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phoenix Mon 28-Sep-20 16:20:39

Hello all,

My current provider is putting them prices up, so I'm in th process of shopping around for a new supplier.

EDF have an offer on, but I took against the chap I spoke to, had to tell him NOT to interrupt me, and when I was quoting figures from the online quote I had from them, he kept insisting they were wrong, even though I had the damn figures in screen in front of me! angry

If any of you could tell me who you are with, the kwh charge, and standing charge, I would really appreciate it!

I'm trying to avoid using a comparison site, as previous experience has shown that one then gets bombarded with calls!

We only have electricity, no gas, (too rural) and use oil for heating.

Thank you!

phoenix Mon 28-Sep-20 16:22:52

"Their" not them, the, not th, on, not in, damn tablet!

Chewbacca Mon 28-Sep-20 16:23:04


Callistemon Mon 28-Sep-20 16:31:06

You could try Martin Lewis.

We produce so much hot air in our house debating this that we don't need heating.

Auntieflo Mon 28-Sep-20 16:32:54

According to "Which" Octopus are supposed to be good.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 28-Sep-20 16:33:05

Hello Phoenix. Martin Lewis, the MoneySavingExpert, has recently launched on his site a new auto compare and switch tool for energy providers. It may be worth looking at.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 28-Sep-20 16:35:26

Sorry Callistemon, crossed posts

phoenix Mon 28-Sep-20 16:36:55

Chewbacca I'm currently with Bulb, and their prices are going up from 15.354 per kwh to 17.085, with the standing charge going from 20.085, to 20.387.

Callistemon would using that site result in phone calls from providers?

Callistemon Mon 28-Sep-20 16:40:33

If you followed a link to a comparison site I suppose it could, phoenix, but I thought he would suggest best options.
I've never had a follow up call from a comparison site - is there a box you can tick to say yes or no?
Just make up a phone number!
(I'm not usually dishonest but sometimes needs must)

TheFrugalPiggy Mon 28-Sep-20 16:46:02

We've been with Bulb for the past 18 months and I really like them. The phone gets picked up really quickly by someone I can understand! They are basically easy to do business with which scores well with me. Can't remember their unit costs as I'm willing to pay a little extra for good service. I manage my account through their app.

MamaCaz Mon 28-Sep-20 16:59:28

Like Callistemon, I've never had any calls from energy companies after I've used comparison sites. I use them a lot, as I sort out my mum's energy supply as well as my own.

To be honest, Phoenix, our telling you how much we are paying might not be very helpful, because a company's prices vary depending on where you live.

Be very wary about going for the cheapest you can find. I am speaking from experience. When you think you have found one worth changing to, search out some reviews, and even check out comments on their Facebook page if you can, to see if there are currently a lot of disgruntled customers, though these posts quickly get deleted, and even on the so-called independent review sites this can happen.

I would like to tell you the name of a 'cheap' company that I would avoid at all costs, but am not sure how I would stand legally if I was to name them on here.

allium Mon 28-Sep-20 17:02:52

Agree with previous posts, Bulb seem good, customer service and ease of understanding billing etc.

silverlining48 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:04:01

We are with bulb too. They are supposed to be ‘ green’.

phoenix Mon 28-Sep-20 17:06:32

Sigh, am currently with Bulb, have been really happy with them, but their prices are going up considerably. Please see post of 16.36.

Chewbacca Mon 28-Sep-20 17:10:38

I've been with Bulb for a few years now and I check, at least once a year to see if they're still competitive. Even allowing for their slight price increase, they're still cheaper than anyone else for this area, plus, this is the first time they've increased their prices, whilst the other big companies have increased theirs several times. As frugalpiggy says, their customer services are very helpful (even when I managed to mix up the gas/electricity meter readings!). Unlike the other energy providers, you're not tied into any contract either.

Chewbacca Mon 28-Sep-20 17:12:11

Have a look at Phoenix, or Octopus.

Lyndylou Mon 28-Sep-20 17:20:26

I went to Octopus last year because they were recommended by Which and I have been very happy. At least I don't get automatic increases in my monthly direct debit every 3 months, even though I was £200 in credit each month after the bill had been paid, the way that Scottish Power did. Then when I tried to get some money refunded they told me only if I increased the DD by even more. Well, they don't get anything now and I am paying £30 a month less to Octopus and I'm still well in credit.

Now I'm trying to find a decent broadband supplier!

phoenix Mon 28-Sep-20 17:23:24

Ah,Lyndylou we are with Plusnet, and happy with them!

Chewbacca Mon 28-Sep-20 17:32:27

OVOEnergy were voted energy suppliers of the year last year and seem to have a loyal and satisfied customer base. They also have green credentials, like Bulb.

Kate1949 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:47:43

I have no advice to offer. DH deals with this and is constantly chopping and changing. I do know, however, that we are now with EDF and DH said 'never again' but we are now locked in with them for two years.
He couldn't get a bill out of them. They asked him for a meter reading which he provided. They implied that it was a false reading as it was 'too low'. They ask for a photograph of the reading (about 4 times!) which he provided. They then wanted photos of the 'label' on the meter. The stress it put him under was unbelievable. It was as though they thought he was lying. It was sorted eventually and they knocked some money off the bill but it was very stressful.

Kate1949 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:49:49

I would add that our daughter's in laws also had trouble with EDF

M0nica Mon 28-Sep-20 17:53:08

Because I prefer to pay bills quarterly, not monthly, something comparison sites ask and then ignore, I have had so many problems when trying to get quotes based on paying quarterly I am signed up with EDF and each year change to the lowest offer they have.

It means we never go on the variable rate and, at the end of the day, no matter what the different companies offer, the variation in price is very little. All the comparisons are based on the assumption that your alternative is the much more expensive variable rate, which of course it isn't.

The only thing that would make me change would be change in the bells and whistles attached to the supplier's offer; their green credentials, social responsibility actions etcetc.

Lyndylou Mon 28-Sep-20 21:32:21

Thanks Phoenix, that is one we are considering. I have asked BT to reduce my bill when my present contract ended but they refused. Now I am talking to them about leaving, suddenly they reduced the monthly payment by half, but only if I accept it that same day. Well, they can go the way of Scottish Power!!

Jaxjacky Mon 28-Sep-20 21:41:29

We are with Shell, no problems and reasonable, easily contactable.

Hetty58 Mon 28-Sep-20 22:10:50

I'm with Bulb but I'm now thinking of switching to Scottish Power. If you are all electric (or use a lot) it can be an advantage to choose a higher daily standing charge with a lower unit price. The opposite applies if you use very little.