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In-laws visiting - do we give up our bed?

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MissingLincs Sun 08-Jul-18 20:23:25

My husband's parents are visiting us for 10 days from Canada towards the end of August. When we visit them we have the use of the guest room above the garage (such a lovely room) but we live in a 2 bedroom bungalow. The 2nd bedroom we use as a 'hobby' room and have a sofabed in there for guests to stay overnight but, even though it cost £100 more than the matching sofa, the sofabed isn't very comfy to sleep on. We are hoping for a few days away somewhere during the 10 days, possibly the Lake District or Scotland.
Should we give up our own bedroom for the in-laws and sleep on the sofabed ourselves?
What would you do?

mcem Sun 08-Jul-18 20:31:02

I would.

Chewbacca Sun 08-Jul-18 20:33:45

Me too.

FarNorth Sun 08-Jul-18 20:35:42

I would give them the bedroom.

Anniebach Sun 08-Jul-18 20:35:42

I would

Greyduster Sun 08-Jul-18 20:43:36

I would give them the bedroom, without a doubt. It’s a long way to come to sleep on a sofa bed!!

SueDonim Sun 08-Jul-18 20:43:59

I'd give up the bedroom.

Oopsadaisy53 Sun 08-Jul-18 20:44:29

I’m afraid so

BlueBelle Sun 08-Jul-18 20:47:19

Of course no question, if I had guests they would go in the best room I ve got

M0nica Sun 08-Jul-18 20:53:51

Yup, visitors get the bedroom.

Jalima1108 Sun 08-Jul-18 20:57:30


cornergran Sun 08-Jul-18 21:01:23

Yes, give them the bedroom. Have you thought of one of those posh blow up beds (aerobed comes to mind) instead of the sofa bed? Still for you to use but much more comfortable. Enjoy the visit.

MissingLincs Sun 08-Jul-18 21:19:10

Thank you for your replies!

Gosh... we have an Aerobed we use for camping! Why didn't I think of that! Drrrrrr!

I'll pack up the sewing machines and hobby room. All sorted!

Thanks everyone!

Iam64 Sun 08-Jul-18 21:22:48

Yes, give them the good bedroom and enjoy their visit.

OldMeg Sun 08-Jul-18 21:22:51

Yes, because they are older than you and need a more comfortable bed.

When we have visitors they sleep in the 2nd bedroom but it’s a double room with a double bed. This year we have my BiL staying plus his 20-year old GD. She’ll have to sleep in a bunk bed in the room the GC use when they stay over. She’s young.

Cabbie21 Sun 08-Jul-18 21:25:19

In these circumstances, I agree with the other posters.

But I don’t think that is always the right answer, for the hosts to give up their bedroom for guests.
It may depend on the alternative room available, the age and health of the two couples, where the bathroom is or if one or both of the rooms are en suite, the noise or light in one or other room, whether children are involved, and much more.

janeainsworth Sun 08-Jul-18 21:42:00

You could get a Memory foam mattress topper for the sofa bed to make it more comfortable.
We stay with DS & DiL in America & I wouldn’t expect them to give up their bed.

MissingLincs Sun 08-Jul-18 21:49:46

Were a strange bunch as regards to our ages...

I'm 54 and my husband is 44, my mother-in-law is 65 and her husband (my husband's step-father) is 57. Seems like us women like younger men!

janeainsworth Sun 08-Jul-18 22:04:12

Your inlaws are spring chickens missinglincs.
Definitely no need to give up your bedgrin

lemongrove Sun 08-Jul-18 22:23:11

Yes,give them the bedroom, and do as Jane suggests by buying a mattress topper for yourselves.

MissingLincs Sun 08-Jul-18 22:24:58

Thankfully they are from Eastern Canada with only a 4-hour difference. I'm an early-bird when it comes to going to bed and getting up.
10pm here is only 6pm over there so I'm hoping they adjust to UK time easily. I might be OK with a nana nap!

Humbertbear Sun 08-Jul-18 22:31:45

I agree that in this case you have to give up your bedroom but we never do it for Friends who visit. We have a large double bedroom (art studio) with two single beds and that’s where guests stay.

Melanieeastanglia Sun 08-Jul-18 22:48:31

I think you should give up your bed and bedroom in these circumstances. If it was a one or two night visit and the in-laws were in good health, it might be different.

I'd have given my late in-laws my bed. If friends came to stay for ten days, I might think differently but much would depend on their health.

Coolgran65 Sun 08-Jul-18 22:54:34

Giving them your room also means they have a bolt hole to have some quiet time smile

Hilltopgran Sun 08-Jul-18 22:59:37

I see this differently, I happily sleep on a sofa bed when visiting my DD who has lived abroad for many years, in one appartment it ment the living room and putting the bed away each morning. I would be unhappy for my DD to think she had to move out so I could stay.
Flying east is the worst, for some reason I find it is much easier to adjust to the time difference when you fly west.