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Help calm me, house buying and selling stress. Part 4

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craftyone Sun 15-Mar-20 12:56:00

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thread number 4

craftyone Sun 15-Mar-20 12:58:09

I want to start by wishing shandy the very best of luck with the auction. May she be able to draw a line across and soon settle into a new home of her choosing

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 15-Mar-20 13:05:53

I hope so too, I’ve been following , but not participating much.

The last time I bought and sold a house, to live in, was just over 20 years ago and it all seems very different now.

Whatever happened to the purchaser putting down a deposit on exchange and then completing at a later date? It now seems that you exchange and complete on the same day and they can pull out at any time up to then. Scary times.

Dottygran59 Sun 15-Mar-20 14:12:38

YAY. Part 4.

Shandy I’m sure auction will go ahead, and I so hope that craftys prediction is right and the sale price astonishes us all . For this horrible situation that we all find ourselves in to pay dividends to one of us will give us all such a boost. Granddad dot and I are being very sensible re keeping our distance from others. 2 family funerals this week but I won’t hug anyone. Had 3 DGC this weekend and no kisses. Felt very strange. Stay safe friends

craftyone Sun 15-Mar-20 15:18:57

I have been practising my hygiene technique at home today, expected amazon and have left a signed note on my door to leave all parcels in my open porch. Door bell rang, I lay low and when tha van had gone, I rescued the plastic package.

I put it on a table, cut it open, poured the content onto another area and binned the package. Washed my hands with soap and water, sprayed disinfectant on the table, wiped it with my special ziplocked cloth and also the scissors. What a palaverbut I feel it is good to have a step by step plan

Franbern Sun 15-Mar-20 16:31:58

Have been visited by daughter and three g.children (ages 19 16 & 10). Gave each a cuddle, when they arrived as as they left.
Very, very welcome visit. Had made them a pile of pancakes to eat - think we need good comfort food in these strange times.
That daughter and the one in London (whom she had just returned from visiting), had obviously discussed me and felt that I should not go to the gym comp next Saturday, as there will be so many young children there. I had already come to this (with great reluctance) conclusion and will let the organisers know. At present such comps are only going ahead if they lead to a national final - but would not be surprised if even these are cancelled shortly. I will need to cancel the hotel booking I have for Saturday night following that comp.
So, she now plans to take me out next Sunday for Mothers Day - if anything is left open for us to go to.
We looked up previous pandemics - Hong Kong Flu - and probably the biggest killer of them all - AIDS. Explain to the kids, the frightening tv advert with the crashing tombstone that was on tv during the first big scare of AIDS - of which 'we were all going to die'!!!

Whiff Sun 15-Mar-20 16:41:50

Forgotten about that advert Franbern . Remember it was very frightening at the time. Safety adverts used to be more hitting decades ago than they are now. Perhaps we need that type of advert back for things.

All your precautions Craftyone makes me think I should be more paranoid than I am. I have always washed my hands a lot and always washed my hands straight away when I get homr. But apart from using antibac wipes on my hands at public loos instead of touching the taps that's all I am doing.

Grammaretto Sun 15-Mar-20 17:55:36

An old friend, who lives alone, has invited DH and me to supper tonight. Still a few pleasures left. She has a severely disabled DD who lives in a care home which is in lock down so she is unable to visit.

Our DC are constantly telling us how we should be quarantining ourselves, to the extent that we think they should shut up!
Of course we are taking precautions, keeping our distance and washing our hands in hot soapy water frequently but I object to my DC preaching to me.

I well remember those terrifying public health adverts Franbern
DH used to sing at the Aids Hospice, with his choir. It was built next to the fever hospital, now demolished.

craftyone Sun 15-Mar-20 18:05:14

crafty little beggars are viruses, it only takes one virus which is one hundreth the size of a cell, a bacterium is one tenth the size of a cell. What happens is that the virus slips into a cell and it breaks up that cell and steals some dna and rna, to reproduce itself and before we know it, that virus has multiplied by thousands or more. It then escapes in a cough or a sneeze or just moisture when someone talks or wipes their nose with fingers and then it sticks wherever it can, until some other unlucky sod picks it up. It has a fatty lipid layer around it and is quite protected so water will not get rid of it, nor will dusting it. Hence the aggressive approach

I love life, I still have lots to do and that is why I have started isolation. We ride this first wave by some solitary cost to ourselves, the nhs will have much more equipment by next autumn and a vaccine will be on the horizon. I intend to enjoy my time, I am not a depressive, never have been and will find joy in doing things, even by myself

I can cope with deliveries while being isolated, I have my lower half front-facing shutters tilted so I can see out and let light in but no-one can see me. If a neighbour calls and the bell rings, what then? I feel inclined to ignore it, they have my e mail.

