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Laundry detergent sheets

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Gr8dame Sun 13-Jun-21 08:20:22

Any of you tried laundry sheets instead of liquid detergent?
Are they effective on stains etc? Your thoughts would be very much appreciated .

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 13-Jun-21 09:10:23

I haven’t tried them, yet, but I’ve just googled the subject and it looks as though it depends on the brand you buy, some people say that they have to use 2 sheets, one person said that they have to tear the sheets up and stuff them into the soap dispenser drawer, which seems odd, but I’ll look through the reviews later to see which ones are the best and are eco friendly.
There are lots of reviews on various brands, so it should keep me occupied for a while.

Gr8dame Sun 13-Jun-21 09:50:13

Thanks Oopsadaisy I really appreciate that

Franbern Mon 14-Jun-21 13:58:45

I did use these laundry sheets for several years. Started when a friend and myself got a whole load on special offer at an Ideal World Exhibition. I liked them, as they took so little storage.In hard water area I usually 1 1/2. or, sometimes 2 for each load. Still worked out price-wise reasonable. Eventually, these became unavailable, no idea why.

So then I turned over to the eco friendly ones various of these, I have been using Tru-earth ones for sometime now. Not the cheapest way of doing my washing, but with just me I am happy with them. Again, little space required for storage. I find they wash about the same as anything else. No idea how they would be on really bad stains - I do use very low heat washes mainly as I am still in a hard water area, I normally put two in with the wash.

JillEH Tue 06-Jul-21 23:16:17

Just bought some. The dosage recommendations seem too low. Anything with any kind of sweat smell on it may need two washes. I'm unconvinced.

Franbern Wed 07-Jul-21 08:32:28

I have recently changed to TRU EARTH ones. Again, so easy to store, takes so little space. Most of my wash is done on 40 degrees. Have been using just one of these sheets, and they work well for me. Obviously, none of my washes involve anything really dirty. Clothes changed most days, so really the wash is more to freshen up.
These 'sheets' do not make much lather, which is good for my washing machine as well as the environment.

Franbern Wed 07-Jul-21 08:35:01

Sorry meant to say, that I have changed from tru-earth sheets to EARTH BREEZE, These are larger, nearer to the size of the original ones I used to obtain.

MerylStreep Wed 07-Jul-21 08:35:53

I’ve been using these for a while. I’m very fussy about whites and find the washing fine.
I wash everything on 30degrees.

Shandy57 Wed 07-Jul-21 08:39:06

These sound interesting. I've got a huge box of Ecover powder and nowhere to store it, I'll give them a go.