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Dilemma - advice on using burglar alarm please

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Grandmajean Wed 21-Jul-21 22:49:27

Am going to be on my own for a week and can't decide whether to set the alarm at night. I am nervous of the possibility of it going off in the middle of the night( has happened very occasionally because of spider- insect - near a sensor ) Am equally scared of not setting it and risking an intruder.Advice much appreciated

Infinity2 Wed 21-Jul-21 22:53:14

Have you locks on all the doors from your halls ? And on your bedroom door ?
If you have, leave the alarm off, lock all the doors and just make sure you’ve got a phone and the keys near at hand.
I wouldn’t take the risk of the alarm going off if you’re worried about being in your own. Even if someone gets in , God forbid, you’ll be safe in your bedroom.

Shandy57 Wed 21-Jul-21 22:58:35

I agree, I'd be terrified if it went off - is it connected to the police station?

I'd lock myself in the bedroom, as well as using a wedge in the door, as I do in a hotel.

geekesse Thu 22-Jul-21 00:48:26

Do you live somewhere with a lot of crime, and do you have a wealthy-looking house? I live alone, and have never had an anyone even try to break in, and I’ve lived in some pretty dodgy areas. I’d venture to suggest you may be being a wee bit over-cautious.

Grandmajean Thu 22-Jul-21 07:30:01

geekesse I was kind of hoping someone would say what you have just said . Our house is in a quiet street in a village. A typical good size family home but no mansion ! We were burgled 20 years ago while on holiday and then got an alarm and security lighting.( Horse and stable door ! )
One wall is dark and has a dining room window which was the means of entry. Problem is that it is well away from bedrooms .Maybe leave a lamp on there and close curtains ?
I do thinkI am overthinking it a bit.

25Avalon Thu 22-Jul-21 07:38:12

I had a personal alarm included in my burglar alarm system. You take it down in the bedroom, when you answer the door, or even in the garden. Press the button and it immediately triggers the alarm system to let off it’s ear shattering noise. When we moved to the country dd used to take it to bed with her in case there was a burglar.

mumofmadboys Thu 22-Jul-21 07:48:57

You could leave a light on downstairs and the radio playing. The risk of a break in is incredibly small. Try and relax about it.

MerylStreep Thu 22-Jul-21 08:08:04

There are some very good over the counter sleeping tablets.
You could sleep downstairs for the week if that would make you feel safer.
But 😊 as someone said: the chances of this happening are very very small.
Last resort: alcohol 😉

VANECAM Thu 22-Jul-21 08:08:05

I don’t understand what the problem is.

If the alarm is regularly set with no problems arising, what difference does being on your own make to the alarm? It will work as well as it always does, surely?

Peasblossom Thu 22-Jul-21 08:09:18

If it’s any comfort, very few break ins happen at night. Most are between 10am and 4.00pm.

Nighttime attacks by strangers are rare. Most of those that happen involve family or neighbours!

Keeping a light on at night isn’t considered a good idea. It draws attention to the house. The best strategy is not to stand out and to look secure.

I googled all this. As someone who is always insecure alone at night, I found it quite reassuring. But I always wedge my bedroom door, just so I can sleep 😬🙄

Grandmajean Thu 22-Jul-21 08:24:03


I don’t understand what the problem is.

If the alarm is regularly set with no problems arising, what difference does being on your own make to the alarm? It will work as well as it always does, surely?

Vanecam the alarm has on occasion gone off because of an insect getting into the sensor. When OH is at home somehow I just assume it is a false alarm. On my own I'd be a wreck if it happens !

Beechnut Thu 22-Jul-21 09:06:50

Try not to worry Grandmajean and carry on as normal. Your house/alarm/insect don’t know you will be on your own.

VANECAM Thu 22-Jul-21 10:00:53

Well you’re “assuming” that you would be a wreck if it happened - nothing more.
It sounds as if you’re crating a problem even before it has happened.
You would manage perfectly well.
You mustn’t allow your anxieties to take over you.
No doubt others on here will have advice on crime rates and alarm systems but the self control is the key.
You are worrying over nothing.

Grandmajean Thu 22-Jul-21 10:03:07

Many thanks for all the advice. I do think I'm getting over stressed about it. At the very worst there are only about 5 hours of darkness each day ! Am taking to heart the sensible comments and giving myself a good talking to !
I blame "The Fall" with the (very handsome ) serial killler

timetogo2016 Thu 22-Jul-21 10:07:04

Definately put it on,as if you do get burgled ( very unlikely ) you may not be insured.

Nonogran Thu 22-Jul-21 10:09:34

Leave lamps on timers to go on & off at odd times in various rooms. Timers at a DIY store.
Buy a pressure pad to slip under a rug at the foot of the stairs such that when someone steps on the rug an internal warning sound is made. Available on line from Amazon & probably other suppliers. The pads need a 13amp socket nearby to plug in to. The sounder going off would scare anyone back out thru a window!
I am deaf so I wouldn’t hear my alarm going off at night. For that reason & not to wake the neighbours, I have timers & a pressure pad. Works for me.