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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress

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Spice101 Tue 02-Feb-21 09:43:42

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In Craftyone's absence I hope this works.

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Luckygirl Tue 02-Feb-21 10:18:45

When I first buyer dropped out I bought from her the survey that they had had done on my property - I paid half price for it as I thought it might be a useful thing to have for a future buyer.

I told my current buyer that I had this and he was welcome to look at it.

Several weeks down the line I receive a list of questions from my buyer's solicitor, including a request for the survey, which I straight way attached to an email and sent to my solicitor.

She is a very poor communicator and I did not know whether she had actually sent it on - doing nothing is her favourite "activity." So...I rang my estate agent and asked him to check whether my buyer had received it (as I did not want it to cause delays). Agent duly did so and told me my buyer had decided he did not need the survey - he is happy with the property - and in any event he did not want to p
ay the requested £200 for it...........I could not believe it! One or the other of the solicitors is seeking to make money from electronically sending on something that is MINE!

I find it absolutely sickening - these leeches are trying to make money however they can, regardless of whether it is decent or honest.

Franbern Tue 02-Feb-21 10:52:27

Luckygirl - must say to you, that once you have made your move successfully and settled into your new home, all these things become quite distant and less important.

I really felt it that the whole selling/buying/moving scenaria was a exactly like giving birth. So difficult at the time, so quickly forgotten afterwards.

Hope it goes well for you

Spice well done. Glad this thread can continue.

Shandy57 Tue 02-Feb-21 11:05:34

Glad you fought your way through the red tape Spice101!

No snow just rain here this morning, wish I'd tackled re packing the garage during yesterday's sunshine, just couldn't force myself to do it.

Luckygirl that is absolutely appalling, it's lucky your buyer wants to proceed without a survey. I hope you find a new solicitor to manage your affairs once this is over.

Good luck to everyone, I hope you receive the news you are hoping for today.

Shandy57 Tue 02-Feb-21 11:26:55

Oh no we have snowy rain - I'm scared of driving in snow. Better go to the beach now in case it gets worse!

Luckygirl Tue 02-Feb-21 15:52:54

To be honest it is doing my head in - I have just received from solicitor a tranche of paperwork on email requesting answers to questions that I replied to 2 weeks ago, and copies of documents that I photographed and sent at the same time. And the documents had the name of a previous buyer on!!!!

Since my OH died I have found it very hard to wade my way through documents like this - my brain just turns to porridge. I spent so long filling in stuff for SSD and health authority and banging my head against a brick wall - it is just more of the same and some days it reduces me to tears.

Pittcity Tue 02-Feb-21 15:53:15

Thought I'd bookmark my place on the new thread as I've nothing to report on our move.

aggie Tue 02-Feb-21 16:03:31

My Daughter has successfully moved house , but the hob and oven were rank !
She has bought a new hob and rung an oven cleaning firm , so much for the nice card and flowers that the seller left ! And the fridge was missing , so more money gone

Shandy57 Tue 02-Feb-21 16:05:35

Don't be upset Luckygirl, many of us on here can help you as we've recently sold and purchased, happy to help with anything.

Have you got a check list? I've kept track of my conveyance in a note book, unfortunately it does seem to highlight the huge gaps in responses from my vendor's solicitor.

Sorry nothing has happened for you Pittcity, I'll throw some stones into the sea for you!

midgey Tue 02-Feb-21 16:26:53

Oh Luckygirl, that solicitor of yours is a nightmare!

Pittcity Thu 04-Feb-21 11:41:30

Finally had contact from our EA. It seems our purchaser does need a mortgage even though our EA led us to believe he didn't. We are therefore waiting on Santander to get their act together.

We left Santander years ago because they were just soooo slow at everything. It seems they haven't improved.

Fingers crossed that we can agree dates next week.

Luckygirl Thu 04-Feb-21 12:12:21

How frustrating Pittcity - this whole process has left me doubting everyone's word!

loopyloo Thu 04-Feb-21 16:54:06

Ah ha. The new freezer arrives tomorrow which we really need for a family of five.
Somewhere to store all the produce I am going to grow in the garden. And I have found our birth certificates etc that had been lost in the move.
What fun it all is.

Shandy57 Thu 04-Feb-21 17:06:12

How frustrating Pittcity, one of my buyers also needed a mortgage - as well as not having sold his house - he lied that he was in rented accommodation and had 'cash'. Fingers crossed for you.

I envy you your new freezer loopyloo, I had to leave my huge chest freezer at the station. I now have to take my Magnums out of the box and post them into the little spaces in the rental one foot freezer bit!

midgey Thu 04-Feb-21 17:51:19

But Shandy that way you are rationed!

Shandy57 Fri 05-Feb-21 21:48:27

Evening all, I had to give a month's notice today, as my tenancy runs out on Sunday. Very luckily the landlord has agreed to allow me to pay for one month and a week, which will take me to 14 March. I have to pay on Sunday, that'll be painful!

The bad news is that the cottage is being advertised from tomorrow, and I have agreed to do the viewings, not sure how many it will be but the landlord chooses whom he wants from their paperwork. If it is a lone man I have asked for someone to come with him. I had a scare when I rented a flat as a younger woman, the landlord was selling and I had a weirdo who wouldn't take his crash helmet off and he started pulling the knives up and down in the kitchen block ... when I rang the agency he had given a false name and address. Think I was lucky!

I've just managed to pack up most of the kitchen and am having a Cornetto as a reward - Friday nights used to be a lot more fun smile

Luckygirl Fri 05-Feb-21 22:29:29

I hope your viewers are acceptable folk! - your previous bad experience sounds horrific!

