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Oven cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

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Sophiasnana Wed 09-Jun-21 22:42:46

My son is renting a furnished flat and I dont think the oven has been cleaned for years! Have googled the vinegar/ baking soda method. Has anyone tried it on a really dirty oven successfully, and how long did you leave it on for? Thanks

Chewbacca Wed 09-Jun-21 22:47:33

I've not tried that method but I've had good results from the dishwasher tablet method. Bowl of warm water, a dishwasher tablet and rubber gloves. Dip the tablet in the water and rub it over the glass door, bottom and sides of the oven. Leave it to soak in for about half an hour and rinse off.

Franbern Thu 10-Jun-21 08:13:52

Might be best for this first clean, if the oven is really very bad, to get a professional oven cleaner in. They do not cost too much and leave it looking like new. After that a regular clean with the vinegar and soda every few months will keep it like that. Full instructions on this are available on u-tube.

Peasblossom Thu 10-Jun-21 10:08:20

Can’t beat the hired cleaner with his acid bath! It shifts everything.

I had it done about a year ago. It cost £45.

crazyH Thu 10-Jun-21 10:14:17

I agree about the professional clean. Just had my oven, hob and Cookerhood done - £65 - they look like new - well worth it !

FlexibleFriend Thu 10-Jun-21 10:22:39

I've used the white vinegar and baking soda method on the glass door of the oven and it was very effective used in conjunction with a ceramic hob scraper. I only left it about 5 minutes until it stopped fizzing. I used oven pride on the shelves etc. and found the longer I left them in the bag the more effective it was. I was cleaning the oven in my sons flat that had been rented out and the oven was only 18 months old but looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years. Mine has never been in that state.

SpringyChicken Sat 12-Jun-21 23:23:48

If it's that dirty, I'd buy the stronger oven cleaning products or have it professionally cleaned to start with. It could take a very longer time with vinegar/baking soda.

Nonogran Sun 13-Jun-21 09:30:58

If your son moved in and found a filthy oven quite soon after that, his first port of call should be his Landlord. Landlords are expected to deal with filthy ovens prior to re-renting out. Landlord should pay for a professional clean.
If the oven is past rescue/professional clean then the landlord should replace it.
Your son would do well to have a conversation with his landlord.
I am a landlord & would never ever expect a tenant to sort out a filthy oven unless it was themselves that caused it. My tenants are long term & in their rental agreement is a clause about keeping the oven (cavity) & hob in clean condition throughout the tenancy.