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Ideas for kitchen wall tiles

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susytish Thu 24-Jun-21 10:47:59

I shall be having a new kitchen installed soon and there are so many wall tiles to choose from. The cupboards are porcelain colour with wood laminate worktops. Built in oven and hob, stainless steel and black. Freestanding stainless steel (maybe) fridge freezer.Would be grateful for peoples ideas!

Lin52 Thu 24-Jun-21 10:57:18

Have done with tiles, backsplash all around, neutral or bright, easier to clean, and cheaper than tiling. Friend had hers done and it looks fantastic.

B9exchange Thu 24-Jun-21 11:11:49

Try different coloured glass tiles in companion shades, easy to clean, reflect the light and look stunning!

Mattsmum2 Thu 24-Jun-21 13:49:17

I’ve not had tiles just a very fetching orange splash back. Don’t think you need tiles as long as you have some uplift of the worksurface.

Jaxjacky Thu 24-Jun-21 14:10:41

We’ve got tiles, kitchen was re done last December, but I am married to a ceramic tiler!

Helen657 Thu 24-Jun-21 14:25:16

I’ve also got splashbacks which match my work surfaces, I even had matching windowsills put in both my kitchen windows which had previously been tiled. It all looks great and much easier to clean than tiles!

Farawaynanny Fri 25-Jun-21 10:45:05

Splashback in a contrasting colour looks good

NotSpaghetti Fri 25-Jun-21 10:45:44

I sent off for dozens of tile samples when I knew I couldn't afford the "finish" I really fancied.
Some I bought and some were "free".

It was really important that I bought the right shade as I wanted the floor, units and countertops to all work together and I don't get the opportunity to spend on this sort of thing very often. Well never before actually!

So glad I did this inspite of the "waste" of tiles... I bought my final tiles from the Johnson Tiles factory shop in the end (their outlet sells perfect tiles from current ranges and will negotiate price so clearly have some price movement). They are beautiful and much cheaper than buying in a shop or even online. The staff are great too (but you do pay a delivery charge).

Auntieflo Fri 25-Jun-21 10:47:52

DD has had a beautiful teal? glass splash back, all along the wall where the cooker is situated.
Looks fantastic with her white and black units, work tops and floor.

KnittyNannie Fri 25-Jun-21 10:53:11

Before we had the kitchen replaced, it was fully tiled - floor to ceiling. I couldn’t stand the thought of any more tiles, so we had a glass slash back. It looks so much better. The old tiles looked very dated.

pipdog Fri 25-Jun-21 11:02:25

I got a free chrome splashback with my cooker, didn't really like it but used it as a stop gap while we decided what we did like but have ended up keeping it as it looks good with the rest of the kitchen. We also used the same stuff that you use in showers that come in big sheets, (can't remember what they are called), instead of tiles between the worktops and wall cupboards and on the window sill. so easy to keep clean and adds a good pop of colour to the kitchen. Had many compliments about it all.

Bazza Fri 25-Jun-21 11:07:52

We had glass splashbacks, and are very pleased with it. It looks very sleek and no grout to discolour. Easy to clean. Quite expensive, but well worth it it my book.

Paperbackwriter Fri 25-Jun-21 11:09:39


I’ve not had tiles just a very fetching orange splash back. Don’t think you need tiles as long as you have some uplift of the worksurface.

I've got a glass splash back too. It's the same colour as the paint on the walls and I love it.

Amberone Fri 25-Jun-21 11:37:58

I've got a white glass splashback all along one wall behind the hob and underneath some cabinets. Much easier to clean than tiles.

I have had some small mosaic stone effect tiles put in behind the sink - I wasn't going to but in the end I decided with all the gloss and glass it needed some texture.

BeverleyJB Fri 25-Jun-21 11:41:04

I have glass splash backs - come in many colours and designs. So easy to clean and look amazing.

Jillybird Fri 25-Jun-21 11:46:59

I'm on a Facebook group for interior design ideas and some of the people also on there have the most amazing kitchens (Huge envy!) Perhaps you can search for it, susytish? There are a lot of designers on it and some very talented amateurs.
I don't think I can actually give the name on here as it is the name of a store (in reality and online) who sell the most amazing quirky homeware. Search for RSG, maybe?
Trouble is, for me, I LOVE so much of it, I'll never be able to make up my mind!

tictacnana Fri 25-Jun-21 12:19:44

When I had the bathroom done, I had Aquaboard instead of tiles because it’s easier to clean. It’s like a worktop on the wall. Mine is black with little sparkles in it and I love it. There are lots of different designs and colours. Congratulations on your new kitchen . Enjoy!

Theoddbird Fri 25-Jun-21 12:28:12

Fashions change so often where colour is concerned so always recommend plain white. That never dates and colour can be added in so many ways to a kitchen.

Marg75 Fri 25-Jun-21 13:00:43

I have what I describe as my New England kitchen! The cabinets are off white, with wood tops, and I have aquamarine tiles, and were lucky to come across a glass splashback the same colour as the tiles. Its finished off with a light wood floor! Just as I had imagined it!!! Although I've never been to New England I have a bit of passion for it!

Marg75 Fri 25-Jun-21 13:12:35


Nanananana1 Fri 25-Jun-21 13:15:15

When we moved into a new build I couldn't decide so quickly on what tiles I would like so bought some cheap (Homebase) wallpaper that looked like Moroccan tiles, just to protect the walls

It looks great, is easy to wipe down, hasn't lifted or worn and cost pennies

Everyone thinks they are real tiles and when I get bored with it I can change it in an hour

Rosina Fri 25-Jun-21 13:18:07

Can't stand tiles - apologies to the partner of the ceramic tiler - but the grout gets dingy, and once they are up you are stuck with them for years unless you pull them all off again and probably have to replaster the wall. I've had matching upstands at the back of the worktops which seems quite enough, and when/if the walls get stained I will simply repaint. There's not much wall exposed to paint in the average kitchen in any event. I do like the coloured splashback though - 'considering one of those at the moment.

Kamiso Fri 25-Jun-21 13:27:09 We bought Laura Ashley tiles from here for a fraction of the price.

My bathroom fitter was sceptical but the delivery was timed for 9.30 am and came around the corner precisely on time. He admitted that the end result was excellent.

4allweknow Fri 25-Jun-21 14:22:06

I have black tiles and I cannot wait to get rid of them. Absolute nightmare as they constantly need polishing to get rid of "shadowy' marks seems to be created from atmosphere never mind cooking. Having new kitchen in October and having an upstand all round with a glass splashback at hob.

Elvis58 Fri 25-Jun-21 17:52:48

I love my sage green tiles in my kitchen.