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BlueBalou Sun 19-Sep-21 14:30:48

Hello! We live in rural Wiltshire, a car is a necessity and DH cannot drive at the moment. I don’t enjoy driving.
I want to move to Wales, somewhere where I can walk into town, or catch a bus, near shops, doctors etc and within an easy drive to the coast. I love Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, Ceredigion and the west Wales coast.
DH isn’t keen to move but then it’s not him doing all the driving and everything else!
I love Cardigan, Aberdyfi, Rhayader.
Does anyone have any experience on a) moving in your late 60’s, b) moving to Wales?
I also absolutely love Brecon but DH definitely doesn’t!
I’m looking for 3 bedrooms, house or bungalow with a manageable garden.
Thank you x

Casdon Sun 19-Sep-21 14:42:08

I live in rural Wales BlueBalou, not far from Brecon. I don’t want to put you off, as Wales is a wonderful place to live - but it’s a long way from the very rural areas to the nearest towns and cities. If you don’t like driving, think about the road links wherever you look at, and how near it is to the nearest hospital, GP surgery, theatre, large supermarket etc., and as we have lots of narrow country lanes you have to be good at reversing to get out of the way of tractors and lorries. Have you thought about Monmouthshire, lots of beautiful areas, but slightly less cut off than the places you mentioned (although expensive compared to West Wales and Powys)?

BlueBalou Sun 19-Sep-21 14:45:44

I completely agree Casdon regarding narrow lanes, we’ve just come back from Aberaeron!
I will certainly look at Monmouthshire, thank you!

tanith Sun 19-Sep-21 15:01:58

My sister lives near Tenby and it’s so lovely, and it’s quiet, rural 7 min drive to a beach it sounds fabulous when I write it down but she has to drive everywhere. She is on an A road but set back in a lovely bungalow surrounded by fields but there is no safe path/pavement to walk along and no buses she’s quite worried about not being able to drive in the future. I drive in London as I live here but find the speed locals drive down narrow lanes near her truly scary
So do your research very carefully if you really don’t like driving it might be difficult getting around.

BlueBalou Sun 19-Sep-21 15:40:03

I really need to be looking at being in a town or large village don’t I?

BBbevan Sun 19-Sep-21 18:37:15

We did it in our early seventies. We are in Carmarthenshire. Walk to shops, doctor, train station etc. 5Mins from sea.Wonderful.

User7777 Sun 19-Sep-21 19:23:59

A friend lived in Cowbridge, Wales. She liked it.

Mattsmum2 Sun 19-Sep-21 20:26:57

I moved to Fishguard as it has a lot to offer, gp surgery, co-op, lovely tea shops, pub and cafes, Goodwick has a Tesco and Haverfordwest has a retail park and other shops like m and s, next, boots and tk max. I drive as does my partner but there is a good bus service. My son even came by train from Cheltenham and my mum went back to London by train and national express. The house prices are fairly reasonable and we got a three bed bungalow with a corner plot for £180k then spent £100k renovating it. We’ve been told it’s near to £350k but it’s worth it to get what we want. The only downside is it’s hilly in places. We had holidays there before buying, maybe that’s the answer. Good luck with your decision x

BlueBalou Mon 20-Sep-21 10:57:47

I love Carmarthenshire BBbevan, I will have a look.!
Mattsmum2 I have driven through Fishguard, I love the old Fishguard, but not stopped. Have added to suggestions, thank you 🙏

Hetty58 Mon 20-Sep-21 11:04:45

BlueBalou, your ideas seem sensible (with town amenities nearby) and Wales is lovely. Has your husband even considered what happens if/when you can't drive anymore? I use cabs, but there's plenty available here.

BBbevan Mon 20-Sep-21 11:25:59

* BlueBalou* pm me if you want

jaylucy Mon 20-Sep-21 11:35:16

Cowbridge is a lovely small town that has just about everything you'd need - not far from Cardiff and Bridgend, but public transport is quite thin on the ground if you want to live in a village, so you would really need to research it.
We have used the train to get to Cardiff/ Bridgend/Swansea but you do need to drive to the nearest station.
Best thing you could possibly do is at least spend a holiday in any place, then possibly have a short term rental before you make any decisions.

BlueBalou Tue 21-Sep-21 06:57:51


BlueBalou, your ideas seem sensible (with town amenities nearby) and Wales is lovely. Has your husband even considered what happens if/when you can't drive anymore? I use cabs, but there's plenty available here.

He’s very stubborn I’m afraid 😡

BlueBalou Tue 21-Sep-21 06:58:26

Thank you BBbevan I will!