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Weight loss pills and injections.

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Sago Fri 24-Mar-23 09:41:02

Has anyone tried any prescription or otc weight loss pills or injections?
I’ve got 1/2 a stone to shift and it’s just not happening.
I’ve tried for a year and nothing seems to work.
Pre menopause I would have shifted it in a few weeks.
I’ve been reading up on the different pills and injections available and wondered if any of you had direct experience.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 24-Mar-23 09:50:43

I doubt you would be prescribed medication to shift only half a stone.

Mollygo Fri 24-Mar-23 09:57:40

Long long ago (when I was at Uni) my mum was prescribed Apesate to help her lose weight. She said they made her feel full on less food and they worked for her because she made smaller meals.
I think the fact that she started cycling everywhere that helped her lose it.

timetogo2016 Fri 24-Mar-23 10:05:10

I wouldn`t take anything to help me loose weight.
I would worry about side effects etc.

silverlining48 Fri 24-Mar-23 10:11:17

The last half stone is always the hardest. Just reduce /stop cheese bread alcohol 🍷 processed and fatty sugar packed food and get out for a daily walk. No need to start meds.
I should follow my own advice as I also have half stone to lose to get back to the weight I was before Christmas. Come on, we can get there.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 24-Mar-23 10:17:16

Same here timetogo.

silverlining48 Fri 24-Mar-23 10:23:58

Once I lose this half stone can concentrate on the next 2 I have to lose. [shock

Sago Fri 24-Mar-23 10:31:38


I doubt you would be prescribed medication to shift only half a stone.

There are now a number of otc pills and injections available.
I’m walking, not drinking, low carbing and desperate😉

Blondiescot Fri 24-Mar-23 10:33:57



I doubt you would be prescribed medication to shift only half a stone.

There are now a number of otc pills and injections available.
I’m walking, not drinking, low carbing and desperate😉

Maybe it's different here in Scotland, but it's very difficult to be prescribed anything for weight loss, even if you're several stone overweight, never mind just half a stone.

Caramme Fri 24-Mar-23 10:34:26

Hi, I’m new here and have been simply reading posts for the past week or so, but on this subject I have some experience.
Firstly, everyone reacts differently so this is just about how Ozempic (once weekly injection) impacted me. I am type 2 diabetic, about a stone overweight. My diabetes has been well controlled but the standard treatment of Metformin gives me awful diarrhoea which worsened as I grew older. So, Ozempic was offered by my nurse. I have never been so ill! I vomited and vomited for 4 full weeks and for a further week after I stopped using it. I became dizzy, dehydrated, had awful pain and felt generally dreadful. I was warned of the possible side effects but didn’t expect anything so dire. Clearly not everyone reacts this way and on the plus side I did lose weight. So, tread very carefully with this stuff.
Good luck with that final half stone.

TillyTrotter Fri 24-Mar-23 10:39:49

Sago please don’t go down that route.
Join in with GN’s “I’m a Pear/ Apple” thread and you will see many who are at the point you are (I am one of them).
We give each other support and are determined we will get to our personal target weights.
You will too.
Good Luck 🍀
Caramme sorry, that sounds awful. 💐

Caramme Fri 24-Mar-23 11:00:20

Thank you TillyTrotter. It was awful but all is well now.

Poppyred Fri 24-Mar-23 11:21:14

I’ve inboxed you Sago.

Kate1949 Fri 24-Mar-23 12:34:34

I was watching GPs Behind Closed Doors last week and was surprised to see one of the GPs prescribing weight loss pills to a woman who, to me, didn't look remotely overweight. She looked about size 14.

sodapop Fri 24-Mar-23 12:39:23

The side effects you may experience sago are definitely not worth the risk.
TillyTrotter offers sound advice.

Whiff Fri 24-Mar-23 13:40:00

Sago I was going to say the same as TillyTrotter . We are a friendly bunch on the pears thread . Have a read and see if you would like to join us. After losing 7st still trying to lose the last stone and bit been trying for 2 years now but the main thing is I won't give up .

Tablets , injections and operations to lose weight doesn't teach you to control what you put in your mouth. Only you can do that. And losing weight is a marathon not a sprint. There are no short cuts it's hard work to lose weight but it's well worth it. I was over 19st size 32 now 12st and a bit size 16.

