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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress. Part 6

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craftyone Tue 07-Jul-20 13:32:14

Links to the first five threads

thread number 6

craftyone Tue 07-Jul-20 13:33:04

Here we go and this thread needs to see shandy settled, which will give us all peace of mind

craftyone Tue 07-Jul-20 13:40:32

shandy I have answered your post on the last thread.

I had an excellent cycle ride today, feel so much better for the exercise and all the polite careful motorists who slowed down behind me rather than overtake on blind bends. I thanked them all, lol am getting steadier and now able to lift a hand off and also cycle slower when I need to

I have been busy, lots to do here and no sewing today. Robert, old roomba, is busy vacuuming the kitchen and I am recovering.

craftyone Tue 07-Jul-20 14:13:10

I received my new password from ns&i and arranged to take a little out. Beware they do ask 2 security questions as well as the password. I had to give new securites today and change my phone number, all their numbers for the uk start with the 44 code, no space for mobiles without, so the new number is 447**. I have had to write everything down and there is only so much code that I can actually remember

Ellianne Wed 08-Jul-20 07:10:31

There is so much speculation about who is going to be given what in the Chancellor's budget today that sadly I feel there might well be disappointment and envy amongst people. Things are never fair. I just hope every little bit given really does help those who need it. I can see the stamp duty cut will help so many more than just the house buyer so, fingers crossed.
Yesterday we made a start on our new bathroom by taking out the ugly central light and putting in 8 down lights. It's very bright now, the trouble being it shows all the imperfections when I look at myself in the mirror! The rest we will leave for the bathroom company to do in September. After reading your comments I choose non slip floor tiles as the thought of heads hitting wash basins made me shiver.
The sun is reluctant to make its appearance again. Have a good day and it will be so lovely if everyone gets moved during the course of this thread.

Franbern Wed 08-Jul-20 08:45:50

Off today for (pre-booked and paid for) outing to WILD THINGS - which is a annexe of Bristol Zoo, with daughter and three g.children. Not the best weather forecast, but we will take raincoverings, and put up with it.

Well done for doing those bathroom lights, Ellianne. My small guest bathroom, has a large, three pronged light. Not suitable for this room, and when the bath is put in its new place with shower over it, this light will be illegally too close to that shower head, so will have to be replaced. I am just having a normal close-to-ceiling fitted light in there.

Yesterday I finally managed to order the sun umbrella I want for my balcony (okay, I know there is no sun at present to be shielded from, but......I am ever the optimist!!).

A few weeks ago, looking for a reasonably small (and non-expensive) one on line, I found the perfect thing in Ikea. Half shaped base (so will go flush against the wall), and half umbrella, with pole at back. Perfect and cheap. However, Ikea is the other side of Bristol and did not fancy a trip over there, so was more than happy to pay delivery cost to have it brought to me. Unfortunately, I tried for several days to order this and kept getting the message, that they were in short supply and not available for delivery. So, I forgot all about it.

Tried again yesterday, and no because the sun has disappeared? So, will be delivered to me (together with a cover for it) next Tuesday. Hopefully, will get some good use out if in next couple of months.

I think it was Craftyone who mentioned small ironing boards. I do not do a lot of ironing these days, most of my clothes do not require it, and was happy to be able to take my large and quite heavy one down to the charity shop last year before I moved. But, I knew I would still, occasionally, need an ironing board. Did loads of research (at that time to take my mind of solicitors and the stress of contract exchange and completion dates, etc), and found a perfect small ironing board in Lakeland. It is light and easy - only has one height - but that is fine for me, folds easily and has its own hook which enables it to be hung directly onto any sort of horizontal pole as in a wardrobe - or, in my case, the one in my ;large cleaning cupboard. So pleased I purchased this and brought it with me, takes up no room but is easily available for us. I also purchased a collapsible washing basket for taking my washing between the w. machine and the tumble dryer and then to my bedroom with dry washing. Love this, it collapses virtually completely flat so takes up no storage room, but opens up a full size basket. In the house I had one of Lakeland baskets with legs which was ideal for use when hanging out washing, and gave this to my Sister-in-law who admired it when she was visiting not long before I moved.

Shandy57 Wed 08-Jul-20 10:50:22

Morning all, thread 6! Sunny and lovely here again.

I've only just woken up, I can't understand why I have slept so long, but I am suffering with my anxiety at the moment.

The vet was marvellous yesterday and has given my cat a long lasting injection, giving her tablets is virtually impossible.

Thanks for the heads up on the Taylor Wimpey build craftyone.

I contacted an estate agent to view a two bed bungalow in Exmouth yesterday, it's on at £247K. I haven't heard back from them yet this morning. I think Exmouth offers me double value with the estuary as well, I love our seabirds here. I've never seen an avocet - or probably did when I was younger, but wasn't interested!

