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craftyone Tue 22-Sep-20 19:33:18

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thread number 7

craftyone Tue 22-Sep-20 19:35:15

Gosh that came around quickly and we are starting with shandy`s journey as she looks for her new forever home

Whiff Tue 22-Sep-20 20:03:05

Fingers crossed Craftyone she will. How are your niece and her husband?

craftyone Tue 22-Sep-20 20:18:51

my sister quickly bought them an oximeter so they could keep tabs on oxygen levels. They are coping, not feeling good but it is very early days with this virus. I see that we are likely to have to wear masks for a long time so I have ordered some nice cloth ones, the cloth is eco cotton impregnated with silver, which is a good microbe killer

Whiff Wed 23-Sep-20 06:43:36

Hope their recovery goes smoothly.

Where did you get your masks from Craftyone. I have been using the wear once sort. But would like to get that sort for my daughter,son in law and sister in law. My brother has to wear one of the sort that is a specialist sort because of his job. The sort with proper filter and adjustable straps to make it very close fitting.

Raining heavy here at the moment. The Dr has prescribed some different antibiotics double the dose and for a week this time. Hopefully that will do the trick. She has sent the sample off to be tested.

Heard from my brother they are having a lovely holiday in the West Highlands of Scotland. Have seen deer and Eagles. Very peaceful where they are staying. I'm glad they both needed some quality time together and total relaxation.

Had an appointment come yesterday to see my cardiologist next month. I will learn which of the 2 things they think is wrong. Not worried as I was born with it. Also it wasn't what they expected to find. The health care up here is amazing. People moan but I soon tell them what it was like where I used to live. Remember my mom telling me it used to be 6d to visit the doctor and a shilling for a home visit. But their doctor still saw people even if they couldn't pay. So glad we have the NHS .

Stay safe everyone.

craftyone Wed 23-Sep-20 11:28:40

whiff I sent a pm with mask details. I am back from the hairdressers with short hair, like I used to have it before the last lockdown. It feels so very much better

Grey and damp here and hardly anyone about on the high street, it must be a dreadful time now for many, the ones who always dreaded the darker months

I managed to avoid mouth hunger snacking by having a plate of veggies with mustard but obviously appetites change after the easy summer season. Hibernation beckons and that means in nature, adding fat. Thanks but no thanks, I have worked hard to lose 2kg and it is most definitely going back on

However I do feel tired, it happens to me always, after several days/weeks of sheer physical activity. I do listen to my body and am now spending the day doing absolutely nothing and will watch rubbish on tv like `say yes to the dress`. I need to re-charge. I am covered in bruises too, from using the crowbar so much, arnica will deal with them

I like to support the high street and went into a stationary shop and have stocked up with christmas cards, every little helps their cashflow

craftyone Wed 23-Sep-20 11:29:42

whoops, most definitely NOT going back on

Teetime Wed 23-Sep-20 11:43:23

Hallo to all trapped in the housebuying/selling nightmare I hope you are progressing at a good pace now things have opened up. We recently lost our buyer but thankfully have another but there is a huge delay to get surveys and searches done so we may not meet the proposed completion date of 16th October. The builder says they will give us some leeway but how much is some?

Whiff Wed 23-Sep-20 12:06:22

Teetime glad you have another buyer. Hope the builder waits for you.

craftyone Wed 23-Sep-20 12:45:14

teetime, keep the builder updated, he would only have to wait if another buyer came on board after you. He is trying to psychologically screw you down, playing `that` game

loopyloo Wed 23-Sep-20 14:10:48

Shandy is very quiet. Perhaps she has put a deposit on something.

Teetime Wed 23-Sep-20 14:26:27

The builder seems fair and as they had to stop building for a long period it was difficult to get a completion date out of them. They have a deposit from us so at least we would get that back I suppose if they decide to put it back on the market.

craftyone Wed 23-Sep-20 15:32:13

Teetime, they probably need the money. Last house the builder went bankrupt very soon after we completed and it was impossible to get a window problem rectified, except by going through zurich (equivalent to nhbc) I think all builders are on a knife edge right now

So I have been buying a few christmas goodies all for myself as I envisage being by myself at christmas, no not panic buying, just making sure I used my lakeland member discount of £10. I make sure that I have a few treats in and a few presents to myself

craftyone Wed 23-Sep-20 15:34:52

shandy is probably worn out, traipsing around looking at homes all over, while fending off eager estate agents looking to make money out of her. Shandy will be back when she has taken a breather and had a rest

Ellianne Wed 23-Sep-20 15:40:00

Picture clue. 3 GN amigos.

