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Panic re moving helpful advice please.

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jenni123 Fri 05-Mar-21 15:01:14

I am 79, disabled/housebound and it is looking like I will have to move. I don't know how I will manage, I do not have family close to help me. I am unable to do anything, certainly not packing and unpacking. I know some removal companies will pack, not a problem but how about unpacking, someone told me that the companies that unpack just take it out of boxes and leave it (neatly) on the floor. I will need everything doing, ie taking down curtain track and blinds, I have a lot of pictures on my walls, need lampshades taking down, plus at the other end all this stuff putting up again.
I really do not know what I will do, OK I don't have the new place yet but it may well be in the offing soon.
does anyone have any helpful advice please.

NellG Fri 05-Mar-21 15:29:02

You could try contacting Age Concern, or even your local Citizens Advice to see if they have a list of volunteer helpers, or even paid help that you could tap into. Other than that, given your circumstances perhaps someone in the family might be happy to be with you and help during the move. Even under Covid restrictions that kind of help, in your situation would be OK. In the absence of anything else your GP would be able to contact Social Services and ask for their help. Good luck with it all, it's very worrying to face these things on your own. x

Shandy57 Fri 05-Mar-21 23:56:30

I second Age Concern, my aunt regularly contacts them for practical help.

Let us know how you get on.

kittylester Sat 06-Mar-21 07:40:25

Age Concern is called Age UK now!

Riverwalk Sat 06-Mar-21 08:02:49

Professional removal companies will pack and unpack, and place your goods wherever you want them. They dismantle beds etc. and reassemble.

You need to get quotes, obviously it will be more expensive the more you want them to do - but they definitely do it!

Hetty58 Sat 06-Mar-21 08:31:39

You can hire a handyman to pack the pictures etc. and do a final clear up and hoover for you. Same again at the new place.

I'd just leave the lampshades, curtain tracks and blinds behind. Why bother taking things that won't fit or suit the new place?

Our local council have a cheap, reliable handyman service so do make enquiries where you are. There's a discount for the elderly.

At 79, nobody will expect you to do the heavy work. Do use a removal company that packs and unpacks properly. Just for reassurance, rope in plenty of younger helpers if you can.

It's great if somebody else can make the tea, get a takeaway, make the bed and clean the bathroom for you. It will all work out just fine.

Franbern Sat 06-Mar-21 08:56:53

I was 78 when I last moved. Little mobility. Okay, I did have lots of help at both ends from adult children.

However, would not dream of even attempting to take down and take with things like curtains, let alone curtain fittings. Also, light fittings, although did bring with three nearly new lampshades. These things are specific to where you are at present, not likely to fit new windows, etc.

Had removers do all the packing for me. The unpacking I did, slowly, myself over the course of the first week - could have taken longer - only had myself to think about. For unpacking by the removers I understand they usually leave things like kitchen items on the worktops, etc.

Most areas have local 'handymen' (obviously, they require paying), who will hang pictures, put together flatpack
furniture, move some furniture around, etc. etc.

Moving is a horrible job, your whole life suddenly ends up in boxes - but try not to stress too much about it. Ask for assistance via organisations like Age Uk, and whilst it is disruptive for a time, can be very worthwhile - time to work out what you really need to take with

jenni123 Sun 07-Mar-21 10:48:42

Thank you all for your advice. I will certainly call Age UK and yes I am prepared to pay more for removal service if they also unpack plus pay a handyman. Unfortunately I do not have any young people to help me, I have to do it alone. I haven't got the new place yet, I have to move as now I am in wheelchair I am trapped in the flat I am in, the building is not wheelchair friendly, I cannot get out, I haven't been out in over a year. I will take on board all that you have said. Thank you again

Nannarose Sun 07-Mar-21 10:58:35

I can see how daunting this might be. Are you registered as disabled with your local authority? If you are, contact them and explain. They may not be able to offer much help, but can point you at the organisations who can (and if you are moving to another authority, let you know who to contact there).
I suggest that as organisations like Age UK can be a bit patchy. In my area, they are a very small presence, but a great deal is done by a long-standing local organisation. The local authority will have that knowledge.
I would get on to the local Facebook group for the area you are moving to. - you don't have to post anything unless you want to, but you can see what is on offer and that may be helpful.
In answer to your original question, yes, removal firms will unpack if they are paid to do so. I had a friend who, 40 years ago, was required by her husband's work to move, with 3 under 5s. The husband's firm paid for a 'full removal service'. So, 40 years later, the 'bits and bobs' drawer has still not be cleared out! Actually I must ask her if she finally did it during lockdown!

timetogo2016 Sun 07-Mar-21 11:04:58

Another AGE UK fan.