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MissAdventure Sun 28-Jun-20 13:56:48

There was quite a good thread just before Christmas, which came to a halt as we began filling our homes again.

Then there was the lockdown.

So, I'm starting a new thread in the hope that some like minded people will join in.

Luckylegs Sun 28-Jun-20 14:01:17

I started with a vengeance at the beginning of lockdown but I’ve failed to deliver. There’s nowhere to get rid of it all yet and I’m fed up of bags cluttering my hallway! Anyway, it’s been too sunny and lovely!

MissAdventure Sun 28-Jun-20 14:04:49

It has been far too hot for me, but I have amassed some bags of 'stuff'.
Unsure what to do with it, now.

I don't want to have to queue to drop it into a charity shop.

sharon103 Sun 28-Jun-20 14:15:25

I planned to do so many things during lockdown. One being decluttering kitchen drawers. Have I done it? No.
I planned to have a sort out in my bedroom. Did I do it? No.
It's looking more like Steptoe's yard by the day. Loads of stuff to put on Ebay. I'll get round to doing it soon......

glammanana Sun 28-Jun-20 14:15:49

I have been lucky enough to have had 3 large bags collected by Claire House Hospice last week which has gained me a wee bit more space I can now carry on with some other decluttering,I am going to save all the best bits for a car boot sale if and when they come back locally the funds will go to the Dogs Home.

Grammaretto Sun 28-Jun-20 14:24:02

I'm with you in spirit but here in Scotland nothing non-essential is open and that includes charity shops. a matter of opinion

A friend popped round yesterday to pick some of my excess lettuces and went away with a crate of plastic flower pots. Win win!

But we do need to be patient and learn not to accumulate junk.

MissAdventure Sun 28-Jun-20 14:24:30

I've just started putting a couple of bits on Ebay again, sharon.
Not sure how the posting of them will go.

I presume it's business as usual, apart from social distancing.

I'll find out tomorrow as have some shoes to send.

Sure it'll be worth the £2.60 I got for them. grin

Grammaretto Sun 28-Jun-20 15:22:17

I bought a dress on ebay which arrived yesterday. Unfortunately it doesn't fit well or feel good so another for Oxfam or whatever opens first

I should put stuff on ebay but its too much of a faff.

V3ra Sun 28-Jun-20 15:29:22

My husband announced during lockdown that he was planning to sort out his wardrobe.
He also said I would have to give up some of my drawer space.
Excuse me??

Fortunately, for him, he was called off furlough and back to work before he got round to doing it 🤣

TrendyNannie6 Sun 28-Jun-20 15:41:00

Been doing some de cluttering since lockdown not as much as I should got few bags full to take to charity shop when it opens

HAZBEEN Sun 28-Jun-20 15:52:52

I have got rid of some stuff on Freecycle. Posted with pictures, when anybody wanted an item it was put outside the front door at an agreed time and away it went. Have also managed to give some bits away to neighbours.
But my OH still hasnt cleared out his storage shed of all the bits and pieces he has been "keeping just in case I need one of those" which never happens because if he needs one he will go and buy a new one as he cant find the one he kept!

Rosalyn69 Sun 28-Jun-20 16:08:19

I have decluttered because there’s nowhere to store the bags to take to the charity shop when it opens.
I did advertise jigsaw puzzles on Gumtree locally with a must collect sticker and some had the cheek to ask if I could courier them. confused

MissAdventure Sun 28-Jun-20 16:34:45

People have such a cheek.

seacliff Sun 28-Jun-20 16:53:51

I cleared a drawer yesterday. Now I keep opening it and admiring it. grin. We have done some de cluttering but nowhere to take it yet, so the house looks a mess.

Also we have just started scanning in what must be hundreds of old pre digital photos. When done, we will put on discs and send a copy to each child. Probably put the best in albums and ditch the rest. It will take a long time to do.

threexnanny Sun 28-Jun-20 18:32:05

Once the charity shops closed I decided to stop decluttering as I didn't want the stuff hanging around. Unfortunately OH had other ideas and had a good sort out and left it in a heap on a spare bed! Then he thinks he should be congratulated!!!

blossom14 Sun 28-Jun-20 19:15:58

As we need to demolish our old asbestos -roofed garage my GDS ( home from Uni during the lockdown ) and i have started going through 35 years and more of clutter.

