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Painting kitchen units

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4allweknow Sun 18-Apr-21 12:08:24

I have wood effect units in my kitchen. Definitely not real wood. They are all in good condition. I have reluctant to replace them just because I would like to change the colour. I know there are companies that specialise in repainting. Wondering if anyone has experience of either DIY or using a specialist company doing this?

JaneJudge Sun 18-Apr-21 12:12:25

Are you on facebook? There is a group called the Frenchic fan club or similar and they quite literally paint anything and everything, even their own children. I had to leave as it all got a bit too much but you might want to look on there for ideas? There are lots of different paint companies now (Annie Sloan etc) and lots of people who could paint them for you, I suspect even a normal painter and decorator would be able to do it

JaneJudge Sun 18-Apr-21 12:13:04

Kamiso Sun 18-Apr-21 12:20:21

I painted the kitchen cupboard doors in our last house. My first ever DIY attempt. It was very successful and easy to do using the paint designed for the job and a set of paint rollers. We took the doors off and I did most of it outside as the weather was good.

henetha Sun 18-Apr-21 12:22:11

Me too. It's quite easy with little rollers.

M0nica Sun 18-Apr-21 12:47:00

We have painted all the cupboards in the kitchen of our Frnch house. It looks fine.

The main thing to do is take the cupboard doors off before painting either doors or carcase.

Sara1954 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:39:22

Last year I had my kitchen cupboards painted by my decorator. Almost straight away they were chipping, so I got a professional paint sprayer who removed it all and sprayed it in his workshop.
It was brilliant, worth every penny.
A year on the plate rack is slightly chipped, but that’s fine.

Lillie Sun 18-Apr-21 15:58:56

I used a Laura Ashley paint over 10 years ago because I wanted them a particular colour. They looked fine to begin with but started chipping later on. I would look for a decorator with a spray machine to get a perfectly smooth finish. So much less mess too.

Franbern Mon 19-Apr-21 11:30:07

I had a long galley kitchen with good quality solid wood doors and drawer fronts. This was in my previous house. They were dark and made the whole kitchen dark.

Few years back had them all taken off and sprayed. Took a week, they took these all away with them to do this. Returned and put back, ensuring they all hung properly, even changed the handles on them for me. Cost me only fraction of having replacement ones - which would not have been anywhere near the same quality. When I moved some five or six years later they all looked just as good as when first done.
Will try to show some pictures of before and after.

ScottyP Tue 20-Apr-21 09:35:09

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SpringyChicken Tue 20-Apr-21 10:28:27

Our friends peeled off the plastic foils on their unit doors, lightly sanded them to make perfectly smooth and then took them to be sprayed. They were thrilled with the result.

4allweknow Tue 20-Apr-21 22:21:57

Franbern. Your units certainly looked good. Feel if mine were real wood I wouldn't have any hesitation painting them.

4allweknow Tue 20-Apr-21 22:26:49

Springychicken. I can definitely see how that would work. Will contact a professional company to see if its feasible with mine. Not even sure if I have foil underneath on mine.

4allweknow Tue 20-Apr-21 22:30:38

Thank you for all your responses. Definitely will be going down the painting route instead of replacement. Had a quote today and thought I was buying a new luxury car the price I was quoted.