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steroids for respitory problems

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Franbern Tue 20-Feb-24 15:14:36

My GP has given me a short (six day) course of steroids (prednisoline), to see if it will help with my respitory problems.
Anyone else had these?
Back in 1980's I was using this drug like sweeties for my ulcerative colitus. The pills then were gigantic. Reckon my ten year usage of them and other steroids back then cause my current osteo-arthritus. Must say not worried out longterm side effects now!!!!!

He is referring me to a sleep clinic, but as I am not a heavy lorry driver or airplane operator, etc,. says it is likely to be a very long wait, and feels he would like to give steroids a chance first.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 20-Feb-24 15:18:17

Yes, I have had steroids for bad asthma and now use a steroid inhaler daily. Extremely helpful.

Ilovecheese Tue 20-Feb-24 15:20:34

My husband has these and they have helped immensely.

Bridie22 Tue 20-Feb-24 15:34:05

Like you I do a six day steriod treatment if my respiratory problem flares up, always beneficial.

Greenfinch Tue 20-Feb-24 15:39:41

My DH also has these when his COPD flares up and they are very effective though he usually has to take them for 2 weeks. Do go back to the GP if you are still feeling unwell after your course as you may need more.

keepingquiet Tue 20-Feb-24 15:40:22

Using short term is the way to go now. I was on them for many years for asthma and chest problems, but have been off them now for five years.

Insomnia is a side effect though short term, so not sure why your GP thinks this is a good idea.

Liz46 Tue 20-Feb-24 17:31:11

After taking inhaled steroids for many years, I have discovered that they can cause pneumonia and a non-contagious (and very nasty) form of TB - NTM.
I have had both despite having had a pneumonia jab.
I have asthma and bronchiectasis.

Redhead56 Tue 20-Feb-24 19:46:26

I take an effervescent tablet each day and use a preventer inhaler that is steroid. A reliever inhaler to use when required that is not steroid for asthma. When first prescribed I felt immediate relief from coughing. I haven’t been on them for very long but the days of coughing around the clock have eased a great deal. It’s stopped me panicking and feeling miserable my asthma is well managed so far.

Esmay Tue 20-Feb-24 21:52:45

Yes , several times with antibiotics for pneumonia and pleurisy .

valdavi Tue 20-Feb-24 22:01:32

Liz 46 - steroids won't cause pneumonia or NTM (although they are immunosupressive.) NTM is atypical pneumonia, it's not TB. The treatment is similar because the causative bacteria are similar.The "pneumonia" vaccine protects against strep pneumococcus infections. Most pneumonia isn't caused by this but strep pneumoccocus pneumonia can be very nasty so it's still important protection.

maddyone Tue 20-Feb-24 23:06:05

I have taken steroids for asthma several times. They can cause sleep disturbances though. I also use a steroid inhaler every day and I have Ventolin to use whenever I need it.

crazyH Tue 20-Feb-24 23:14:13

I am seeing my Asthma Nurse tomorrow - I too have Asthma and Bronchiectasis. I have been on Seretide and Ventolin (when needed). On my last visit she changed it to Fostair. I don’t seem to be doing well on it. The wet weather does not help.

Marydoll Tue 20-Feb-24 23:26:38

I have been on and off steroids for forty seven years for brittle asthma and bronchiectasis along with three inhalers and prophyllactic antibiotics three times weekly.
I keep a rescue pack of stronger antibiotics and steroids at home for flare ups.

I call them the work of the devil, but a necessary evil, because of the side effects. I have had many broken bones and developed osteoporosis in my early thirty, with the hip of an eighty year old woman, due to frequent high dosage.

My years ago, I suffered serious mental health problems, a rare side effect of using prednisolone. However, it did save my life, because brittle asthma is the most serious form of asthma.

I'm between a rock and a hard place. I can't do without them.

I hope you feel better soon.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 21-Feb-24 08:27:32

I take them for Asthma flair ups as well, 5 days of 8 tablets per day, taken all at once .
Causes me sleeplessness, but im back to normal a few days after I’ve finished the course. I’m on steroid inhalers all of the time otherwise.
Is your sleeplessness a different issue?

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 21-Feb-24 08:41:38

I've taken them for Asthma. I had a week of 8 a day. I was told to take them in the morning, as Prednisolone causes insomnia.

loopyloo Wed 21-Feb-24 09:00:05

I was.wheezing a lot about 6 years ago and had 5 days of prednisone.
Cleared up the wheeze. Dr said it was text book.
Since then always had a ventolin inhaler on standby.
Now on fostair inhaler steroid +ventolin when I need it.
Which seems good.

BigBertha1 Wed 21-Feb-24 09:46:26

Franbern so sorry to hear you are having respiratory problems but steroids are standard treatment and under GP supervision you should be fine and feeling better soon - possibly with an increased appetite!

pinkprincess Wed 21-Feb-24 20:58:46

I have COPD and am on two steroid inhalers daily, one Spiriva dose daily and two Symbocort twice daily doses.I have a Salbutamol (Ventolin) inhaler used PRN or quick relief
I keep emergency supply of Predisolone 30 mgm daily for 6 days when needed for flare ups, if this does not help I visit A and E for Salbutamol nebuliser which acts immediately.
I now have developed another medical problem which could be nasty but am waiting the outcome of my hospital appointment for this, it could mean more steroid treatment but if it is necessary I will have to take it, as without it could be fatal.

Franbern Thu 22-Feb-24 14:52:42

Three days into this course, and it has been like a minor miracle!!!
I have not felt really well for the past nine months, following a very bad attack of bronchitus. Never pulled myself together, have felt increasingly listless, falling asleep for much of each 24 hours. Each time I mentioned these problems to medics they got brushed aside related to my age. u
Thought I had Sleep Apnoea (I may still have), but I was now down to just five or six hours in each 24 when I was able to function at all. My cough could clear a room, of everyone else in no time!!!!

I asked to change my GOP after the one I had told me not to take in any fluid after 5 pm each evening to help prevent disturbed sleep!!! Both as an elderly person, prone to UTI;s and as an Ostomist I knew this was dangerous practice and lost faith in her.
My first time with this new GP, entirely different experience, he listened to what I said, accepted my written notes on an average 24 hours and diet, and then suggested this six day steroid course.
It is impossible to fully explain the difference it has made, I have woken up properly at last, the coughing has nearly disappeared, except last thing at night, Obviously I am sleeping better at night, I feel so much happier and no longer that I am just winding down towards death. I can start to go back out to meetings, etc. and do things at home.
I have been using one steroid inhaler for a few years now, but had not realised how many of my symptoms were being caused by Asthma. Just hope my continuation medication will be as effective.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 22-Feb-24 15:43:24

They are miraculous if you have a flare up of asthma.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 22-Feb-24 15:43:34

Glad you’re feeling better.

Harris27 Fri 01-Mar-24 09:17:12

I take them with a flare up of bad chest asthma. Usually a couple of times in the winter. They are miracle workers but sleep depravation is definitely a side effect. I always feel on a high then a low when I come off them.

fancythat Fri 01-Mar-24 09:30:02

If they are the "pink pills", I think they saved the life of two of my children, many years ago.
They were only used as a "last resort" back then. Not for long term use.