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Close calls on camera - house fire

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Shandy57 Thu 13-May-21 11:58:05

I'm just watching this and a family had a terrible house fire, caused by a phone charger left plugged in during the night.

I had always done a fire drill with my kids at home, plus if we went to a hotel I made sure we knew how to get out in the dark. When my husband died I changed bedroom and was furthest from the stairs, I bought a Chubb fire ladder, just in case.

I'm wondering now if I was overly cautious - did anyone else do this? I'm now in a bungalow and haven't even thought of it, but do keep a spare door key by the front door for speedy exit.

Teacheranne Thu 13-May-21 12:43:18

I also live in a bungalow so in theory could just climb out of any window but I don’t think I have the physical ability to do that anymore - arthritic knees don’t bend enough and I’m too fat to fit through!

But I always keep the front door key in the lock, pulled out enough to allow someone ( like my neighbour with the spare key) to be able to get in but easy to use in the event of an emergency.

I have always thought about fire exits and always check them in hotels etc. In my last house I had a special ladder installed under a window which overlooked the flat roof of the porch and my children knew how to use it.

Septimia Thu 13-May-21 12:57:09

When I was doing fire wardens' training for work, the trainer told us that he and a fire service colleague had investigated the fire exit in a hotel where they were staying. It was totally blocked with stored furniture! Of course, he had it dealt with.

That made me conscious of the hazards and, since then, I have always checked the fire exits when staying away from home. I've thought about escape from the house, too.

At night we keep our front door key near the door, attached by a magnet to a torch (which, being bigger, is easier to find). We keep the key to each window on the windowsill, too. Family and visitors know to leave via the window in an emergency - not a problem in itself as the bedrooms are on the ground floor.

Grannynannywanny Thu 13-May-21 13:17:13

I was just thinking about this topic a few days ago and how I am less cautious than I used to be. When my AC still lived at home I would always unplug the tv overnight and now I don’t.

When we moved into this house 30 years ago I did invest in a fire escape ladder that could be hooked onto my son’s attic bedroom window and made sure he knew how to use it.

I’m very careful about door keys. I have them in close proximity to the door overnight. I read many years ago that it wasn’t advisable to leave the key in the lock overnight as burglars can insert a device that enables them to turn the key from outside. That stuck with me and I never leave the key in the locked door.

Shandy57 Thu 13-May-21 13:18:02

Thanks for the tip about leaving the key pulled back in the lock, I'm going to try that. I only have one spare, I did have two cut, but neither worked. I need to get it sorted out as I worry about my dog and cat, there isn't a dog/cat flap here.

I continued to watch the programme and the poor family lost their dog in the fire - plus their house insurance had run out.

EllanVannin Thu 13-May-21 13:29:29

I'm on the flat and have two exits. You can't even burn toast for what the alarm goes off.
I do have an emergency key outside that the emergency services know of ( coded ) in case I'm in a heap behind the front door.

Fire is a terrible thing but I know my family are well drilled. An extinguisher in the kitchen and no scented candles allowed where there are children. A large canvas groundsheet in the loft.

FarNorth Fri 14-May-21 22:55:54

A large canvas groundsheet in the loft. ??
Sorry, what would that be for?

Nannagarra Fri 14-May-21 22:56:53

Hidden behind curtains I hammer in dress pins which serve as hooks for the keys to the windows. The tiny holes made can easily be painted over.
EV can you explain why you have a large canvas ground sheet in the loft, please?