I bumped into an old neighbour yesterday who is from Devon - she went to school in Totnes. She said I'd love it there.

I wonder if anyone else is thinking of selling and downsizing? Good luck to your DD Ellianne smile

craftyone Wed 08-Jul-20 11:08:19

hehe Ellianne, I seldom use my main bathroom lights for just that reason, I cannot avoid the mirror. I use the magic light under the mirror, you just pass a hand underneath and it comes on without touching

My new ironing board is from lakeland too, my present one is big, heavy and old and has no iron rest, makes it unsafe, in case I knock the iron

So today, I have already picked many blueberries, they ripen to dark in 24 hours in a covered dish and every day is a freezing berry day. I like that they are close to the house and I enjoy picking them. I have also picked green beans and chard and have small home potatoes and a treat, a small piece of venison fillet from christmas. I vac pack all freezer meat and fish, stays very fresh

Ready meals turned out lovely, I mean you add good ingredients and you are bound to get a nice result. The wine and garden herbs made it very tasty. The casserole was fairly shallow and was full to the top so I was left with a sticky mess on the hob. I made 7 meals from that and just wiped the hob with method kitchen spray, orange liquid, it shined up instantly. Btw, I would never use any other kitchen spray now, it isn`t one of those damaging powerful ones that get into the airways but is very effective

I fed my leather furniture yesterday, haven`t done them for a year and should be done twice a year. Hairdressers tomorrow, I am quite liking it with a bit of length, I don`t think I will go urchin this time, a bit off will do fine

The budget thing today will be very interesting. He will have to make stamp duty holiday effective right away or the market will dry up. Of course he might only apply it to first timers.

Whiff Wed 08-Jul-20 11:30:00

Midgey thank you for the advice about the mattress . Think I will air them for week to be on the safe side.

Franbern have a wonderful day out. Hopefully the weather will brighten up when you are there.

Ellianne hope all is going well for your daughter. Hopefully the stamp duty will apply to all buyers. Not just first timers.

Craftyone you have been busy this morning again. Have you ever used those command strips to hang paintings? Do not want to have to drill my wall in my bedroom to hang some pictures up. Have a good time at the hairdresser's tomorrow.

The charity shops are opening up again up here and starting to collect things from peoples homes.

My friend in the Midlands had the concrete mixer vehicle deliver the concrete for the footings yesterday and backed into and damaged her garage, drive and tree . The company manager has been out this morning to look at the damage and is sending a fabricator out to see what can be done to repair the damage to the garage. Her builder says he will repair the drive .
Good job she rented a council garage a few months ago to house her classic car which is normally kept in the garage. I told her the builder would need it to store some building materials etc. Good job I did or the car would have been there and possibly damaged.

Have a good day everyone. If it stops raining going to tackle the weeds.

Ellianne Wed 08-Jul-20 13:06:34

He's done it!

My mum, a vicar's daughter, always said the sun shines on the righteous! Our DD will avoid paying that hefty stamp duty. After nearly 4 months cooped up at home with a 4 year old and a 7 year old, and in a job that still can't operate, it is good news for her family. It will help so much as they start their lives over again.
I do hope others will receive equally good fortune.

Ellianne Wed 08-Jul-20 13:08:17

Thank you all for your messages, the collective wishes were much appreciated as I held my breath.

craftyone Wed 08-Jul-20 13:12:41

whiff I used them for broom, mop etc but nothing heavy

I see that vat is being cut on meals out etc and £1000 going to employer for every furloughed employee taken back to january. That and all the other give-aways over the past weeks, who the heck is going to pay for all this. That is scarey indeed

Ellianne Wed 08-Jul-20 13:15:52

I don't think he is worried who is going to pay for it all * craftyone*. He just wants to be remembered as the chancellor who put the country back on its feet.
I fear future generations may have to pick up the pieces.

Shandy57 Wed 08-Jul-20 13:27:22

Ah Ellianne that is fantastic news!

I've just phoned as I hadn't heard back from the EA, they hadn't received my answering machine message? Unfortunately the bungalow I asked to see is under offer. She did offer to take my details but both of us forgot during the conversation.

