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I've just done a search and can't find 'concussion' on here...

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Alie2Oxon Mon 29-May-23 13:20:43

I've had a couple of bad falls (I'm 82) ans as a result have had a headache and other symptoms since last June, now diagnosed as Post-Concussion Syndrome. Only recently have my GPs sent me for a CT scan - and I don't have the results yet.

Anybody else had this? And what have they experienced with doctors?

welbeck Mon 29-May-23 13:27:35

Alie2Oxon Mon 29-May-23 14:44:08

I've seen this site though. What I'm asking is, how have other GPs gone about treating it, because I am not happy with mine!

Alie2Oxon Wed 31-May-23 17:42:26

I'm disappointed. Thought there might be others with personal experience of this....
Forget it.

62Granny Wed 31-May-23 17:53:05

Sorry I haven't ever had concussion thankfully but you are obviously unhappy with your GP, did you go to him or your A& E dept when you had the fall originally? What happened then did they follow you up and have you been in regular contact with regard to the headaches. If you have and nothing was done then yes you have a right to feel annoyed , hopefully they can now do something about it. Good luck.

MerylStreep Wed 31-May-23 17:54:13

I’ve just done a search and there are lots of threads with the word concussion
Yours was at the top of the list 😄

62Granny Wed 31-May-23 17:58:00

I have now read the link that wellbeck posted and it seems a very helpful and hopefully it will just be that and nothing more serious.

M0nica Wed 31-May-23 18:31:46

With due. respect, the OP says she has found all the information she needs online, her specific problem is with the GP, how should he have responded when she reported her problem and what should have happened.

Is it acceptable that a year after developing post-concussion syndrome, which online sites I have looked at, suggest should clear in three months, she still has it and her GP seems to have no sense of urgency over it aand getting it properly diagnosed and treated.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jun-23 08:05:25

I do hope that you are finally getting some help.
Waiting a year for a scan seems strange to me. My mother-in-law had a fall and had a CT scan the same day.
I would definitely chase up the results if you don't hear very soon. I think you shouldn't still be suffering after a year.

Thinking of you.

Alie2Oxon Fri 02-Jun-23 12:09:05

Thank you three of these posters. I had given up on actually being understood.
I have just rung first the GP and then the JR , only to be told that no, any results are not through yet, from the 10th May....

Alie2Oxon Fri 09-Jun-23 16:00:45

No actual results: just a new appointment, for an MRI scan - next Tuesday! A bit worrying, as this must be a followup...