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Has anyone had Marmoleum flooring?

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Litterpicker Wed 07-Apr-21 14:29:41

I would like to have Marmoleum tiles laid downstairs in hall and living room. They are environment-friendly compared to vinyl, and, I think, cheaper than wood. I don’t know anyone who has this although my DD had the sheet version in a previous house.
Anyone out there have it?

NotSpaghetti Wed 07-Apr-21 16:09:13

My daughter has these. I have lusted after them for years.
They are in a huge range of glorious colours and Forbo is very good about sending colour samples.

My daughter has hers laid in a huge vibrant zig-zag but I think I'd go for maybe three shades and "scatter" them.

They are technically linoleum so will scratch initially but wear harder with age.

Grammaretto Wed 07-Apr-21 16:19:29

My friend has this on her kitchen floor. It is beautiful. Go for it if you can afford it. You only live once.

Litterpicker Wed 07-Apr-21 22:17:57

Thank you NotSpaghetti and Grammaretto, that is encouraging. We haven’t had an estimate yet so maybe I will faint at the cost!

Grammaretto Thu 08-Apr-21 08:00:01

I would be interested to know what it does cost, roughly. and if you decide to go ahead, pictures please!

BigBertha1 Thu 08-Apr-21 10:05:03

Sounds like a new affliction to me. smile

NotSpaghetti Thu 08-Apr-21 10:49:12

They will damage initially as slightly on the soft side. My grandson roller-bladed over my daughter's on day one and left a mark where he spun round. Now it's several years old and firmer as it compresses and toughness with use. You can't see the original mark now.
They are warm underfoot too. Not like carpet (obviously) but certainly not like tiles.
I am determined that I WILL have them in my next house!

Spidergran3 Thu 08-Apr-21 14:40:39

My sister has these, they look lovely but I understand are a bit pricey.

annsixty Thu 08-Apr-21 15:08:50

I am fascinated by this thread as all I can think of is “Lino” which I am sure many of us grew up with.
It was thin ,patterned and it cracked easily.
When I am able to go out I must investigate, don’t need floor coverings now but I am just nosy.

Litterpicker Thu 08-Apr-21 17:35:28

Grammaretto I will let you know smile.

annsixty I don’t know if you will see it on the average high street - I went on the Forbo website and found a local supplier. I do remember the old Lino in the 50s and the way it cracked!

Spidergran I’m glad to hear your sister’s flooring looks good. Yes, it is pricey but I don’t know if it’s more than the luxury vinyls like Amtico and Karndean. We were always on a small budget when we had the children and I stayed at home for ten years, and then mostly worked part-time. Now we feel justified in buying better stuff but my main reason is that it’s less damaging to the planet. We do have a petrol engine small car and a diesel campervan so I guess I’m trying to salve my conscience!

NotSpaghetti that’s interesting to know about it firming up over time - and the blade mark disappearing- I bet he wasn’t popular when it happened grin.

Thanks for your input everyone. I will post when we decide.

keepingquiet Sat 17-Apr-21 19:20:20

Did you decide? I'm thinking of getting new flooring in my small kitchen and I've never heard of this. I didn't realise cheap lino (which was down when I came) is so bad for the environment.

4allweknow Sun 18-Apr-21 11:35:48

I worked in the original company years ago where the linoleum was produced. Really tough stuff, will last for years, you may get fed up of it before it wears out! Has an antiseptic factor due to the linseed oil used in production. Marmoleum was introduced to try to describe the slight marble effect in the design and tile production. Been out for decades but no doubt like everything else there will have been developments to reduce costs. You do need a solid base for a good fit. Check out the poem The Boy in the Train by Mary Campbell Smith for an insight into linoleum.

NotSpaghetti Sun 18-Apr-21 11:39:16

I think it's standard now in hospitals 4allweknow - I was told by a fitter that it was because of the antibacterial qualities and durability.

4allweknow Sun 18-Apr-21 11:41:19

Would add Amtico is also very good. Karndeen needs quite a lot of maintenance both wood effect and tiles. Personally wouldn't go for Karndeen especially if an area where there is a lot of traffic or a kitchen.

NotSpaghetti Sun 18-Apr-21 11:54:10

I think Amtico is vinyl 4alleeknow. I know they have a commercial range which may be different?

keepingquiet Sun 18-Apr-21 11:54:43


Would add Amtico is also very good. Karndeen needs quite a lot of maintenance both wood effect and tiles. Personally wouldn't go for Karndeen especially if an area where there is a lot of traffic or a kitchen.

thanks will look them up too. It is only a small kitchen but I've only been here two years and the lino is already cracked and ripped due to moving washing machines etc.