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DH has oesophageal cancer

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Winniewit Wed 14-Feb-24 14:35:07

DH had a gastroscopy on Sunday and the results were given to him straight afterwards.
We are stunned . He has two key workers now and been told that his case will be discussed at the MDT meeting on Friday. He also had a big CT yesterday.
I'm wondering what happens next.Has anyone else been through this ?

Luckygirl3 Wed 14-Feb-24 14:49:19

I am very sorry to hear this and wish you both strength for the treatments ahead. Not news that you would wish to hear.

Kalu Wed 14-Feb-24 14:51:21

Of course you are stunned Winnie and I empathise with you as my DH is now at the stage of terminal lung cancer with palliative care at home set up.

I wish I ‘could’ tell you what to expect and what is in front of you but with this disease, there is no rule book to follow as each case, every ‘body’, is different and no two experiences are the same. A day at a time has been my mantra.

My heart goes out to you and your darling man.
Sending much love and strength to help you through. 💐

Whethertomorrow Wed 14-Feb-24 14:53:39

I’m sorry that you are going through this. My sister in law had this also and I know you will be frightened and scared. Just take it one day at a time and putting one foot in front of another. Wishing you both well.

Norah Wed 14-Feb-24 14:55:00

flowers I am so sorry.

Glorianny Wed 14-Feb-24 15:05:39

My aunt was diagnosed with this quite a few years ago. She was lucky in that the site of the cancer was a place where it could be operated on. A section of her oesophagus was removed and her stomach lifted, she had chemo and made a full recovery from the cancer. She did have problems eating afterwards and always needed to have a glass of water as she ate. But she did live quite a long time afterwards and died from an entirely different thing.
I know there are a lot of different experiences with this cancer. I hope your DH gets the very best care

62Granny Wed 14-Feb-24 15:07:14

I am not an expert but I did work in this type of environment and I would expect your DH case will be discussed with a team to include ,the key workers who are usually specialist Nurses, the head and neck consultant and the oncologist , they will look at the results of his test and decide what the treatment plan is. You may get a call on Friday or I would probably think Monday and then an appointment will be made for you to go in and discuss what is going to happen next, this may be an operation or perhaps Radiotherapy . If you want a little bit of information take a look at the Macmillan website.

Sillyoldbird Wed 14-Feb-24 15:38:45

I don’t have any advice to offer you but I just wanted to wish you both the best.

Winniewit Wed 14-Feb-24 15:46:37

Ladies..thank you so much for your comments and advice. I think we will feel a bit more settled when we get a plan of action.

Aveline Wed 14-Feb-24 15:50:31

What a shock for you and a scary time. I hope the team swing into action soon so you at least know what's happening. I'd second contacting Macmillan. Best wishes.

Redhead56 Wed 14-Feb-24 16:05:39

Very sorry for anyone with a cancer diagnosis. I hope your DH has successful treatment and recovers soon.

Primrose53 Wed 14-Feb-24 16:14:37

It’s a shock for sure Winniewit. My Dad had this, he was diagnosed when he was 85. Not sure how old your OH is.
It was a secondary from prostate cancer apparently.

They discovered a large tumour in his gullet and put a stent in to keep it open, which it did do for some time.

He had to have pureed, high calorie food so I made lots of homemade soups with cream, those luxury thick and creamy yoghourts and jersey milk. The consultant said the more calories you can get in him the better.

I think if you are younger they do surgery but his age and the size of the tumour was against him. However 86 is a good age.

Take care. Xx

Witzend Wed 14-Feb-24 16:16:38

So sorry to hear this. Wishing you and your dh all the best. 💐

dustyangel Wed 14-Feb-24 16:19:48

So very sorry to hear this Winniewit.💐

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 14-Feb-24 16:22:34

I’m sorry to read this and wish you both the very best. Please let us know how things are when you are able to. 💐

BlueBelle Wed 14-Feb-24 16:31:04

They may have caught it early🤞🏼My grandads was advanced when they diagnosed it but my friends husband is having a reasonable life and seems very settled and enjoys life he has a tube in his throat but seems to manage very well and has been like this for many years now

BlueBelle Wed 14-Feb-24 16:31:56

Sorry I meant to say I am sorry to hear this and wish you both well

ixion Wed 14-Feb-24 16:46:23

I am so sorry for you both.
I have no experience of the anguish you must be going through but I will keep you in my thoughts as I wish you the very best for the future.

Katyj Wed 14-Feb-24 16:53:30

It’s an awful shock for you both. My mums friend was diagnosed with this six months ago, aged 79 he’s been in and out of hospital, had chemotherapy and at the moment is doing well at home. I wish you both the very best.

Sparklefizz Wed 14-Feb-24 16:59:50

Winniewit I am so sorry to hear this but my friend's story might lift your spirits.

He is in his late 60s and a retired horticulturalist who now does gardening for people, including for me. He was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer 4 years ago and the tumour was too big for him to have surgery, so he had radiotherapy and chemo, and then they asked him if he'd like to take part in a trial.

He agreed to the trial and is now doing wonderfully well. He was soon back to gardening, lugging around large bags of compost and doing a lot of physical work. As I said above, it's been over 4 years and he is still going strong, although he does have to eat pureed foods. His wife makes sure he has a very nourishing and healthy diet.

He even caught Covid after one of his hospital visits but got through that too.

I wish your husband all the very best with his treatment, and a successful outcome. flowers for you.

downtoearth Wed 14-Feb-24 17:38:57

I am so sorry to read of your husband's scary diagnosis.
Sending you all good wishes and prayers.
One day at a time flowers

rjack Wed 14-Feb-24 17:50:53

So sorry to hear this news about DH. At the moment there will be so much to take in, hospital appointments, people to meet, questions to be asked. You will not be taking in all this information. However, once care has been put in place , things should be a little easier. Best wishes and good luck to you both.x

Joseann Wed 14-Feb-24 18:13:38

I'm sorry to hear about your DH's diagnosis. Things will be better when you have been given a plan. My BiL had the operation under an excellent team in Plymouth during lockdown. He had chemo before the op, but didn't need mop up chemo after because they got it all clean. He is well and eats small meals often.

Bella23 Wed 14-Feb-24 18:22:53

So sorry to hear your news. Best wishes and good luck for a good

bikergran Wed 14-Feb-24 18:26:38

Sorry for you shock news and hope you will get some answers to your questions.