Shandy57 Sun 15-Mar-20 18:10:59

The neighbours who have the land opposite me came to my car window as I was going out today, and said that if I become ill, they are the people to contact. Isn't that nice! Not so nice they think I'm over 70, but hey ho! ;)

Thanks for all your good wishes about the auction, I'm trying to be more optimistic and am imagining those bankers craftyone smile I wonder if the two viewers will come on the 21st March, it does seem so late. Ten days now!

Having a huge salad then watching tv on the laptop. I did buy myself a small Aero easter egg too, I've already had a piece and it's not very nice. Had to chuck out the chocolate peanuts too, my teeth aren't up to them.

I am so glad we have technology and can while away the hours looking at interesting web sites - I've just been to the Eden project from my sofa! My Mum was housebound and only had the tv and newspaper, luckily she loved reading and knitting, especially shawls for babies.

I've tossed a coin and it's the final episode of Last Tango in Halifax tonight, I'll be saving Belgravia for tomorrow night. Now my cat isn't going out at silly times I can go to bed early, I do recommend the new Hilary Mantel book, it's fascinating.

Nice evening everyone x

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 15-Mar-20 18:19:51

Craftyone put a large note on your door saying that you are self isolating and unable to come to the door.

DD 2 has done this

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 15-Mar-20 18:44:04

Craftyone might be best to ignore that if you live alone.

craftyone Sun 15-Mar-20 20:43:07

yes I think I will just ignore, easy way out for me. I`ll do what I did after becoming widowed ie write a short to-do list for each following day. I always like to do positive things, when I can see a difference rather than clean all day. I may well sort drawers and my clothes too and the upside of isolation is not having to wear a bra grin, I hate, really hate that horrible under boob irritation in spite of washing and using powder

I have done the carefully worded e mail to my AC and I am sure they will all breathe a sigh of relief

craftyone Mon 16-Mar-20 06:29:10

A really good sleep last night, I think I have come to terms with this potential isolation and I also used my indoor bike on a higher setting, I got a bit more warmed up and I stayed up a bit later. I feel optimistic

Whiff Mon 16-Mar-20 06:37:25

Had my Sainsbury's delivery on Saturday should have been Friday but the van broke down. Have a delivery every 6 weeks mainly heavy and bulky items. Saves me carrying them. Had all my items except for toilet rolls they hadn't got any at all. I've got 6 left. Off to sit fit this morning and will try and get some whilst out. Not worried as I have boxes of tissues and kitchen roll in. If it comes to it newspaper on a string lol. No really I will have to ask my kids to pick me some up if need be. I'm going to keep going to my classes as long as they are open.

Shandy57 try not to worry about the auction as a lot of people enter into them via telephone or on line. As buyers have to put down a non refundable deposit on the day that is all done by bank transfer via phone or computer. They don't need to be there in person. Not like they can carry it home.

If I have to self isolate I have plenty of books , cross stitch and stuff to make jam and marmalade in. Plus the telly and my daily fix on here.

SueH49 hope all goes well with the move and you soon find a forever home.

Hope everyone stays safe.

Whiff Mon 16-Mar-20 06:39:23

Craftyone glad you slept well and feeling more positive.

Franbern Mon 16-Mar-20 08:25:08

Shandy - do you know that Radio 4 are starting, tonight = at 10.45 pm reading the Mantel book. loved the tv series of the first two books, and have them on my Alexa and having them read to me each night. Rather apprehensive of the final book, as she cannot change history - so know the eventual outcome for Thomas Cromwell.
Off to do my normal weekly Sainsbury shop this morning - wonder if this will be the last time I will be permitted to do this.
I am still not entirely convinced about this policy of trying to contain this disease in several waves of peaks, and valleys. Interesting that UK is the only country trying to use that method.

Shandy57 Mon 16-Mar-20 10:52:08

Morning all, sunny and warmish today, the threatened snow hasn't arrived thankfully.

