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Trying to come off Omeprazole.

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Lovetopaint037 Tue 21-Nov-23 08:49:19

Been trying to gradually reduce Omeprazole having seen it shouldn’t been taken if you have low sodium plus other unpleasant side effects. Alternate days not too bad but two days free and it is agony. My doctor knows I am doing this as I am also gradually coming off beta blockers as they may be the cause of my heart block. So yesterday I go into our local pharmacist to ask if there is anything he could recommend to help while I gradually come off Omeprazole. He said I shouldn’t be coming off them unless the doctor has given me something to replace them. I said she had offered to do this but wasn’t keen to have something similar. I said I just wanted something to assist with the pain in my chest and back. He then says “that is your heart and if you don’t have anything else you will be going down a slippery slope”. I feel confused as the doctor knows I am coming off them and I haven’t seen anything that says you can’t do this without going on something else. I thought he would recommend some kind of antacid. The reason I was put on them originally a few years ago was because I was taking a daily 75 aspirin and it was intended to protect my stomach. Before that I took aspirin in water after a bowl of oats and yoghurt. This is the way I take aspirin and my bp medication. Anyone else in this situation who can give advice which would be gratefully received.

Luckygirl3 Tue 21-Nov-23 08:55:33

It sounds as though you basically need to come off the aspirin. Talk to your GP about other types of anticoagulant that do not burn your stomach.

Jaxjacky Tue 21-Nov-23 09:46:38

I’m on Famotidine, prescribed, as I can’t take take Omeprazole (low sodium), I’m surprised you haven’t been offered that or similar.

Esmay Tue 21-Nov-23 10:32:28

Aspirin is irritating to the stomach - Lucky girl is right .

I have to take Omeprazole if I do a lot of bending over in the garden .

Shinamae Tue 21-Nov-23 10:35:36

I reduced my omeprazole to just taking it as and when needed, I didn’t realise this could be done and had been taking it daily and there’s absolutely no need,well not in my case anyway
I did speak to my doctor and he said it was absolutely fine to do this. Consequently, I may take one week 🤷‍♀️

Farmor15 Tue 21-Nov-23 12:20:49

I suffered from acid reflux for years - used to take a lot of Rennies. I had a gastroscopy and apparently have a hiatus hernia. I was prescribed Lanzoprazole (similar to Omeprazole) but had bad side effects after a month and stopped taking it. I took ranitidine sometimes (now off the market but famotidine works in a similar way) and continued with Rennies as needed. I discussed with GP and he was fine with how I was controlling symptoms. Like Shinamae I take omeprazole occasionally.

Gaviscon - liquid or tablets - is often recommended by doctors. I'd suggest trying it or some simple antacid. The pharmacist is correct to be cautious - acid reflux can cause chronic inflammation which is not good. Your GP may have assumed that you would take a simple over the counter antacid.

Farmor15 Tue 21-Nov-23 12:25:00

Famotidine works in a completely different way to omeprazole, so suggest you ask GP about it. It acts more quickly than omeprazole, but effect doesn't last as long. It doesn't have all the negative side effects of omeprazole or other ppis.

Jaxjacky Tue 21-Nov-23 12:32:01

My GP also prescribed Gaviscon Advance, to be taken before bed.

Lovetopaint037 Tue 21-Nov-23 16:51:24

Thank you so much for your help. I have an appointment to see my doctor to discuss what is to me done about my beta blocker withdrawal. That is in a weeks time. My platelets are too high so definitely need the aspirin. She knows about me wanting to come off Omeprazole and has removed them from my repeat prescriptions. I will ask her to put them on again and use them occasionally. I was going to use gaviscon but it says not to be used with aspirin. I am wondering if I can take Gaviscon at night when I need it. I went into the pharmacy to get some kind of antacid but he didn’t suggest anything as I thought he would. He seemed reluctant to suggest anything as he wanted the doctor to decide and he is the local pharmacist to the surgery. Thank you again

Gwyllt Tue 21-Nov-23 17:55:27

The people pharmacy which seems a reliable site on net have an article about coming of omeprazole
Helped me on numerous occasions

LucyAnna Tue 21-Nov-23 17:58:10

I believe the ‘enteric coated’ aspirin are less harmful to the stomach.

4allweknow Fri 24-Nov-23 11:19:18

You should see ypur GP again. You were offered other meds but refused them. A GP can't force you to take a medicine but can advise.

