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Vascular dementia

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Phillips Wed 03-Apr-24 12:52:44

My 98 year old mil has had vascular dementia for 12 years now. She lives on her own. With carers, me and my husband (son) she’s well looked after. She doesn’t recognise me but does my husband. She sleeps all day but eats and drinks reasonably well.
I just wondered what we should be looking for regarding end of life symptoms. We don’t want her to be on her own when the time comes. Does anyone have experience of end of life symptoms. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

Georgesgran Wed 03-Apr-24 13:12:16

Some years ago, a friend was in a similar position - divorced and caring for her mother who lived in a warden controlled environment. Fortunately, my friend was only a few miles away and could visit several times every day, although in time, carers were needed.
One day the carers reported her Mum for being aggressive, police were called and she was taken to A&E, admitted and vascular dementia diagnosed. Her DM wasn’t allowed home and went to a local care home. She then suffered a couple of TIAs and was moved to a different, more suitable care home, where she ended her days some months later.
As my friend has bad RA, it had been deemed that her DM should go into care. My friend felt guilty, but the decision had been made for her.

B9exchange Wed 03-Apr-24 13:30:38

Not universal, but a lot of those with dementia approaching end of life may suffer stroke like symptoms, stop eating and drinking, then slip into a coma and pass away.

Grandmabatty Wed 03-Apr-24 15:44:33

My mum has vascular disease with some dementia. She has had a spell of refusing food and drink and we thought she was 'turning her face to the wall.' However she rallied. Some months on she has lost some ability to swallow and is coughing. She is refusing drink again. She may develop pneumonia because of aspirating food and drink. I'm sorry to say it could go on for a while for your relative.

lovesreading Wed 03-Apr-24 15:51:16

My mum's appetite and thirst gradually reduced over the last week or so, and the care home where she was living told me she was entering the final phase of her life. I spent all the time I could with her and was holding her hand as she passed peacefully.