Oopsadaisy4 Wed 23-Sep-20 15:59:54

Shandy is having a Devon Cream Tea and putting her feet up after some very successful viewings.

I hope.

Franbern Wed 23-Sep-20 16:16:04

Have had a lovely day, including Devonshire Cream tea. Will tell more at a later date.
Teetime, surely it would be more bother for your builders to try to re-sell it, than to wait that little extra time for you. Sure it will be fine, maybe not 16th October - but who knows, things can suddenly start to happen very quickly.

Whiff Wed 23-Sep-20 16:16:09

Ellianne, Shandy and Franbern I am right?

Jaxjacky Wed 23-Sep-20 16:26:24

Ellieanne can see the season has changed by the trousers and footwear!

Franbern Wed 23-Sep-20 16:51:40

Spot on WHiff, We had our cream tea in a shelter on the front (supplied individually wrapped, by Ellainne). Nice to see people in real life. Watched dogs happily playing in the sea.

Jaxjacky - Yes, first day of trousers and proper shoes (as opposed to Sandals, although the sun has broken through this evening, and it is not really cold.

Gave me car a good drive down there, and also managed to catch up with some long-time friends who live there. Lovely day, has made me feel so much better.

Ellianne Wed 23-Sep-20 16:55:46

Correct you clever people!!
Yes, the weather was a little chilly. We had to run from our bench to the shelter at one point to get out of the rain. The sun is back out this afternoon.
The beach below us in the photo.

MerylStreep Wed 23-Sep-20 17:07:12

My guess is the red shoe is shandy
The buckled shoe is Ellianne.
The soft shoe is Franburn.

Ellianne Wed 23-Sep-20 17:07:55

He he!

Spice101 Thu 24-Sep-20 00:01:53

MerylStreep that is my guess too.

Sounds like you had a lovely time Ellianne Franbern and Shandy It is lovely to meet up with virtual friends, I've had the opportunity a few times and those friendships have become long lasting and more personal.

Teetime fingers crossed for your sale/purchase.

Looking forward to hearing from Shandy about her adventure. Hoping it was productive for her.

I'm off to see the orthopedic surgeon this morning for a 3 month check on my knee. The knee is good although steps/stairs still present a problem. However I am having trouble walking due to the arthritis in my feet and ankles. I do so feel like a hypercondriac (sp?) - there always seems to be something to hold me back. I have ordered some Treking Poles which I hope will encourage me to get out and do some walking. Not being able to go to the pool for hydrotherapy has been most unhelpful with my recovery and land walking has not been an option because of my feet. My physio suggested walking poles so I bit the bullet and hope I will have the commitment to walk regularly. It's a bit boring walking by oneself though.

We are back to winter weather for the next week or so, but when Spring returns it will be very welcome. At least the days are drawing out and we are getting a couple more hours of daylight each day. We go on to daylight saving in just over a week.

craftyone Thu 24-Sep-20 06:45:21

Our days are drawing in, fast. We are looking forward to hearing more about your lovely time at exmouth. Oh yes spice, those trecking poles do seem a good idea, a bit more security when walking

Ocado are refunding my smart pass money, was useless regarding getting a slot and was a waste tbh as I didn`t do my maths properly. I would not be spending £40 a month there. So they are refunding 11 months which is good. I have one last paid smartpass slot booked on 1st october so have added more stuff for baking and making casseroles etc. It certainly adds up though

The heating man has not been yet, grhhh, he will come but I have no idea when. I am doing an upstairs radiator test this morning, so it will be nice and warm for my shower. I might change my sheets to my cotton flannel sheets, I think I sleep better in those sheets. I like to give my heating a run through now, in case there are any problems