He has now developed an interest in old tools! So after doing no more than an eighth of the floor space I have to hang on to a scythe, a workbench, an axe and a complete wooden toolbox that belonged to his Great Grandfather.
Who knows what else we will inspire him. Fat chance of finding lots of spare room when the replacement shed goes up

MissAdventure Sun 28-Jun-20 19:27:23

So, nobody is making great strides.
That makes me feel a bit better.

jdga Tue 30-Jun-20 22:20:05

Ack, reading this did me no good, lol. I’d totally forgotten about the massive heap of photos that I need to scan ~sigh~
Meanwhile “round 1” of decluttering is sitting in several rows of bags taking up space, & nagging at me to move them to the car...

MissAdventure Tue 30-Jun-20 22:56:11

I did something unheard of, for me, today.

Drum Roll..........
I threw out something I would have got around to using shock

Doodledog Wed 01-Jul-20 00:03:00

I'm another who started lockdown full of good intentions, but ground to a halt after stuffing a few things into a bag. Our tip is open, but is not taking textiles, and the charity shops are either closed or taking donations by appointment only.

I have been meaning to get rid of huge amounts of clothes since I left work 3 years ago, as now I live in much more casual things, and I may as well get rid of my surplus ones whilst they are still as close to being in fashion as my things ever get.

I have also promised myself that I will get the hall, stairs and landing decorated as soon as it is possible, and I want to open up the hall by knocking out the cupboard under the stairs, which has 20 years' worth of goodness knows what lurking in it. Again, a combination of not getting round to it and not having any way of getting rid of what I find has meant that it hasn't been touched.

So, if this is a support group thread, please count me in grin.

MissAdventure Wed 01-Jul-20 00:41:33

It is, and you're in!
I'm going to have to have a hard think about my clutter.

I queued for almost an hour to post off those shoes; it's not going to work for me, considering I have nothing that's likely to sell for much more.

It's a matter of not letting it go to waste, mostly.

rosecarmel Wed 01-Jul-20 01:38:17

The living room is practically empty now, having scaled back to favorite things- Having gotten rid of the furniture, there's no place to sit other than the floor and as a result watch less tv and devote more time to the outdoors and decluttering-

I'm currently sorting through toys- Keeping anything that any age can play with and several things that makes the older GK say, "Awww, I remember .. "- But with the future being so uncertain, and some of us considering hitting the road, I've no idea when we'll all get together again-

It had only been a matter of months since having last seen them and their growth was SO considerably noticeable!!!

Tomorrow is July- Which is when protective Covid-19 legislature ends for tenants and evictions notices will begin- Homes have already been going into foreclosure- The last house I submitted an offer to was being left fully furnished by the owner- How's that for decluttering? It gives a whole new meaning to it ..

They're anticipating millions will be homeless by summers end-

BlueBelle Wed 01-Jul-20 04:59:25

Yes I m another who had very good intentions and time at start of lockdown and it’s not happened I am lucky enough to have a spare room or two so my clutter goes in there
and everywhere else I have sold a couple of pair of shoes a shower curtain and some girls scootering stuff off the local fb selling page (no post office queues, they put the money on the doorstep and knock you open the door grab money and put item down say thank you and close door) I have a money box where a hand comes out grabs the money and the lid closes well a bit like that
I also decided to sort all my millions of photos out They are all on my front room bed now and have been for a month I do visit them and move them around now and then

seacliff Wed 01-Jul-20 05:13:38

We have scanned in about 350 photos so far, many more to go. It's been lovely seeing them on screen. OH has cleaned up really old ones that had white spots etc. He's emailed some old family ones to his siblings, who'd not seen them all. They've all added info on names and history of pics, they've enjoyed chatting about their memories together. It's a job for a wet day. Most actual photos will then be binned apart from some specials to go on albums, or very old ones. That will be hard but needs to be done.

Doodledog Wed 01-Jul-20 12:23:22

*It is, and you're in!
I'm going to have to have a hard think about my clutter.

I queued for almost an hour to post off those shoes; it's not going to work for me, considering I have nothing that's likely to sell for much more.

It's a matter of not letting it go to waste, mostly.*

Thank you!

I'm the same. I have some clothes that were expensive, and seem 'too good' to get rid of, but my daughter won't want them, and I just don't go anywhere to wear them these days. I can't be bothered with eBay, and anyway, I think more people will be clearing out than buying more - nobody will be dressing up to go out for quite a while.

I might think about taking some to a dress agency, and the rest can go into two piles - one for Oxfam and the other for the textile bin when both are open.

The other big thing is going to be coats and shoes. I have a lot of both (as does my husband), and realistically, we don't need them now. In normal circumstances, if it rains we go out in the car, or just stay in. We no longer need a different coat and different footwear for all the different weather situations that living in the UK involves. We don't have room to store them all, so they need to go.

I think the trouble is that neither of us was brought up to dispose of things that still had 'life in them'. It feels wrong, but it is going to have to be done.