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Coloured elbow crutches

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Mizuna Sun 28-May-23 08:11:32

I've been on grey NHS elbow crutches for 18 months. They're wearing out and I have at least another year to go before I'll be free from them, so I'm looking at buying coloured crutches. I will run it past my physiotherapist to make sure I get the right size, but has anyone bought similar, and from whom? One website can provide customised crutches with any picture or pattern on them, but oh the cost!!! I need them for balance due to dodgy knee.

Gundy Sun 28-May-23 09:40:14

The longer you rely on crutches to walk (18 months and another year?) you’ll never recover properly to walk again.

I think even your Doctor would recommend rehabbing to get strength back and throw those crutches out the window! At least graduate to a cane.

If you are thinking getting customized (flowered, colored) crutches at this point - sounds like you have surrendered all thought of giving up walking w/o them.

IMO. I’ve rehabbed plenty of my own bones. But I’m no Doctor.
USA Gundy

Katek Sun 28-May-23 12:01:03

Is it the whole crutch you want to be coloured or just the arm and hand grips? Amazon have sets of these in stock in various colours/patterns for 13.99 - just wondered if this would be cheaper option?

Mizuna Sun 28-May-23 12:43:36

I'm looking to get full coloured ones. I don't use crutches all the time Gundy and know the pitfalls so don't worry I won't become dependent on them but thank you for responding. When I do use them I might as well have pretty ones.

Katek Sun 28-May-23 12:47:28

Know how you feel! I have a v pretty folding stick in a blue floral pattern.

Gundy Wed 31-May-23 22:10:26

Mizuna Good to hear you only use them intermittently. Please keep up your own rehabbing at home - sometimes it’s hard to get motivated, but just do a few “hard” minutes each morning, and again in the afternoon. Yes, if I were in your shoes I’d like to get my crutches dressed up too!

Blossoming Wed 31-May-23 23:00:24

There’s a company called Cool Crutchez, not cheap but they have some great designs. Your physio can advise on size, etc.

FlexibleFriend Thu 01-Jun-23 11:53:08

Just google them, there's loads online.

Mizuna Thu 01-Jun-23 12:38:26

Thanks all. I've looked at Cool Crutches, they're great fun. I'm fortunate in that I'm motivated anyway and among other things I use my allotment and beach walking to keep me fit and agile. I only need the crutches for balance when walking along the cobbled streets outside my flat and negotiating the holidaymakers, dogs on endless leads and pavement cafes!!!!!

silverlining48 Fri 02-Jun-23 10:05:58

You can always decorate your crutches yourself with those sticky labels etc but have you thought about 2 sticks instead of crutches which might be the next step in your progress.
Your physio can advise of course.

Mizuna Fri 02-Jun-23 15:18:06

Thank you silverlining, yes I have thought about decorating my crutches. I have walking poles which I use. I only use crutches when I need them for uneven pavements etc. Fortunately I also have a knee brace, a brilliant if unglamorous device, which I make use of especially when I'm on my allotment. There is no other progress to be made until I get my knee replaced; all these devices are temporary.

silverlining48 Fri 02-Jun-23 17:40:57

If you are having a knee replacement have a look at the hip and knee thread. Health forum.
I started it on feb last year prior to my THR and we are already on part 3 so lots of info support and advice.

Mizuna Fri 02-Jun-23 23:16:22

Thank you but unless it's specifically about coloured crutches I'm ok for all the other info; I've had both hips and the other knee replaced not that long ago. I'll call it a day here now but thanks again to those who responded.