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Carpet shampoo machines

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mcem Mon 08-Feb-16 09:44:58

For some time I've thought about buying a steam mop but have realised that some carpet shampoo machines can also be used on hard floors.
I think a carpet shampooer would be a good investment and would like to ask if anyone would recommend a particular model.
Looking at the vax range, I find lots of enthusiastic reviews.
On offer at the moment is one which includes a small hand-held machine, but as I have leather furniture and no stairs, I don't think I can justify £200 when I can buy the main machine on Amazon for £129.
So - do you think it's worth buying one of these?
Do they do a good job or should I stick to occasional professional cleaning?
I know I could compromise and hire a Rug Doctor but these are large and heavy both to use and to transport so have decided against that option.
GN has given such good advice in the past - it's why I bought my halogen oven - so I'm looking for those who are closer to being domestic goddesses than I am, to put me straight on this one please.

janeainsworth Mon 08-Feb-16 10:29:02

I used a carpet cleaning machine, hired from the local tool shop, when we moved into this house 28 years ago and it reeked of the cigarettes smoked by the previous owner.

Since then, the carpets have been systematically replaced from a small local carpet business. The owner who gave me great advice about colour and other things, and told me you should never shampoo carpets, especially wool ones as it removes the natural lanolin which preserves the texture & springiness. Vacuuming is quite sufficient to remove dust and keep them clean.

So over the years my carpets have never been shampooed - if anything has been spilt the spray on 1001 has done the job of spot cleaning very well.

I went against her advice once and shampooed a bedroom carpet in the hopes of reviving it and making it last a few years longer - it didn't improve it at all and we soon replaced the carpet anyway!

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