Caramme hope you are fully recovered and hopefully by you telling what happened to you it will make others think twice. 💐

IrishDancing Fri 24-Mar-23 13:52:53

Oh that half stone, I keep losing it and it keeps finding me! But I wouldn’t take slimming meds, my metabolism is dodgy at the best of times and I wouldn’t risk it. I’ve been on the slimming thread and they are a lovely bunch but I’m ashamed to show my face after falling off the wagon so many times! blush

Caramme Fri 24-Mar-23 14:48:29

Thank you whiff, yes I am fine. But I am filled with awe at what you have achieved! I think people really underestimate the battles, mostly with ourselves, that we face when we are overweight. flowers

Whiff Fri 24-Mar-23 17:07:22

IrishDancing please join us on the pears thread . We all have our ups and downs but there's no judgement. I count calories as it's the only way that works for me. I weight and measure everything I eat and drink. I had stuck at the same weight for weeks but I don't look on it as a failure but proves I can maintain a weight not the one I want but that's life. Others have joined slimming clubs or eat on smaller plates and one has sin day on Sunday when she can have a treat . I don't buy what foods I can't control. But I bake one every 2 weeks but I take it to my craft group . I can have a treat but because I made it for my friends I am not tempted to to eat the lot to myself.

Caramme I started this weight loss journey in 2017 slow but steady. If I only lose a quarter of a pound a week I look on it as a win. I will never be slim as to many decades of being obese but I would like to get to 11st still overweight for my height but that's my goal but I haven't set my myself a time limit to reach it. I still see a fat woman even though I know I am not her. I look a a gap and think I can't get through but if course I can. Really at 14 top but feel more comfortable in a 16 to go with my bottom half. I only started wearing trousers nearly 4 years ago . My daughter got me to try a pair of wide legged ones on and was surprised I liked how I looked and felt . So wear them everyday. I will be 65 next month.

silverlining48 Fri 24-Mar-23 17:39:49

Well I confess to having the last bit of a fancy chocolate bar right now this minute as I type this. I was given it fir Mother’s Day and now it’s all gone ..and from here on it’s back on the wagon and success, which can be maintaining, but with Summer on the way my first goal is half stone. Will address the other 1 or 2 another time. smile

Hetty58 Fri 24-Mar-23 17:50:09

I'm not overweight - but I'm always a little heavier in the winter and spring - then longer walks and lighter meals, maybe just being a little more active means I lose it in the summer. Is 7lb really a problem?

Whiff Fri 24-Mar-23 18:40:11

Hetty 7lb is only a problem if it bothers you . If it doesn't bother you then it's not a problem. It's how you feel about yourself. My darling husband died 19 years ago. When we met I was 16 and 11st. He was 18 and 10st. When expecting our daughter on put on 4 st and got bigger as the years went by . The most the love of my life weight was 12.5st. My weight never bothered him he loved me for me and still fancied the knickers off me until the day he died aged 47.

My fit healthy love of my life died . I have had problems with my legs all my life and pain. But when I got worse in 1988 and my health got worse he just said we alter our way of life to suit you. Our daughter was 4 and son 6 months. He was cheeky and said I always knew you where damaged goods . We had 29 years together married 22. Last year aged 64 I finally found out what I was born with thanks to genetic blood testing and it's rare . 2 years before that I found out I was born with a hole in my heart.

My husband told me to live my life to the full and I do.

Why I have told you this is because be who you want to be and if losing 7lbs makes you happy than you can do it if you want . But if you are happy as you are them be happy . We only have one life live it to the full. 🌹

Primrose53 Sat 25-Mar-23 16:58:33

My friend tells me she is hoping to get the new injections on the NHS. She has been on every diet known to woman, she has been to every slimming club both in person and online. She has had acupuncture, hypnotherapy, counselling and has every book on slimming ever printed. She has been on Orlistat which she said made her ill and had many toilet accidents!

She then managed to get a gastric bypass on the NHS and lost about 4 stones but has now put most of it back on because she still overeats and has stretched her stomach again. She also drinks quite a bit of alcohol now.

she asked me what I thought about the injections and I told her the side effects like nausea, sickness and diarrhoea would put me off and also the fact that you can only use them for a year or so. She says “they’re worth a try” and that was while she was paying for 2 large bars of chocolate!! shock

Whiff Sat 25-Mar-23 19:13:56

Primrose sorry your friend wants to be slimmer but not willing to put in the hard work. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by limiting what you put in your mouth..

Why go to all the trouble and pain of a gastric bypass if you have no intention of sticking to the rules . Plus that money could have paid for someone to have a new hip or heart surgery.

You must have to bite your tongue when she talks about short cuts. If losing weight was easy we all be a size 12 but it's not . And to be honest she doesn't want to do the work and is doomed to be overweight until she realises it's a marathon and not a sprint and stop stuffing her mouth with high fat foods and acts like an adult.

Sorry to sound harsh but but I have worked to lose 7st and still trying to lose the last stone and bit. But I haven't given up and won't. Even it takes another year. I started my journey as I have already said in 2017.