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Help calm me. house buying and selling stress. Part 5

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craftyone Tue 28-Apr-20 12:43:38

Links to the first four threads

thread number 5

craftyone Tue 28-Apr-20 12:46:33

my goodness, I wasn`t expecting thread four to be filled so quickly. I raise a glass to everyone in hope that we all cope with the present and what might be ahead of us.

We can do it, we are strong individuals and very strong together

Grammaretto Tue 28-Apr-20 12:57:59

Thanks for the toast!!
An awful lot has happened in a short time.

Here is what I tried to post on #4

Shandy and Shandy's dog! grin
I am glad the prowler was just a harmless git.

You are doing so well, clearing the house all on your own.
What a marathon it has been but the finish line is in sight!

I keep hearing discussions about how the lock-down will ease but it won't apply to me because of DH s health. I woke up with a sore throat and had a moment's fear that somehow I had caught the virus. I offered the garden girl a cup of tea yesterday but she declined because she didn't want to pass on germs. She showed me a photo of the badger in her garden and reminded me that we have them here too.
But they come out after my bedtime so I don't think I'll stay up.
I picked a bunch of bluebells from our woods this morning.

Good luck to all of you house movers and house repairers.
I'm glad you have had your house squirrel proofed Whiff

craftyone Wed 29-Apr-20 08:12:22

Please will people call in, I get worried about you. Franbern? Yes it is boring at home, demoralising but we are all in a similar boat. I cannot be the only one talking to the walls

A minor job yesterday, just the tube connecting the first water butt to the down pipe, I cleaned the gunk out of it and splashed it all over myself. A similar black gunk that appears in the waste pipe under sinks. Now that is another job and it is easy and it prevents summer odours from the sink. How boring is life at the moment, I was watching drips run into my water butt, while standing in the rain with a rain hat on

Today I need inspiration and it might have to be marie kondo via netflix. I have a wardrobe to sort but cannot bear to chuck out the thin knitted bought tops that don`t do anything for my figure but they keep me warm and I have one on today

That squirrel proofing is a very rewarding maintenance job whiff, another tick to your future proofing

aggie Wed 29-Apr-20 08:40:21

We moved house ages ago , over 2 years , but DD and I are only now trying to sort 40 years of rubbish . Every time we tried before it was too raw , for example Jim’s clothes are still to be sorted
Anyway we set too last week and have just cleared and cleaned the kitchen and the living room , I took most of the furniture when we moved , much to peoples horror , no one could understand me wanting Grandmas leather suite , but it does fit and I am a real Scrooge and couldn’t spend on new
The house is 4 bed mid terrace and I know a local builder has his eye on it , it is just round the corner from where we are now and I am not precious about it
I read with sympathy all Shandys trials and tribulations and have been amazed at her courage and stamina
Thank you craftyone for starting this thread , I love that it has come on so long xxxx

Mythbirtthedragon Wed 29-Apr-20 08:46:43

Hello, one of my drop ins. I’m sorry Shandy but I don’t think I’d have dealt as calmly as you with someone creeping round my property. I think this shut down makes some people throw propriety to the wind. It’s minor but I got slightly wound up about some people ‘fondling’ our magnolia bush which sits outside our front window facing onto the street. Or maybe it was because they didn’t even give me a smile or a wave as I was sitting at the desk in the window....

craftyone Wed 29-Apr-20 08:48:16

stay with us Aggie. I am one of the busy ones, I set to and started sorting my husbands things while the AC were down because I know he would have wanted the AC to have them. I didn`t have to stop and think and it was good for me

What is harder to cope with is lack of jobs right now, so marie kondo it is, later

craftyone Wed 29-Apr-20 08:51:54

cross posted with you my dragon, people fondle things because they are tactile people. I fondle fabric. Its a pity they didn`t wave to you. I am always smiling and waving here while on my nike, I sometimes get a blank stare, people are so much in their own bubbles right now

Whiff Wed 29-Apr-20 09:08:36

Squirrels where back at it last night. Sounded like they where trying to get through the ceiling. So stayed at my daughter's again last night. What annoys me if this happened in my old house I would never have run away. But like the children say living in a house I could sleep on the settee and then wouldn't hear them as much. Only drawback I have found living in a bungalow. Hopefully the roofers will be able to come today depends on weather. They will let me know later if they can do it today.

Squirrel noise Sunday night all quiet Monday so why start again last night. Just wish they would get trapped and killed. One less thing to worry about. At least once the roof is done never have this problem again. It could have been worse just glad it isn't rats.

No gardening today. Ground to wet. Hope everyone has a good day.

Shandy57 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:00:43

Morning all. Part 5!

Thank you so much for starting the thread craftyone, everyone on here has been such a support to me. I'd have been lost without you all, I am so glad to have your friendship.

I'd have been in even bigger trouble without the boxes you recommended, the ones left by the removal company are far, far too large. I am so glad it is nearly over, still have rugs, tools, miscellaneous items and loads of pictures/mirrors to remove. Once everything is here at the cottage I can start reviewing everything I bought with me. I still haven't heard if the buyer would like the furniture, it is frustrating.