Glad you are feeling a bit better about the self isolation craftyone, it might not even have to happen. I don't think my aunt on the IOW is happy about it at all, she was upset her singing was cancelled yesterday. I saw your many suggestions on the 'occupy yourself' thread, I'm sure you inspired many.

Good you had your big delivery Whiff, sorry you couldn't get toilet roll. My husband's family had an outside toilet in Manchester with newspaper on a string, no wonder it used to block all the time!

Thanks for the tip Franbern, I will tune in. I have got the third book on Kindle, and because I know his fate, am looking for signs of when his demise begins. I hope you can get your normal food shop today, they had just had a loo roll delivery yesterday.

Thank you all for your encouragement about the auction. I know I should be up at the house sorting things out, and can't face it, I seem to have ground to a halt. I am going to have to force myself. I do go and collect my post, check around the house every day, and feed my birds. I've relisted the wardrobes and chests on ebay for one more week. The man who bought the bench is coming next Sunday, Mother's Day, so I've had to text him and ask for an approximate time as the kids are coming up for a beach walk and picnic.

An old lecturer friend in Oban phoned me to tell me she lost her husband in January, I'm going out to shop for a small care parcel for her later, just a few things like Rescue Remedy pastilles, Snore and sleep tea, handcream etc. I taught Business Admin and IT full time in London and when we moved here in 1999, taught adults part time for seven years, but was made redundant.

I was devastated as I was only 49, it affected me very badly. I went to the only local college in 2006 with all the kids and retrained in Travel and Tourism, not realising it is just hard selling, so I didn't pursue working in a Travel Agency. I had to take a variety of jobs until I was 55. My best job here was working for an Event Dresser, who dressed weddings - very stressful! Especially when the candles provided by the bride's mother don't fit the candleabra and you have to use a lighter to fix every one!

My very first job in 1973 was as second secretary at the BBC working for Bill Cotton, Head of Light Entertainment. Ten years later when I met my late husband, he supported me while I retrained as a teacher and I got a job teaching visually impaired adults audio typing at the RNIB, the college was in Notting Hill Gate. Sadly they moved to Loughborough or I'd never have left. I wish they'd been in the Teacher's Pension scheme, I didn't realise at the time.
I'm still in touch with my boss from there, she's in her 80's now. I left them as we didn't want to relocate 'up north' and went to the college I spent the rest of my teaching career until 1999. I was so very sad to leave my work colleagues, we were a great team.

Which job did you enjoy the most in your working life?

Ellianne Mon 16-Mar-20 11:55:42

An interesting and busy working life there Shandy and I maintain no experience is ever wasted, even wedding dressing! Maybe that's why you are now so fussy/particular about showing off your house in the best possible light? First impressions.
Have any of you read the village school books with Miss. Read as Headmistress? Well that was me on the 90's+ before all the regulations came in. A pretty school house on the coast, children in straw boaters and ankle socks, an emphasis on the Arts, a dog who came to assembly, rabbits and Guinea pigs in the playground. A brilliant era with lovely children, wonderful staff and supportive parents. The downsides were me having to clean the toilets if the school cleaner didn't come to work and shopping in Tesco for loo rolls and milk at 6 am before school. What is it with loo rolls?
Any other people's favourite job?

Franbern Mon 16-Mar-20 12:13:15

Well,, that was a strange Sansburys shop today, Got there about 9.30 and knew straight away things were not 'as normal' Was unable to get a disabled parking space. Fortunately, found a normal one next to zebra crossing in car park, so had room to open my drivers door widely.
Far more people than normal there, many elderly - all very polite and pleasant. No loo rolls at all (I do need any), or boxes of tissues. Kitchen rolls available (On a separate note do hope people do not try to use this in place of toilet tissue, as kitchen rolls have plastic in them (so they do not disintegrate when water is involved. Flush these and that plastic is released into the water system. Also note that even tissues can cause blockages like wet wipes if flushed down toilets.
Anyway, so many shelves either totally or nearly empty. I tried very hard only to purchase what I had on my shopping list - but had to overbuy some items - eg I always purchase pack of 2 salmon for two meals each week - no 2 packs available, so had to purchase a pack of four - two have now been separately wrapped and put in freezer for next week. Porridge was in very short supply......but I was able to buy my normal bottle of Sainsburys own bleach!!! Flour (except plain) was out of stock!!! I always have one large container full on the go each of plain and SR, and as I finish one of those the spare comes into service and I purchase to replace that. My pancakes yesterday finished off that open tin of SR - so, do have the spare in use now, but could not re3palce that as I would normally. Planned a fish pie tomorrow - normal pre-packaged one non-existent on shelves,but, fortunately, the fish counter had exactly the same, and the 'fishmonger' there said he knew how much was normally in those packages as someone else had already asked for that amount earlier.
Beautiful day out, drove home with my windows open - first time this year.

