welshy Sat 25-Mar-23 14:11:13

That is so true Iam64 & I am glad to say I had no side effects from it.

I have never heard of Hiprex or D-mannose, had to Google.

Welshy Sun 26-Mar-23 13:12:41

I did omit to say that I also took Nitrofurantoin MR on 7th March too, this didn't work hence the Fosfomycin powder.

Baggs Sun 26-Mar-23 13:19:49

Drug companies have to list all possible known side effects of every drug they make. This does not mean everyone who uses the drug will get all – or any! – of the side effects, only that such is possible.

Weighing the risks between having side effects of a UTI and having possible side effects of a drug that might help me get rid of it, I know which side I'd plump for.

Welshy Sun 26-Mar-23 14:08:15

You are so right Baggs smile Thank you for your reply.