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New sofas & armchair

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Madwoman11 Wed 13-Jan-21 16:11:28

Good afternoon everyone.
I've realised I need to invest in a new sofa and armchair because I'm in so much pain. I do suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and my current suite is 15 years old so it's not helping matters.
I'm looking for a high back armchair and a 3 seater sofa, but I don't want to make a mistake buying something I regret, so basically I want something comfortable and good quality, which will last.
I'd appreciate any help and recommendations please.

tanith Wed 13-Jan-21 17:11:20

I’d recommend GPlan it’s expensive but is very comfy and lasts forever, I’ve had mine 9 yrs and I’m a bit bored with it but it’s in excellent condition and I can’t justify buying new when what I have is so comfy.

Herbie9 Wed 13-Jan-21 17:25:52

Can recommend a Sherborne reclining arm chair. They are quite expensive but are excellent quality. I've had mine some 5 years and the upholstery is still vg but then I put a throw over it sometimes. I have osteoarthritis so enjoy putting my feet up when watching TV in the evening. Easy to get out of too! Not sure if they now manufacture sofa's but you can get reclining ones elsewhere..

V3ra Wed 13-Jan-21 18:21:29

We had our furniture three years ago from Furniture Village.
The showroom had a wide variety of styles. I think we sat on everything!
I like well padded furniture that doesn't need scatter cushions to be comfortable.
We settled on an electronic recliner three-seater sofa in one range and a swivelchair and footstool from another range.
They were built to order and upholstered in the same leather so you wouldn't know they weren't a pair.
They're fabulous and I'm really pleased with them.

Nonogran Wed 13-Jan-21 20:11:02

I have replaced my lounge suite during last 2 years & looked very hard to find the ideal suite. I was adamant I wanted something that I didn't have to struggle to rise from (given my creaky knees and back) but quite certain I didn't want GPlan! Guess what? I ended up with GPlan! However, what I did do ... the soda & two chairs are in one fabric but the footstool is differently upholstered to become an "accent piece" and matches the scatter cushions. I had to order the footstool & cushions from a separate GPlan vendor but I'm glad I did as together, the ensemble looks great.

Nonogran Wed 13-Jan-21 20:12:20

soda?? I meant sofa of course. Sorry.

Jane10 Wed 13-Jan-21 20:31:30

We've got 2 Stressless recliners and stools and a three person Stressless reclining sofa. Blissful comfort. Highly recommended.

Madwoman11 Thu 14-Jan-21 11:01:15

Thank you everyone. I will have a look at the ones you have suggested.

Purpledaffodil Thu 14-Jan-21 11:31:17

We went for a brand called Lay-z-boy. Awful name but very comfortable. My Canadian brother has had reclining chairs for years made by them. In October we were able to try them out in a showroom by appointment. We went for a reclining chair, reclining sofa and static sofa. Advantage is they recline without needing lots of extra space behind them.
Sadly although they are ready for delivery, lockdown means we are unable to have old furniture collected. So we struggle on with old ones.