Hey ho I'll keep going.

maytime2 Wed 08-Jul-20 14:54:59

Shandy57 have you considered buying a fairly modern house? These are smaller and usually have a downstairs cloakroom. Because they are smaller it would not be hugely expensive to install a chair lift at a later date if one was ever needed. If less than 10 years old they would be covered by the house builders' guarantee.
The reason that I mention this is because bungalows are no longer a popular build, probably due to escalating land prices and therefore perhaps because there are less of them , they command a better price on the housing market.
I hope that you do not mind me voicing my thoughts, only that I like all the others on this thread want you to be re-housed happily before the start of Winter.

craftyone Wed 08-Jul-20 15:18:56

I agree about new houses maytime2. Older bungalows are being snapped up by younger people and families because often they are on larger plots and can mostly have a room built under the roof

Anyway, I am going to stop worrying about the future for the next generation and beyond. The giveaways are so unfair, there is a substantial minority of people who will not have had one single penny but who will be paying increased taxes and living on reduced pensions for the rest of their lives. Off my soapbox now

I have finished another skirt, nice too, in a pale rusty linen/cotton. , zip, pocket, faced hem, front pleats and waistband. It is absolutely marvellous having a dedicated sewing room, very different to the old days when I had to clear the table for every meal, we sat at the table in those days

craftyone Wed 08-Jul-20 15:30:48

2nd home buyers are going to be out in force, the stamp duty land tax also applies to second homes ie they will only have to pay the excess of 3%, that is a big reduction.

Whiff Wed 08-Jul-20 15:32:31

Craftyone will we be seeing you on sewing bee one day? I know that you have made cushion covers for your furniture. A friend of mine wondered is it difficult to recover dining room chairs. As she would like to try. Do you know any good you tube videos that would show her what to do or would a book be better? Also places she could by the materials to do the job.

Franbern Wed 08-Jul-20 15:48:55

Back home, lovely day out, totally exhausted now - did not sleep very well last night. Out entry tickets were for 11.30 am. Got there at 11.00 and sat in car park, and the rain started, bm.11.15 it died down, and we got out and went down to the entrance. No more rain, and as the day wore on got brighter and brighter, and sun came out quite warm.. Just as my daughter was dropping me back home, it started to rain again.

So pleased that the stampt duty holiday will help your daughter, Ellianne, come on Shandy, this should be the kick you needed to really determine to take advantage of this as you buy.

Do not think that second property buyers should have been included. Interesting to see how the VAT cuts in hospitality is going to work, and the grants towards eating out in August. What counts as 'Eating out'?

craftyone Wed 08-Jul-20 16:03:09

me too, think they should not have been included either. Lots will be looking for holiday homes or holiday lets to rent

Whiff she needs to take off one seat and remove one fabric layer to leave the padding intact. All she would need to do is use an upholstery stapler, some good fabric and stretch as she goes, then replace seat. I am guessing but the existing seat covers are probably stapled so she will need to prise the staples out with a screwdriver. I should think that the seat is screwed to the frame. If she has a good look, she will see how the seat is covered. I have just looked at mine, there are 4 screws underneath and a piece of wood which will be covering the stapled bits. It looks easy

Will you give her this link, they send samples

Shandy57 Wed 08-Jul-20 17:25:51

Evening all, well I'm sorry that Swanage/Wareham is completely out as well as my hopes to volunteer at Monkeyworld in Wool.

Glad you enjoyed your day Franbern, don't forget to recharge your battery, amazing the distances you cover on these days out.

I had a lovely chat with the owner of an estate agent, and ground floor flats with their own garden are very rare there. He did direct me to a probate sale bungalow and said the owners would take offers - poor old soul that used to live there, it was ghastly.

I'll plough on. I might look at Par in Cornwall again.

Your poor friend Whiff, after all that angst about free standing etc I doubt she could believe it!

I am looking at new build houses, thank you Maytime2, I can't remember who said it out of all the lovely people on here but I now know a stairlift can also be attached to a staircase with a bend as well as straight. I always think of Phoenix nights!

Shandy57 Wed 08-Jul-20 17:50:41

I've got my cat sitter and dog kennels organised, just booked an Airbnb in Broadstairs for 24 August - and no train tickets available. Not good! I spoke to Cross Country last week and he said they were releasing tickets, looks like I've missed them sad

Ellianne Wed 08-Jul-20 17:56:20

Eek, unbook the accommodation quickly Shandy if there are no trains. Is it because that is near bank holiday weekend?

Shandy57 Wed 08-Jul-20 18:00:45

Just spoken to National Rail enquiries - the timetable is only written up until 27 July, fares not issued yet, so I have to wait for the first week of August. Luckily I haven't missed the tickets! I might buy a folding walking stick so I can press the button without getting too close to the train, and then take a running jump to get on - I know being scared of the gap is ridiculous, but I am paralysed with fear and can't overcome it. I should probably have a sherry smile

Shandy57 Wed 08-Jul-20 18:02:53

I hadn't even thought of the bank holiday Ellianne, thanks for reminding me. I'm going Monday 24 August, returning on Thursday 27th. My sheltie is in kennels Sunday to Friday, so I can get an unearthly hour train on the Monday hopefully. The young man said I can organise assistance when I book the tickets, I have to go Kings Cross, then St Pancras.

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