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How do I use Pinterest for ideas?

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TerriT Sun 25-Jul-21 12:06:38

I get very confused useing Pinterest. Is it me? How do others get ideas on it. I hear others rave about it so what am I not getting?

cornishpatsy Sun 25-Jul-21 12:17:53

I have never got on with it and find it annoying when doing a google search and the results are mainly Pinterest. Even when clicking on a result to have a look it is not what was shown in the search and then you have to be registered and signed in to see it.

Flexagon Sun 25-Jul-21 12:37:37

I find Pinterest inspirational for arts and crafts projects particularly for upcycling. I also find boards that link to useful external arts and crafts blogs that won't necessarily register than highly in a Google search. In other words, I wouldn't otherwise find them.

What are you looking for ideas on, TerriT?

JackyB Sun 25-Jul-21 13:17:18

I can't work it out either, although I've signed up. I did manage to get a crochet pattern out of it once, I think you had to click on a link to take you to the lady's own website. I printed it out immediately to make sure I didn't get lost looking for it again.

NotSpaghetti Sun 25-Jul-21 13:26:57

I like Instagram better than pinterest (where the same ideas are on everyone's boards and often have poor links).

BlueBelle Sun 25-Jul-21 13:31:06

I do use Pinterest what is it you don’t understand

MaggieTulliver Sun 25-Jul-21 13:31:19

I adore Pinterest and find it incredibly easy to use. I have several boards and upload stuff every day. What specific issues are having OP?

blueberry1 Sun 25-Jul-21 13:35:46

Once you've signed up you create "boards" that you can save to. Each board can have any name you choose. For instance JackyB if you had created a board called "Crochet patterns" you could have saved the post to it and returned at any time.
For searching just enter any term into the search box, e.g. bread recipes/local history/places to visit UK. Then click on any of the posts that interest you and save what you like.
As you create new boards, the home page will show more of what you are interested in.

Kaggi60 Sun 25-Jul-21 13:41:52

I enjoy using Pinterest I find very useful was looking for certain items it gave me everything I needed.

TerriT Sun 25-Jul-21 16:53:36

Thank you all for your replies. I live in a single story old barn but the ceiling in the sitting room goes to the roof with the supports going across. Because of the way it was converted you have to cross diagonally the sitting room from the hall to the kitchen. So to me it is like a waiting room with sofa around the sides . Bit hard to explain but just would like to make it look better. I’ll try Instagram but don’t know how to use that! It’s me is t it!!

babzi Sun 01-Aug-21 12:57:53

Pinterest is fabulous. Love it

Oldbat1 Sun 01-Aug-21 13:09:24

I seem to have a mental block trying to use it. I registered years ago so perhaps I’ll try again

Casdon Sun 01-Aug-21 13:15:30

Type in ‘arrange furniture open floor plan’ in the search bar TerriT, there are loads of ideas there to set out rooms in open plan areas.
I love Pinterest, the secret is to be very specific in what you’re searching for. It’s brilliant for organising tips.

Flaxseed Sun 01-Aug-21 16:30:37

I love Pinterest too, but found it confusing at first.
TerriT Look in the search bar for anything that interests you, tap on the picture, then go to the ‘SAVE’ button. It will allow you to ‘create a board’ from there.
Think of it as a scrap book or mood board, with lots of different headings/pages.
But beware - it’s addictive!

Twirlie Mon 02-Aug-21 11:20:32

I love Pinterest! I use it for ideas for cardmaking, knitting patterns & sewing ideas for small items. Also recipes & gardening ideas. You save the ideas on 'boards'. Do you have a friend who can show you? Good luck!

Theoddbird Mon 02-Aug-21 11:35:02

I love pinterest and have several files there where I put ideas. For example I have a patchwork one and one for Christmas ornaments plus numerous others. I plan on learning to weave on a small scale so have started a file on that. My loom arrives today. I love, love, love Pinterest It is so easy to use smile

SecondhandRose Mon 02-Aug-21 12:08:01

I love it. I have an account with Readly for 100s magazines for £7.99 a month. I take screenshots of what I like especially interiors and then I add them to my Pinterest pages.

Happysexagenarian Mon 02-Aug-21 12:26:07

I love Pinterest and use it a LOT to find ideas, inspiration, and tutorials for things - usually sewing and crafting. I also use it as a kind of filing system for other (non crafting) interests. I currently have 96 boards and thousands of pins on a wide variety of topics. It's very addictive!!

It's really quite easy to use. Yes, sometimes it can be a bit irritating when you Google for something and every result seems to be on Pinerest but a few clicks usually gets you to the source information quite quickly.

Follow Casdon's and Flaxseed's suggestions and you'll soon have loads of ideas for open plan decor and rooms.

Happy Pinning!

Happysexagenarian Mon 02-Aug-21 12:29:13

I meant to add I have never used Instagram, that confuses me!

Neither do I use Facebook - I closed my account - I don't consider it to be very 'social' media at all, just seems to cause unnecessary friction between people.

EmilyHarburn Mon 02-Aug-21 13:16:37

If you do not want to use pinterest you can go directly to apps that help you with a floor plan. To create a sitting room and allow a digonal cross to the kitchen you have a very difficult problems to solve.

You may decide to redo the kitchen and move the kitchen door or you may be able if the sitting room is long enough to create a socially cosey space.

This is the sort of app you can get

EmilyHarburn Mon 02-Aug-21 13:22:30

Just a brief look at things and I think you may have to have a suitably tall book case or other room divider and a corner settee. Make people walk along the back wall before moving towards the kitchen

All the best with your project

00mam00 Mon 02-Aug-21 13:32:04

I found Pinterest annoying at first as when I opened it it showed me all sorts of stuff it thought I would interested in. Then I found that if I clicked on the little person ikon bottom right it would take me to my files.
Once you save an image if you click on it it will show you other related stuff and if you click on an image you like then at top left click on the SAVE button, it will show you your folders so you can choose which to put in in.
You can then go further and further into related stuff until you find it’s way past your bedtime. I love it.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 02-Aug-21 13:53:46

I have lost count of the times I have tried to register on Pinterest then discovered that my registration only allows me to access Pinterest the day I register, but not next time I want to see anything.

If anyone knows how to solve that problem, I would be thrilled with some advice.

Foxyferret Mon 02-Aug-21 14:48:04

I use it all the time and have lots of boards, cakes, gardening, DIY etc. Some great recycling ideas also.

springishere Mon 02-Aug-21 16:06:56

What is Pinterest? Is it just for phones, or can you use it on a laptop?