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Coolgran65 Wed 20-Jan-21 01:05:21

My Dyson vacuum is about 7 years old and has, we think, got a dying battery. A quick search shows at first glance that a new battery is around £80/100.
Now to decide whether to get a new battery bearing in mind its age, (could the motor go next) or to buy a new vacuum. There is one carpeted bedroom and a set of carpeted stairs. Everything else is laminate or tiles. No pets, just dh and myself.
I like my original Dyson cordless but think as I am getting older I could get something a little lighter. Dyson does have one that is quite light but it's around £370.

I have seen some cheaper stick models including a Shark at about £180. There are also cordless vacuum cleaners (not stick) but Im thinking they'd be a bit bulky on the stairs.

Has anyone bought a cheaper stick models and been well satisfied. Our floors are never in need of heavy duty attention but I do want something efficient.

Has anyone bought a new battery or gone for a new stick vacuum.

Recommendations would be appreciated.
What did you do and were you happy in your choice.
Another new Dyson, a new battery, or a cheaper model.

crazyH Wed 20-Jan-21 01:14:14

I just wanted one for a quick swill around the downstairs. So I picked the Vytronic from Amazon. Cheap and cheerful - does the job. But it’s NOT efficient on carpets....for laminate, wood or vinyl it’s simply the best !!! And costs only £70

NotAGran55 Wed 20-Jan-21 06:13:11

This one was the 2nd best item in 2020 top 50 of everything that Which! tested , not just vacuum cleaners .

If I was in the market for one I would buy it . Bonus points too as it is British.
Halo Capsule.

Eviebeanz Wed 20-Jan-21 06:30:51

I have a vax cordless cost about £140 I think

Greyduster Wed 20-Jan-21 10:17:24

We have just bought a Dyson V10. It wasn’t my choice and though it’s very efficient I find it a bit unwieldy. DS bought a John Lewis own brand one and ended up taking it back because it kept clogging up, even when the bin wasn’t full. My neice speaks highly of her GTech and I’ve heard that Shark are good but don’t know anyone who has one.

Saxifrage Wed 20-Jan-21 10:44:47

Just bought the Halo Capsule on Which advice. Very pleased with it. So much easier to manage than my old Dyson.

Urmstongran Wed 20-Jan-21 10:46:27

Thanks NotAGran I’ve bookmarked your link as will be buying a new vac later this year. A great recommendation!

midgey Wed 20-Jan-21 10:46:51

I was given a stick vacuum from Lidl, it is really good!

SynchroSwimmer Wed 20-Jan-21 10:50:59

I have identified a replacement battery for my Dyson on Amazon, but a generic brand, notably cheaper, but with excellent reviews that also say the battery seems stronger than the branded product - if that helps.

Opal Wed 20-Jan-21 13:02:31

I now have a GTech, and although I'm happy with it, the jury is still out on whether it picks up as well as my old corded Dyson. Does anyone else have a view?

Casdon Wed 20-Jan-21 13:06:16

I’ve got a Shark cordless, which is great on carpet but not so good on hard floors or stairs. I kept my old Miele cylinder vac as well, which performs much better than the Shark, but is a lot heavier to use, so I tend to alternate between them depending what area I’m cleaning.

Coolgran65 Wed 20-Jan-21 21:16:49

notagran thank you for the link to the Capsule cordless. It does look excellent. Haven't yet seen the price and will investigate it further.

Casdon thank you for your opinion on the Shark. What a shame it isn't good on different floors.. No one really wants to be changing between equipment.

SynchroSwimmer I didn't even think of a generic battery. I'll check that out.

CrazyH great price, thanks for letting me know it's not good on carpet.

Greyduster my Dyson is several years old and I found it a bit unwieldy but still better for being cordless. I was hoping that newer models would be lighter and easier to handle.

Thank you everyone for opinions and comments. You've been really helpful. Rock on GN !!

Auntieflo Wed 20-Jan-21 22:58:14

Love our G tech, it works well on carpet and hard floors.

Maggiemaybe Wed 20-Jan-21 23:34:11

I’d recommend the Morphy Richards Super Vac, around £80. Very light and manoeuvrable, good suction and battery life.

I bought it just to keep upstairs as we got fed up of lugging the heavy Vax up and down, but we use it most of the time now as it’s so portable.

Shinamae Wed 20-Jan-21 23:44:57


This one was the 2nd best item in 2020 top 50 of everything that Which! tested , not just vacuum cleaners .

If I was in the market for one I would buy it . Bonus points too as it is British.
Halo Capsule.

I bought one of these recently and I’m very very happy with it would never go back to Dyson now