It looks as though things will be able to move ahead on my sale by the end of March; but the purchase of the new property will probably not make the deadline. I have grilled my solicitor this evening to get some information. Because it is a new property, detailed plans of the site are hard to produce for individual properties until the whole site is finished and the boundaries are clear. Builder is happy to rent it to me until the buying formalities are completed, so I need to discuss this in detail with him now.

It does feel like a slightly risky leap in the dark and sometimes I have cold feet. But I will sleep on it.

Spice101 Fri 05-Feb-21 22:34:12

Aggie, good that your daughter has moved but a pain that things were not left as they should have been. Is there any comeback for her re the fridge being taken?

We must be getting close to settling as we have received the final settlement costs and request for payment into the conveyancer's trust account. It is amazing to see on paper just how much there is in extra costs. In our case it is just a tad under $100,000. Even at half that, if buying a cheaper house, it is a huge amount for most people to add on to the cost of the property they are buying and I'm sure that many do not realize just how the costs mount up. I do think over $3000 just to register the title in our names is excessive.

At our old house we had a ducted vacuum which was great as you did not have to lug the cleaner around, just a hose. As our new home is built on a concrete slab there is no access to under the house so it is not really practical to install one and it would be expensive so yesterday I bought a Dyson. I have no experience with these but they come highly recommended by many people. Let's hope it lives up to it's reputation.

Shandy what a pain about having to allow inspections but I guess it is better than having to find somewhere to live for a few weeks. Fortunately for us as it is the owner coming to live here was don't need to go through inspections.

Franbern Sat 06-Feb-21 09:24:42

Oh Shandy, you really know that you are on your final leg and will, soon, be happily settled into your new home, a lovely time, as Spring will be then approaching fast and, even lockdown, coming to some sort of end. Going to be a wonderful year for you.

For all those in those last stages of moving could I suggest that you all make out in hard copy, sheets showing every organisation you will need to notify of your new address, etc. all your insurance companies, passport office, DVLC, utilities, companies, banks and all other financial companies you have dealings with., any organisations of which you are a member, magazine subscriptions, etc. etc. Have a column showing what action you have taken and when. As soon as I received my new landline telephone number, I ordered some small 'able labels' which have served me very well over the past 16 months. Obviously do not forget having all your land mail forwarded onto you - I only did this for six months this time (did it for a year last time I moved - but costs have soared).

When sorting out whilst packing things away ready for my new flooring to be laid, I just found my my list and have now sent it to paper re-cycling bin.

I spent many a long hour looking for a new rug which will go down over my new wood-look karndean flooring. This will be for the area that is the Sitting part of my Living room. Found one which will go well, ordered and paid for it, received confirmation of order and stated it would be with me within a week. Then a few days later an apology from the company that they do not have that particular size and although hoping to have new stock by end of February cannot promise, and offering me my money back. Took decision to wait and see, and then four days later, - lo and behold, this rug in correct size and pattern got delivered to me. Sometimes Left and Right hands just do not talk to each other.
With the very cold weather on its way, so pleased I am safely and cosily esconced in my flat, with car in garage. No worries about outside pipes, or roofs or gutters, etc. etc.

Spice that does sound a very large amount of additional expenditure. Not the same in UK, Obviously, there are costs of Estate Agents (for me, worth every single penny I paid), Solicitor (will not say the same for them), and actual removal firm costs - but even so nothing like that sort of amount.

Sit tight, safe and warm everyone over next few days. Spring will soon be here

Pittcity Sat 06-Feb-21 11:33:58

DD2 moved successfully yesterday. She was the last of us 3 to find a place but the first to move as she was not selling. They are busy making the house a home and getting a tenant for their flat.
Our turn next!

Shandy57 Sat 06-Feb-21 13:24:46

Glad to hear it Aggie and Pittcity, wishing everyone good news. Scary costs Spice101! I'm hoping never to move again, it is so very stressful. Looking forward to seeing what you think of your flooring Franbern - that reminds me, I have to wash the kitchen/bathroom floors sad

All these imminent 'snow warnings' do worry me, I have an irrational fear of being stranded. I'm just back from shopping in town, the surface water on the roads is very deep and I find it nerve wracking driving through it. I think I did get some water into my engine last year. Luckily I've just got my pension in and was able to buy a lot of my dog's special food from PAH, should last a few weeks. I've also got a 8-9 pm Tesco slot on 16 Feb with his other favourite.

I'm just off for his beach walk, going to a more local one today where you park in the dunes and walk straight onto the beach, The walk from the car park on my normal walk is long and really wet with the water flooding from the golf greens, and I have to push my dog back in the pram as his arthritis kicks in after running around. I just can't face it, especially after my failure to rescue the bird yesterday. Feeling a bit down today, must count my blessings smile

Luckygirl Sat 06-Feb-21 13:33:31

Pittcity - glad to hear DD has moved. It is great to anyone successfully making a move!

Estate agent says he will deal with a tenancy agreement if I have to go down that route temporarily, so that is a weight off my mind.

Shandy57 Sat 06-Feb-21 15:07:42

What a relief Luckygirl. I jumped through so many hoops to get this rental cottage and in the end had to let a finance company 'see' my bank account to prove my funds as I couldn't upload my bank statements to their satisfaction. Not sure how I managed it all now, looking back, give us a shout if you get stuck.

Shandy57 Sun 07-Feb-21 14:01:39

I'm sitting here like an idiot, feeling anxious about going to the beach. It's only a very light smattering of snow, and mainly melting, but I am nervous of being 'stranded'. Silly isn't it, I've been driving for over 40 years and have a 4x4!

Shandy57 Sun 07-Feb-21 14:02:39

Oh no I've already said it, definitely suffering from cabin fever!

Hope you are all having a good day smile