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Bobble and "pilling" remover for jumper

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cheneslieges132 Fri 12-Jan-18 11:11:07

Has anyone any recommendations for a REALLY GOOD "bobble and pill remover" gadget for clothes such as knitted acrylic jumpers and sweaters please? I spent over 2 hours yesterday, trying to remove all the bobbles etc from my husband's "chunky-knit" sweater, did the front and both side of the sleeves - still have the back to tackle today. I am exhausted already and not looking forward to starting again! I have one of those electric gadgets, which looks for all the world like a minature Iron, and it works to a certain extent, but is so slow and laborious. I have to keep on and on, going over and over, and it is so tiring. I have looked on "t'internet" and there are several which look similar - battery operated is a no-no - I need something which will run for ages! He has a lot of Cardigans/Sweaters of this ilk, and they all need sprucing up. Help please!!

Atqui Fri 12-Jan-18 11:21:55

The cashmere company Pure does a comb for removing bobbles , for about £3.

wintersday Fri 12-Jan-18 11:41:18

This is the best gadget I have found for defluffing jumpers etc. You do need 2 - AA batteries and I dont struggle with that because I have chargers and rechargeable batteries.

You do need the garment flat, perhaps on an ironing board so that you do not make any nicks in the item you are defluffing.

(Excuse the mug, it was to illustrate to my friend how big the gadget was).

WilmaKnickersfit Fri 12-Jan-18 12:06:20

Yes, I have a 'shaver' gadget similar to the one in the photo. It was a Christmas present donkey's years ago from my DH(!) and I never thought I would use it, but it's a little gem. It does run on batteries, but I can't remember ever changing them, but I must have at some point. I don't use it that often TBH, but I wouldn't be without it. Rechargeable batteries are a great idea wintersday.

Squiffy Fri 12-Jan-18 12:09:54

I bought a 'shaver' from Robert Dyas and it's been really effective. I think it was about £9, which has been well worth it as it has revived jumpers that would otherwise have needed replaing! The combs just seem to drag the fibres and not really achieve anything!

kittylester Fri 12-Jan-18 12:13:25

Woolovers sell one for about £2.50.

cheneslieges132 Fri 12-Jan-18 15:20:07

Thanks everybody - All these items are pretty much similar to things I have already tried and found to be frustrating and slow! I think I might invest in the one called "Gleener" from Lakeland - their things are usually pretty good. Photo attached. Wish me luck!

Jalima1108 Fri 12-Jan-18 15:50:26

I have one similar to wintersday's
Try carefully cutting off the worst of the big bobbles first to avoid clogging it up, then shave .

Auntieflo Fri 12-Jan-18 17:58:47

How strange that this should come up today. This morning I had a mending, sewing on buttons, and defuzzing a jumper day. I have a little gadget, very similar to Wintersday's one. First I had to find some batteries as I had left some in it and they were as flat as a pancake, but it did work a treat.

WilmaKnickersfit Sat 13-Jan-18 01:20:32

chenes that looks interesting. The attachments look like the things you can buy to remove facial hair! grin

Do let us know how you get on. wink

Greyduster Sat 13-Jan-18 08:11:26

I use one of the battery operated thingies, and it does work, but it is very laborious and I think it is on its last legs. I have been buying the same lambswool sweaters from the same company for years and have never had a problem with pilling, until they changed their supplier and the last two I bought I only wore for about two hours and they had to be defuzzed where the arms had come into contact with the body. I wrote and complained but never even got a response! I might look at the Lakeland one.

eazybee Sat 13-Jan-18 11:36:53

Why is your husband not defuzzing his own jumpers?

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