Weather is overcast today, hasn't rained yet.

I have hurt my knee playing football with my dog, need to be very careful today.

Hope the shops were quiet this morning Franbern.

I hope your builder can block the entrance holes quickly and the squirrels live another day Whiff.

Have a good day everyone smile

Shandy57 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:04:49

I meant to say I paid to redirect my mail for a year yesterday - £98.00!

It worried me that I heard from the Halifax nearly four years after my husband's death, so lucky I did, it was heaven sent. I was glad to give it to the kids to buffer them through these hard times smile

Franbern Wed 29-Apr-20 10:05:25

Just returned from my weekly Sainsbury shop AND actually managed to get my usual SR Flour.
I am getting very involved in wasting a lot of time trying to do a 1500 piece jigsaw.
Nothing really to say, Craftyone, which is why I have not put anything on here. Been reading it all though.
I am thinking that I can see a sort of end coming into sight. Notice more shops opening and feel that if there is not a proper planned exit - even though it may be over several weeks and months, it will start fraying at the edges.
People are now starting to push against it, not in big ways - anyone who deliberately attends a large gathering is just stupid, but in small ways,
On Sunday, I saw a car park outside someones house, and the occupants came from there to greet the people in the car (obviously family), and they all had a quick hug with each other. Now, some may condemn them, but I think it was just automatic behavior.
Very small number of cases in this area, to be honest, I am more concerned at the number of people I read on sites such as this who are just terrified of going outside or coming within several metres of anyone else, and seem to be washing everything all of the time. As I have said all along, there is an enormous danger of serious, long-term mental health effects to all of this.
So, todays shopping has yet to be taken out of my shopping bags and put away and NO.......I will not be wiping it all down with disenfectant water. It will go away as usual.
Keep going, Shandy, you are nearly there.
It actually took me something like four years to de-clutter at my house. I started and did a very large amount when I first tried to sell back in 2015 - then even when that fell through I continued, slowly but still had a lot to do last year and it was a week on week thing.
BUT, I brought hardly anything with that I am not using now.

Whiff Wed 29-Apr-20 10:36:19

Glad you got some flour Franbern. Even though I have stayed with my daughter and family for 2 nights we didn't touch. But had lots of hugs and kisses from my grandson and quality play time with him but just for hour after we had breakfast then got them to bring me home.

Shandy57 hope your knee feels better soon

craftyone Wed 29-Apr-20 10:43:24

I don`t wipe my shopping either, to me that is a step too far but I do wash the likes of apples. I love your chat Franbern. Shandy I think you are coping so very well,such positivity

I have a 1000 piece jigsaw to do, I saw the tiny sizes inside and put it back in its box. I expect it will fully occupy me when I do get started. 1500 pieces, respect!!

So today I actually did a full vacuum and washed all the downstairs floors. I have a good steam mop with a microfibre head and the small water tank holds enough for the whole floor. The mop can flip to the second side so there was no stopping once I started. To my utter satisfaction, I now have a dirty mop cloth, would have been wasted time if it wasn`t dirty. Pretty good exercise really, it warmed me up

Has anyone seen the film Downton? It is on prime for £1.99 rent and I may well rent it

loopyloo Wed 29-Apr-20 10:48:47

So glad to hear from you , Franbern. And everyone else. When we moved last year, I had to pack up in a hurry. Worked on the mantra I should be packing or sleeping. But then was just clearing the house for my daughter and family and lots went in the shed.
You're doing a brilliant job, Shandy.
Now we are in the flat there is loads to sort out and I'm not doing it.
I might never buy any new clothes now except when I am down to 11 stone.

Marieeliz Wed 29-Apr-20 11:03:08

Hello everyone, I have been off this site for some time as I moved last August. I now have a dilemma. I like the shared ownership bungalow I have moved to but miss the area 2.5 miles away I lived for 70 years so So am thinking of moving back!! A 2 bed house has come up for sale, problem is it is ATVs price more than I sold my 3 bed for last year. I am thinking of taking advice re borrowing, interest free, so I can keep some of the money I made on my sale. I am in direct contact with the owner as estate agents aren't open. I miss all my friends I have no close family so borrowing and paying back when I "pop my clogs" would be no problem. Ant thoughts please?

Shandy57 Wed 29-Apr-20 13:43:39

Hello everyone, I'm back after a good morning, haven't unpacked the car yet but tomorrow will be nearly down to just packing mirrors/paintings. My knee does feel odd, hopefully I won't find my knee cap in my sock! I gave my friend my bike, I'll be delivering that next week.

Guess what, silly fox had got the black bag of dried foods I was disposing and there was very old macaroni and rice all over the steps. There are a few holes left in the steps as the stone mason only had enough left over to do half of them and did it as a favour, I was careful sweeping but unfortunately a lot went through the holes. I think I found all my business cards. Black sacks are so variable in quality aren't they.

