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Full fat milk or semi skimmed.

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Sago Mon 19-Feb-24 20:26:06

Lots of celebrities, rugby clubs and of course dairy farmers are extolling the benefits of full fat milk.

My daughter’s friend is to be on GB news this evening talking about this, she and her husband have a large dairy farm.

We eat full fat natural yoghurt, I make my own butter from full fat cream but I just cannot do full fat milk in tea.

Since having to drink milk at school I just cannot drink milk alone or on cereal.

My mother used to buy gold top milk and poured the cream from the top in her coffee every morning🤮

Are you skimmed, semi skimmed or full fat fans?

Would you be willing to change for the health benefits?

Calendargirl Mon 19-Feb-24 20:31:53

I used to have skimmed, then a while ago, Tesco didn’t have any.

Had to buy semi skimmed, porridge and cocoa so much nicer, so kept on with it.

Think full fat would be too much though.

M0nica Mon 19-Feb-24 20:36:22

I am mildy lactic intolerant. OK with hard cheese, but milk, yogourt, cottage cheese etc, make me feel ill and sick. The smell of milk makes me feel ill

I use UHT skimmed milk, when I need milk because it is flavourless and odourless, and for obvious reasons i would not swap it for full fat or fresh milk. My DS has the same problem.

However, DD loves milk and in an ideal world would only ever buy or use greentop milk fresh from the farm.

NotSpaghetti Mon 19-Feb-24 20:36:27

Full fat organic pasturised but not homogenised - we don't use much of it in tea and drink coffee black. Semi-skimmed is very sweet in comparison.

GrannyIvy Mon 19-Feb-24 20:48:47

I prefer skimmed milk in my hot drinks but use whole milk for use in cooking. I don’t eat cereals but if I did probably semi skimmed would need to be bought too !!!

Grandmabatty Mon 19-Feb-24 21:03:03

I buy skimmed milk for me and full fat for my grandsons. I find full fat too rich for me, however it seems to last better than skimmed milk

MissAdventure Mon 19-Feb-24 21:25:09

I always understood that semi skimmed actually contains more of whatever the good things are, than full fat milk.

1summer Mon 19-Feb-24 21:32:40

I find skimmed milk too watery and full fat too creamy. So I use semi skimmed or I do like Arla BOB milk (best of both).

MissAdventure Mon 19-Feb-24 21:34:46

I'm sort of considering moving away from cows milk, but I'm scared to!
I don't like change

SueDonim Mon 19-Feb-24 21:55:13

Full fat here. From what I’ve read it seems there is no benefit from semi/skimmed dairy and you lose some of the good stuff like Omega 3.p and some vitamins when you remove the creamier part. According to Prof Tim Spector there’s no good evidence that low fat dairy is any better than full fat.

MissAdventure Mon 19-Feb-24 21:56:52

I find I pretty soon get used to a change in milk, well, when I used to stay at anyone's.
My nan had evaporated milk in her tea!

Theexwife Mon 19-Feb-24 22:12:01

Skimmed, I only use it in tea. I dont cook much now but if I were to make rice pudding, custard etc or eat cereal I would use full fat.

polomint Mon 19-Feb-24 22:13:23

I use skimmed milk in my tea. Husband uses semi skimmed. I don't buy full fat milk as its too creamy in tea although we do take a lot of full fat greek yoghurt

Wheniwasyourage Mon 19-Feb-24 22:14:23

Organic semi-skimmed.

tanith Mon 19-Feb-24 22:16:14

I use semi-skimmed in tea but full fat for cereal, porridge and the occasional coffee. Skimmed is like water to me.

Smileless2012 Mon 19-Feb-24 22:29:01

I can't drink tea with semi skimmed, it has to be skimmed. Use skimmed for cooking. Mr. S. will only have semi skimmed and I put that on cereal.

dragonfly46 Mon 19-Feb-24 22:39:26

Skimmed milk here although I drink green tea without milk and oat milk on cereal.

henetha Mon 19-Feb-24 23:16:28

Full fat milk upsets my gall bladder so I only have skimmed which suits me fine.

hollysteers Mon 19-Feb-24 23:22:45

I buy full fat and dilute it to make my own ‘skimmed’ milk, which gives me two for the price of one😁

Mollygo Mon 19-Feb-24 23:30:18

Semi-skimmed because we like the taste. The bonus is that family who buy skimmed milk, don’t mind semi-skimmed, so I don’t have to buy two lots in case they call in for a cup of tea or coffee.

Deedaa Mon 19-Feb-24 23:55:44

I always drink semi skimmed. I've done it for so long now that I can't stand the creamy taste of full fat milk in tea. I've hated the taste of milk since I was 18 months old so I only use it for tea and coffee and occasionally for cooking.

Redhead56 Tue 20-Feb-24 01:15:49

Full fat sterilised milk for me nothing else will do for tea but oat milk to top my daily porridge.

Ailsa43 Tue 20-Feb-24 01:18:30

Skimmed for everything, but it's really hard to get it lately. This week I had to go to 3 supermarkets before I found any

Whiff Tue 20-Feb-24 04:47:34

Been having skimmed milk since it first came out. My late husband loved a drink of full fat milk even in the middle of the night since a child . In his mid 20's he got a kidney stones and given treatment to break it up said it was like peeing razor blades. I switched him to skimmed milk and cut down the amount of milk he drank. I love my morning porridge made with coconut milk as I don't need and honey in it. Gives the porridge a lovely texture . I always cook it in the microwave. If I have run out of yogurt I made extra porridge and put it into a bowl and let it go cold and put fruit on top for a pud after dinner . Tastes delicious 😋.

How many pulled a face and said yuk😂.

grandMattie Tue 20-Feb-24 05:29:59

Always full fat. Since the beneficial vitamins A and D are in the fat/cream, and it is only 4% fat anyway, I don’t understand the advantages of semi- and skimmed milk.
When living in Jersey, the “regular” milk was good top. The children complained at the thinness of blue top when we returned to the mail and.
Having said that, I don’t consume much milk as I live on my own.