Franbern Mon 16-Mar-20 12:19:17

Jobs, I had two favourites at opposite ends of my working life. Being a committed and active socialist, I was delighted when I got a job as Secretary to the General Secretary of a small craft Trades Union. Had five wonderful years there - lovely going into work each day, to a job in which I totally believed.
Then, after the sudden and tragic death of my 25-year old son, I applied for a very part-time job as an administrator at my near large hospital trust. I was 61 years old and had not been in paid employment since I was 29 years old. But, had done loads of unpaid office work over those years from home. Over the following eight plus years I increased hours of work and got promoted. Became sort of PA to the head of the Training Department for the hospital. Loved the work, usually working most days many more hours than being paid for. Retired just prior to my 70th birthdayt

Whiff Mon 16-Mar-20 14:43:02

Wow what interesting jobs you've had. I 'had ordinary ones. Shop assistant, cleaner, catering manager and company secretary. But the best job for me has been a wife and mother. And now mom and nannie. Couldn't get any loo rolls so just got a couple of boxes of tissues.

Sit fit may suspended in the next couple of weeks may be even from next week. Have to find out tomorrow if the library will be closing if so no craft group for a while. One of woman at the exercise has to take 6 paracetamol a day for pain and having trouble getting some.
Hope you have all got this lovely sunshine.

Franbern Mon 16-Mar-20 15:52:06

WHiff, be careful about flushing normal tissues down the loo, can cause blockages similar to that caused by babywipes. Also, NEVER try to flush kitchen rolls down loo - they have plastic in them to stop them breaking up with liquid, and as well as blocking modern systems, will cause more of those micro plastic bits into the seas, etc.
Elliane, when I was the Manager at a full-time children's gymnastic clubs, although we had a daily cleaner, it always seemed to fall to me to clear the blocked toilets, remember to order the oil for heating, replace light bulbs, and clear whenever anyone (with so many children, far too often) was sick. Also getting rid of spiders (amazing how calm I was doing that considering how much of a phobia I have of these).

Grammaretto Mon 16-Mar-20 16:21:34

I decided to go on a 6 mile hike with the U3A walking group today. It was brilliant and whatever happens no government can stop us walking in the hills - surely!?

I may be needed for childcare as the English schools are probably going to close for 16 weeks. Both DS and DDiL work full time so they will be stymied. DDiL's DF is waiting for a major operation and her mum isn't in great health.
But then, what about the aged parents up here? How are we supposed to look out for them!!
It has not been thought through methinks.

I could do with your skills Shandy to beautify the wee flat. I really must let it out now that DD and family have a place to live.

Jobs I have done: I was thinking of one lovely one today. I helped to plant millions of trees in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders while working for Edinburgh university on a project to "green" African deserts.
The people I worked with were so skilled at bird spotting and fungi collecting. I learned a lot but it was me who spotted an adder one day!

I have taught community education and some school teaching, but never full time. I did supply relief teaching too. Bringing up 4 DC was a bit of a full time job.

craftyone Mon 16-Mar-20 16:29:55

oh my goodness, wipes, tissues etc down the loo are a recipe for a blockage. A lot of areas have pumping stations and these sort of things tangle up the impellers. They don`t disintegrate. Nothing but toilet paper would do down the loo. Could be expensive if a blockage happens on your own property. We used to get blockages two properties ago, communal pumping station and some were careless. Was not nice, the sludge used to back up

Thanks for the 10.45 story heads up Franbern. I`ll be listening, lying in bed

It has been such a glorious day, real warmth in the sun. I have enjoyed every minute of today. It looks like cloudy days the rest of the week, no rain. Slug nematodes will be here tomorrow, they need rain or several cans of water. I am ready and waiting for them

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