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Reverse total shoulder replacement

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Quokka Wed 27-Sep-23 16:08:07

After a fall 4 months ago it’s been decided I need the above operation. Has anyone had one, or knows someone who has had one?

I don’t know what to expect and would like to hear from someone with first (or second) hand experience. Having difficulty sleeping at night from the injury but even more worrying about the op.

Nannarose Wed 27-Sep-23 17:35:13

Yes, 8 years ago.
You need to keep the shoulder immobile for awhile (the nurse will talk to you about it) so make sure you have help. They covered it so I could shower OK.
Lots of physio. I can tell you how it has healed for me but we are all different.
After about 6 months I could reach higher than shoulder height, and this has got better, However, it is still rather weaker than the other shouder. I use that arm to reach down light items from a shelf, but not heavy ones.
I was advised to no longer swim backstroke or front crawl.
I was also advised not to cycle, as any fall can be quite catastrophic. My balance is so awful that I was about to give up cycling anyway. I do have a couple of friends who use trikes, but they're not really the answer for everyone.
I hope that helps, but do ask your nurse, as it varies a lot.
Good luck!

Quokka Wed 27-Sep-23 20:51:12

Thank you. I don’t have a dedicated nurse yet, as the decision was only taken last week. I was told it would happen ‘before Christmas’.

I can’t reach higher than waist level since it happened so being able to reach shoulder height would be wonderful. Can’t drive of course because that’s so painful.

Your post has really helped me. I know it will be a long recovery but need some hope that the op will make a difference.

Aveline Wed 27-Sep-23 21:24:17

Good luck. I can't comment myself but I know another lady who had this op and as far as I can see she's made a very good recovery.

Quokka Wed 27-Sep-23 21:51:49


Good luck. I can't comment myself but I know another lady who had this op and as far as I can see she's made a very good recovery.

That’s what I need to hear 🙏

Aldom Wed 27-Sep-23 23:08:02

One of my friends, in her 70's had this operation, probably two and a half years ago. There was a longish recovery time, including physio. But now she seems to have more or less full function in her shoulder /arm. Also, pain free.

Quokka Thu 28-Sep-23 14:44:33

Thank you Aldom. That is very reassuring. For 4 months I’ve suffered pain and very limited movement. Many people have had hip replacements so lots of support re these, but shoulders not so much.