Twig14 Fri 24-Nov-23 11:36:53

Post having my gall bladder removed I was advised by my consultant to take gaviscon before bedtime to help with acid reflux.

nj30 Fri 24-Nov-23 11:38:56

I am on Omeprazole daily. Have tried to reduce to every other day over a period of time but does not work as GERD symptoms appear and I can go into atrial fibrillation because of the acid reflux ( An increasing evidence indicates that GERD induces the initiation and the perpetuation of AF. This is caused by the autonomic nerve influence, mechanical compression, and propagation of local inflammation due to proximity of left atrium (LA) and lower esophagus.' See what works for you but taking Omeprazole may be the lesser of two evils. Good luck.

sandelf Fri 24-Nov-23 11:53:31

Complicated. Get off the asprin if you possibly can - horrible for the gut. I find a flat teaspoon of is enough to keep me pain free (was diagnosed with rolling hiatus hernia & IBS). Some good reading points here:-

Gutenberg Fri 24-Nov-23 11:57:03

It's really worth looking into dietary changes. I struggled with acid reflux for years (with hospital 'specialist' eventually telling me it was just something middle-aged women had to put up with!) and then discovered it disappeared - completely and within 24 hours! - after taking an antibiotic for something else. That started me off looking into idea of gut bacteria. Thereafter have cut out gluten and cut right back on sugar, and my gut has made a remarkable recovery - not quick but slowly and surely. I also tried the paleo-keto diet for a almost a year. Surprising side-effects were that, in addition to stopping the acid reflux, this also seemed to stop lower-back pain and reduced stress incontinence.

Dillonsgranma Fri 24-Nov-23 12:07:32

Don’t stop taking oneprazole.
Stop the aspirin. I stopped aspirin on doctors advice. Ruins your stomach

icanhandthemback Fri 24-Nov-23 12:10:15

Your GP may not realise you are struggling as sometimes people can come off Omeprazole with no problem as what has caused their acidity has stopped. Just speak to your GP for a solution. I feel your pain, I can't stop either without pain. I've tried cutting my dose to half but it doesn't work for me.
I realise you would like to come off these type of tablets but it is important to keep as acid free as possible. The incidence of oesophageal cancer goes up significantly if untreated, especially if you are a smoker. As to an antacid, the best I have found (although you might not be prescribed it) is Gaviscon Plus. Our GP prescribes a generic brand which is not as good.
I have to take Voltarol but can't take it by mouth because of the pain it causes. I take it in suppository form which bypasses the stomach. You can take aspirin in suppository form but you may find the dose it too high. Maybe talk to a different pharmacist who has time to do a complete medication review. They are far more knowledgeable about these things than GP's.

icanhandthemback Fri 24-Nov-23 12:15:23

An increasing evidence indicates that GERD induces the initiation and the perpetuation of AF.

Yes, my daughter suffers from this. It makes her feel really ill and she has been rushed off in an ambulance on more than one occasion.

ExaltedWombat Fri 24-Nov-23 14:00:30

'Healthcare professionals' go by the book. It's the doctor's job to be more holistic (makes me laugh when I see that term used for a practitioner who rejects the main body of medical knowledge). Go with the doctor's advice.

albertina Fri 24-Nov-23 15:01:49

I can't help much here, only to say Gaviscon was a life saver when the stress of teaching messed up my stomach.

Take a notebook into the GP and have your questions written down on one side of the pages and leave the right hand side blank for answers. Better still, take someone with you.

Jane43 Fri 24-Nov-23 15:15:18

My husband was on Omeprazole for a long time. When he was found to be Type 2 diabetic he went on a low carb diet and the need for it disappeared. The main culprit for his digestive problem was pastry products which he gave up completely..

Stillstanding Fri 24-Nov-23 15:36:45

I have been taking the mini dose of aspirin with my breakfast since having my first heart attack about 5 years ago. I was also prescribed Omeprazol to protect my stomach from the aspirin but after about a year I reacted with bad diarrhea. Then this was changed to Famotidine and that was fine for slightly less than a year until the diarrhea started again. Then I had Lansoprazole which I reacted to during the first week. Ten months later I am still waiting for my system to calm down.
I think I must stop taking the aspirin as I have recently started to get acid reflux. Rennies seems to calm it down bit I think me and aspirin simply do not get on.

Thank you for this thread.

DrWatson Fri 24-Nov-23 16:45:49

For LovetoPain -- several different Prazoles in that drugs group, I'm now on Lanso, got switched to it from another (already forgotten!). I'm also now on ATORvastatin (re cholesterol), having been switched from SIMVAstatin (the quack should know all about Statins, & Prazoles, as it seems about half the country is on one or both?!).

I ALSO take one of the little aspirins, but that isn't the cause of my acid reflux, which appeared first by several years. I take the aspirin last thing, and you can indeed get the coated ones, for exactly the 'upset' reason stated. Lay it all on your GP, but sadly not all GPs are on the same page!

Saggi Fri 24-Nov-23 17:31:18

I was on aspirin …result two stomach ulcers …now off the aspirin and on clopidogrel ….and lansoprazole for the ulcers …for life . No side effects and been on them 6 years!