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melp1 Wed 20-Sep-23 20:34:32

Anyone had the shingles vaccination and did you have any side effects?
Thinking of getting mine but a bit unsure.
My mother had shingles and was quite poorly and I know it was painful when hubby had shingles.

welbeck Wed 20-Sep-23 20:38:29

why is this under scams and fraud ?
surely you don't doubt the bona fides of those providing the shingles vaccination ?

Kim19 Wed 20-Sep-23 20:42:54

I didn't experience any side effects but would still have gone ahead regardless because I've lived with people suffering from shingles and it was pretty awful for them in many respects. An illness I would avoid at all costs if I could. Good luck with your decision.

Grandma70s Wed 20-Sep-23 20:43:14

Yes, I had it ages ago, no side effects at all. Shingles can be nasty, and the side effects can last for years. I couldn’t wait to have the vaccine, and was at the surgery the minute I was eligible.


MayBee70 Wed 20-Sep-23 20:46:04

Yes. I had mine as soon as I could, too.

Gwyllt Wed 20-Sep-23 20:52:17

Me too can’t remember any side eff cts

MayBee70 Wed 20-Sep-23 21:10:57

Probably tempting fate by saying this but the only side effect I’ve ever had from a vaccine is feeling very tired for a few days after the flu jab a couple of years ago. I take any vaccine offered to me these days!

kittylester Wed 20-Sep-23 21:19:36

I paid privately to have mine as j kept missing the changing guidelines. I had no side effects at all.

I don't understand why anyone would pass up on having any vaccine - unless there were medical contra-indications.

Georgesgran Wed 20-Sep-23 21:20:32

I had my shingles vaccine when it was offered at 70. No side effects at all.
My BinL had shingles and ended up in A&E as he’d burned himself trying to get some relief from the pain.

Janiepops Wed 20-Sep-23 21:30:54

I had mine last year, no side effects at all.

Shelflife Thu 21-Sep-23 00:35:29

I had the shingles vaccination done years ago , no side effects , no problems at all !

Foxygloves Thu 21-Sep-23 06:47:35

“Quite poorly” does not come close to how ill you can be with Shingles and how the pain can be ongoing.
I had it on my head and narrowly avoided permanent damage to my sight. And the pain was excruciating-like a power drill being driven through my skull!
Many people have complained here and elsewhere about not being eligible for the vaccine on the NHS so if it is offered I would not dream of hesitating.
PS you might like to ask HQE to move this from “Scams and Frauds” to “Health” where I am sure it more rightly belongs.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 21-Sep-23 08:06:12

How can you be unsure of getting the Shingles vaccination? Shingles is a terrible illness.

HopeGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 21-Sep-23 08:30:35

Hi there,
We have moved this to Health now.

LadyGracie Thu 21-Sep-23 09:49:03

I had no side effects from the vaccine. I was glad to have it, my grandfather had shingles on his face and in his eyes and lost his sight.

Witzend Thu 21-Sep-23 09:54:10

I had no side effects from it.
I had the jab as soon as I could - I’d actually had shingles at 68 - not too badly, thank goodness, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant. Might add that it was when was extremely tired and run down after an extremely busy time. I’m quite sure that this was a contributory factor.

I’d advise anybody to get the jab as soon as they can.

dogsmother Thu 21-Sep-23 09:56:58

I don’t carry the virus so I’m supposing I’m immune. I would however not hesitate to have this as it a horrible illness.

MayBee70 Thu 21-Sep-23 10:46:15


I don’t carry the virus so I’m supposing I’m immune. I would however not hesitate to have this as it a horrible illness.

Do you mean you haven’t had chicken pox?

Bea65 Thu 21-Sep-23 11:46:25

I had shingles during the first lockdown and was out of action for 6wks - it’s awfully painful and was sedated a lot of the time…

dogsmother Thu 21-Sep-23 13:36:56

Yes Marybea. I didn’t have chickenpox and when tested for occupational health stuff all was good.

FannyD Thu 21-Sep-23 13:42:34

Yes, had it as soon as it was offered. No side effects whatsoever. My father had shingles in his eye in his 80s and was very, very poorly.

My son also had it on his head at the age of 19! And we had always thought of it as an illness affecting older people.

Katie59 Thu 21-Sep-23 14:02:26

I had the vaccination no side effects, a couple of years later I had a fall which damaged a nerve, that triggered a mild attack of shingles. Irritating at the time but a few days treatment with Zovirax cleared it up.

Wheniwasyourage Thu 21-Sep-23 15:02:55

I’ve had shingles 3 times, fortunately without bad pain and not affecting my face, but that was enough of a warning. We both had the vaccination as soon as it was offered last year with no side effects.

MayBee70 Thu 21-Sep-23 18:28:17

If anyone does get shingles it’s really important to get aciclovir tablets asap.

HelterSkelter1 Sat 23-Sep-23 21:46:37

Yes as MayBee says if you develop Shingles you must get Aciclovir from your GP ASAP. Don't delay. Take pictures of your rash to email to the doctor. Don't wait for an appt. I think the tablets must be taken within 72 hours of the rash appearing.

I developed shingles straight after finishing chemo when my immune system was compromised.
The rash was at the base of my spine and across one buttock. The shooting pains were excruciating and 18 months later the spine area is still painful.
No side effects after the 2 Shingrix vaccinations I had some months after the shingles attack.