Marieeliz, I'd go for it, if the house has a staircase you could add a stair lift to if you wanted in the future. I hadn't thought of this myself, someone on here suggested it earlier in the thread.

Shandy57 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:06:09

My solicitor has just written craftyone, 50 questions on the 'septic tank'. Luckily I've exchanged smile

Whiff Wed 29-Apr-20 14:40:44

Shandy57 why ask the questions now. No matter what the answers are your buyer can't back out. Wonder he hastened asked about the oil tank for the heating!
Becareful with your knee . You don't want it giving way when you have an armful of heavy stuff.

Marieeliz sorry don't know how these things work so I can't help. But hope someone else can give you good advice.

Roofers came this morning. Took 8 tiles off the front corner there was no felt. The woman who owner the bungalow before me had the roof replaced 7 years ago and according to my roofers didn't put any felt under those tiles. Must have been shoddy roofers. Anyway looks like how the squirrels got in. They put really thick felt on so that way blocked now. Rain stopped play so they will be back tomorrow to do all the rest of the work. They did go into the loft. No sign of squirrels and the traps hadn't been set off. Hopefully have a quiet night.

Grammaretto Wed 29-Apr-20 14:42:55

Hello everyone.

I wouldn't leave any food in plastic bags around here Shandy. if not the foxes then the squirrels or seagulls or worse....
Both our wheelie bin and plastic compost bins have been broken into by squirrels. They eat the plastic!

It took us, the 3 AC, 3 years to get our DM's one bedroom flat into condition for letting out and eventually selling after she died. I think it was partly deliberate as we all loved her flat and we would go through her old photos and letters and mourn her passing in our own ways. It sounds ridiculous when I tell people though!
At that rate how long would this house take to clear? My poor children.
You have achieved marvels Shandy

I am a bit surprised that the roof repairs didn't deter your squirrels Whiff. I heard loud scramblings above my head a couple of years ago and went to investigate (in fear and trepidation) I found a tiny window had blown out and it was pigeons with boots on by the sound of it. They must have been roosting for sometime judging by the mess but there were no nests - thank goodness.

I think you should go for it too Marieeliz as soon as ever you can. No fun in being sad in a place where you know no-one.

Franbern Wed 29-Apr-20 17:00:51

On the subject of stair lifts. I thought about having one of these fitted into my last house. Had a couple of reps over and nearly purchased one,
They are a good solution when stairs become a problem, but not a complete one. Particularly if you live by yourself. My Sister in law, uses hers to send baskets of goods upstairs, but then gets hubbie, who is already upstairs to take that box off the chair - so that the empty chair can come back down. If you are by yourself this is, obviously not possible,.
I did worry how I would manage to get my dirty washing downstairs to the utility room where the washing machine was, and - then again how would I take the clean, dried, folded washing back upstairs.
I must say that I am glad I did not go ahead with that - and find it so much more convenient if every way living on one level in my flat. Washing machine is in the kitchen just across the hallway from, my bedroom and my tumble dryer is in my spare bedroom.
I was also told that a stair lift will push down the price of a property - no idea why - they can easily be removed, but if would-be purchasers see one in situ, it turns them off.
As I am the first floor, I do try as often as possible to use the stairs to go to and from my flat, however the lift is there when i need to bring up anything heavy, or my shopping trolley - or just feel tired, etc.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 29-Apr-20 17:05:51

Marieeliz I think you might need to sell your house before you eye up too many new ones!
My DD had a shared ownership property in London some years ago and her buyers had to be approved by the ‘shared ownership’ people, as well as normal Mortgage Lenders, if I remember correctly the property was also advertised by the ‘Shared ownership people ( wish I could remember the name) so this was helpful but all of this added a few weeks onto their sale.
Good luck with your move.

Franbern Wed 29-Apr-20 17:07:18

When I unpacked my shopping I realised I had forgotten to get any eggs. I use a lot of eggs each week, they are an essential item for me. Yes, I did have a list, but went round the supermarket a strange way as my first aisle I went to was Home Baking, and somehow missed these.
So, decided this morning to risk getting a little wet and go to my local butchers (where I always used to get my eggs - pre lockdown), Trundled down there, rain got heavier, but managed to purchase a dozen extra large eggs (notice they had risen considerably in price From £2.59p to £3.24p!!). Then continued to my daughters house where I dropped off some SR flour and some matzos (her Tesco has decided to stop stocking these), and my daughter uses these when she makes a rissoto.
Then back home to dry off, have lunch (eggs of course), and spend a relaxing afternoon fighting with the jigsaw.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 29-Apr-20 17:09:05

Franbern my MIL held the washing in a bag on her lap, ditto clean folded ironing. After she moved out the Stairlift people came out and removed all of the fixings ( they also bought it back) and you couldn’t see where it had been fitted.
The house wasn’t put onto the market until it was removed, as you say it does seem to put people off

Franbern Wed 29-Apr-20 18:47:30

Yes, Oopsadaisy3 - fine to do it that way if you can move out first. But most of us have to stay in where we are selling until exchange and completion. So viewers would have to see it with stair lift in situ.