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Sue432 Wed 29-Mar-23 17:01:35

Hi all im newby and feeling worried after having a chest xray due to an ongoing cough, i have now been told its showing a couple of cm shadow on chest now awaiting a ct scan is there ever a good outcome from this or am i worrying too much

crazyH Wed 29-Mar-23 17:15:15

You’re worrying too much - I’m not a Doctor but shadows can mean anything - infection for instance, or other minor lung problems - following continuous cough etc CT scans showed I had Bronchiectasis - I also have asthma - they are not pleasant medical conditions , but you learn to live with it. Don’t worry too much. It could be showing an infection. Hope someone with more knowledge will give you a better idea

shysal Wed 29-Mar-23 17:16:53

I was referred for a CT scan after something showed up on chest x-ray. It turned out to be nothing to worry about - a fat pad. I hope you have a satisfactory outcome too. Whatever the result it is best diagnosed and treated early if necessary.
Good luck!

Sue432 Wed 29-Mar-23 17:18:00

Thank you for your reply i actually meant to put 5cm not a couple of cm i probably am worrying too much and hopefully it will be a good outcome thank you

Whiff Wed 29-Mar-23 17:32:47

Sue I have had several CT scans they show more than X rays can. If they had to inject dye don't worry it won't hurt you. Last one I had was in 2017 the dye may be different but the only thing I didn't like it made me feel very hot for a minute but it made my anus tingle . Not saying you will need the dye. But just relax while having the scan it doesn't hurt it's like a large doughnut the slide moves you through it. But noisy but it doesn't take long.

harrigran Wed 29-Mar-23 17:37:14

Chest infections can leave a shadow, try not to worry.

Sue432 Wed 29-Mar-23 17:40:43

Thank you, i rarely contact doctors but after having a niggly cough for weeks i decided to get something for it as im due to have my cataract sorted and was worried about coughing during the procedure, hopefully its just been a nasty infection thank you to all who have replied

Blossoming Wed 29-Mar-23 18:02:43

I have something described as a ‘nodule’ in my lung that showed up on a CT scan a few years ago. It’s still there and isn’t showing any signs of change. I’ve been told it’s nothing to worry about.

pinkprincess Wed 29-Mar-23 19:14:42

I had something described as a growth in my pancreas when I was being CT scanned 7years ago. I had a biopsy done to be told it was a fatty tumour and not dangerous.
I find the dye used makes you feel you are wetting yourself when it passes through the kidneys.

Sue432 Wed 29-Mar-23 19:26:18

Thank you for the reasurring replies, hopefully my next worry will be about having the cataract done, altho ill be very relieved when it is, i am such a worry wuss 😊

Dickens Wed 29-Mar-23 19:35:56

My friend had a 'niggly' cough for nearly a month (after a mild cold, she thought). It just wouldn't go away.

There was also a 'shadow' on her x-ray, but she didn't worry because she'd had something similar years ago which turned out to be from a previous infection - as did the later one.

They (the medics) are pretty sure she had COVID because quite a few people, apparently, have long-lasting coughs afterward. COVID can be quite mild for some people.

Try not to worry.

crazyH Wed 29-Mar-23 19:39:03

Sue432 I am a worrier too. My little grandson has a lump on his neck and has an appointment with the Paediatrician on the 11th April. He had an infection recently and we’re hoping that the lymph nodes have swollen due to that and nothing nasty . Such a worry …..

Sue432 Wed 29-Mar-23 19:43:58

All the best wishes for your little grandson hope his appointment goes well, its the waiting thats the worst thing isnt it X

crazyH Wed 29-Mar-23 19:48:52

It is Sue

Marydoll Wed 29-Mar-23 19:57:01

My respiratory consultant advised me that CT scans give a much better view than an xray of what is going on in the lung.

I have brittle asthma and bronchiectasis and there are always patches on my lungs.
It's easy to say "Don't overthink", but it could be any number of things, not all serious.
Best to wait and see.

You are fortunate that you have an appointment so promptly. I have respiratory investigations tomorrow, fifteen months after I was referred back to the respiratory clinic.

Good luck!

Sue432 Wed 29-Mar-23 20:07:28

15 months is a long time, i have been 10 days from>doc app>xray>ct scan im quite suprised of the speed of it all X

Marydoll Wed 29-Mar-23 20:20:39

It's not surprising here. Waiting lists here are through the roof.

I had been waiting for a cardiology appointment at my local hospital, since September, without any progress. It wasn't until a trainee GP phoned the Cardiology Professor directly, that I was admitted to a large teaching hospital within days.
I am very fortunate!

Iam64 Wed 29-Mar-23 20:59:04

Marydoll, aren’t the delays a B. I had a repeat treadmill test last August. It confirmed what I’ve been telling the GP, rheumatologist and cardiologist for 3 years - put me on a slight incline I get breathless. The cardiologist referred me for lung function - that took place in January. The result led to me being prescribed an inhaler and referred to the respiratory consultant. That happens in June, so a year from my cardiology review.
I keep telling myself it can’t be serious

Redhead56 Wed 29-Mar-23 21:05:31

I have had a cough since last September I was given antibiotics for four days after phone consultation with the doctor. After a month it returned I have coughed on and off since then.
I eventually went to the Walk In they suggested I went for an X-ray which showed a sub plural nodule according to the doctor.
I am going to have a scan with dye next week it is on my mind 24/7. I am trying not to worry about it and I wish you well too. 💐

timetogo2016 Wed 29-Mar-23 21:09:57

Please don`t worry Sue 432,i too had to have a Ct scan,and i have scar tissue on my lungs,except for a long standing cough,i am fine.

Sue432 Thu 30-Mar-23 14:19:34

Redhead56 hope your scan goes well its so hard to not worry isnt it, im not too worried about the actual ct but the results which is to be expected i suppose, oh the joys of getting older

grandtanteJE65 Thu 30-Mar-23 14:24:24

Good luck!

I am sure you are worrying too much, but we all do it, don't we?

I have had to CT scans and a more complicated one, that I don't remember the name of, and thankfully nothing serious was wrong, so I shall cross my fingers that you too will be just as fortunate.

Franbern Fri 31-Mar-23 08:49:05

X-rays first showed up shadow on my lung back in 1990. I am still here, so obviously not necessarily any sort of fatal condition.

Every time I have x-rays, this is picked up, I usually have to tell Doctor to look back through my notes to see that it has been there for a decades, probably from an extremely damaging fall I had back in 1981.

BlueBelle Fri 31-Mar-23 09:03:05

Please take it from me whatever it is try to only see it as the best way forward
I tucked something under the blankets for months eventually a very rare visit to a doctor…. (who wasn’t happy) sent me for a two week pathway for biopsies and was found to have stage 1 how lucky is that, I ve had two operations in two months and very very hopeful that will be it, as it had literally just turned from pre cancerous if I had delayed any longer who knows how quickly or how slowly it could have moved
Being scared is normal but it’s a positive move and hopefully it will put your mind at rest but if it’s not totally innocent then it ll be caught in time for help
Let us know how you get on and good luck xx

Sue432 Fri 31-Mar-23 12:55:04

Ct scan was done this morning i got a call back from hospital within the hour of getting home and its very good news, no tumours in the lungs , but its showing a hiatus hernia thats what showed up in the xray, its aparantly very common in people over 60, i hope my diagnosis helps others going through the same thing, thank you very much everyone for caring X