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Before or after breakfast??

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Grannyjacq1 Fri 19-May-23 11:41:55

I'm sure there must be a dental professional Gransnetter out there who can offer helpful advice. I am trying to combat gum disease and have been prescribed a high fluoride toothpaste. Accompanying leaflet states: 'brush your teeth after each meal'; dental hygienist advised brushing with this before breakfast. I emailed the famous company who manufacture the toothpaste and they advised 'before breakfast - but then wait for 30+ minutes before eating', which contradicts the advice given on their package information leaflet. So now I am thoroughly confused. I understand that bacteria develop overnight in the mouth, and these can cause plaque development. Currently I clean with a 'normal' toothpaste before breakfast, and with the prescribed one after breakfast, along with floss, interdental brushes etc - the whole caboodle - I really am taking it seriously. Can anyone offer any sensible, reliable, accurate advice please? Desperate to preserve my teeth.

NotSpaghetti Sat 20-May-23 08:27:12

I was told to clean thoroughly with a 'normal' toothpaste before I use the high fluoride one and to use the high fluoride"topically". I was told to only use a tiny amount applied with one of those small brushes designed to get into corners and to apply carefully over all tooth surfaces. I was told to clean my teeth before breakfast but to leave a minimum of 30 mins (and as long as possible after brushing) before food/drink - this means I will probably ingest less fluoride.

As fluoride is really not good for us I think this is a good plan.
I also use the "whole caboodle" in my tooth-cleaning routine (have for years).

Marydoll Sat 20-May-23 09:21:47

I have been advised to use my prescription flouride toothpaste on all teeth, because I have Sjogren's.
It has certainly slowed down the deterioration of my teeth and gums.

Jaberwok Mon 29-May-23 16:44:38

I use prescription toothpaste twice a day, once before breakfast, having a shower and getting dressed afterwards takes up the required 30 mins before eating. After breakfast I use interdental brushes that clean between teeth. Before bed I use the brushes again + cleaning with toothpaste. Always with an electric tooth brush again recommended by our Dentist. My teeth have improved greatly over 4 years of this routine .

Kim19 Mon 29-May-23 18:10:47

Much to my surprise, I saw an 'expert' on Lorraine this very morning and she was adamant that one should brush teeth before breakfast and not at all after. Still reeling from this but the lady standing in for Lorraine double checked and that was confirmed. Also to break into the day with savoury and nothing sweet until later. I've had this wrong for so many years......

B9exchange Mon 29-May-23 18:17:56

I seem to remember that orange juice, which so many people have for breakfast, weakens the enamel for a while, and therefore better to brush before breakfast rather than just after orange juice.

annodomini Mon 29-May-23 18:52:46

My argument for not brushing before breakfast is that tea tastes disgusting after toothpaste.

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 21:12:54

I prefer to brush after breakfast too - but was told to do it before as they are weaker/more vulnerable after eating- so I do it this way now.

welbeck Mon 29-May-23 21:26:23


My argument for not brushing before breakfast is that tea tastes disgusting after toothpaste.

you could brush before without using toothpaste.
the aim is to make the teeth shiny smooth so less sticks to them.
i brush before, with toothpaste and gargle with flouride mouthwash afterwards.
the reason for not brushing afterwards is to reduce acid erosion.
i think if you leave it for about ?40 mins, this is less of an issue.
also best not to rinse after brushing with flouride toothpaste in order to keep it in contact with the teeth, ie to protect them, for longer.
that's what i've done for decades.

welbeck Mon 29-May-23 21:35:16

my last was ambiguous.
i mean i brush before breakfast, and gargle after breakfast.
each to their own i guess.
at night i do quick no paste brush, then floss, rinse thoroughly, and end by brushing with paste, no rinse.
and so to bed.

Cabbie21 Tue 30-May-23 06:43:13

I don’t brush before breakfast because toothpaste spoils the taste of my breakfast.
I suppose I could brush without toothpaste.
After a breakfast of granola, I really need to brush my teeth to get rid of all the bits.

NotSpaghetti Tue 30-May-23 08:15:08

Cabbie21 the point is to brush when the teeth are least vulnerable to food acids etc - so can you leave a gap after eating before you brush your granola away?

Allegretto Tue 30-May-23 08:31:23

I use Gengigel mouthwash to rinse my mouth when I waken. After breakfast I use my waterpic and then brush my teeth. After lunch (unless I’m out) I use the waterpic or interdental brushes. I use my waterpic after dinner and brush teeth before bed. My dentist said that my teeth had improved hugely with this routine. I had also been told that pockets were developing indicating possible gum disease and the depth of the pockets had reduced from 4s back to 2s. She said that water flossers are excellent and electric toothbrushes are more thorough than manual.

Cabbie21 Tue 30-May-23 13:49:20

Yes indeed, Notspaghetti, I do leave a gap.

PamelaJ1 Tue 30-May-23 15:49:59

Always before. If I can’t do that for whatever reason then I would wait for an hour after eating to give the enamel time to recover.
B9 orange juice (other fruits are available) is bad for you as well as your teeth. Eat an orange instead- after brushing of course😂