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OldHag Sat 09-Oct-21 12:46:50

Hi everyone

I'm looking for some advice on feather dusters, I've tried various of the extending handled, modern so called 'feather dusters', which are made of anything everything except feathers, and tend to get matted up, and horrible after using a few times. I'm now thinking of trying a REAL feather duster, but never having bought one, or even used one before, don't know whether they are any better than the man made versions, whether the feathers fall out, etc. Do you Grans have any thoughts on this subject, or indeed recommendations as to the best type to buy?

DiscoGran Sat 09-Oct-21 13:24:01

I use a fluffy duster, think it is made by Pledge. A plastic gizmo, with disposable fluffy attachments. Very effective.

lemongrove Sat 09-Oct-21 13:29:28

Yes, I use the Pledge duster, it’s wonderful! However if you have high ceilings go for a very long feather duster, you can't beat them for clearing webs in corners.

Hetty58 Sat 09-Oct-21 13:35:32

I have an ostrich feather one (yes, I'm vegan, but it was a gift) and it's very good for dust on ceilings, curtain tops, light fittings and picture rails. I just sweep lightly with it, as I'm sure that real pressure would break it. I turn it upside down and tap the dust out.

For cobwebs, though, I use a damp floor mop - and twist it around as I go.

DiscoGran Sat 09-Oct-21 13:39:23

Don't leave your fluffy duster where your naughty pup can find it though, that's all I'm saying! Naughty boy! 🐶

kittylester Sat 09-Oct-21 14:22:03

I use a thing on a stick which I can wash but I also have a proper feather duster for foungbround ornaments and house plants. phoenix had a thread about it!!

Ali08 Sat 16-Oct-21 11:19:10


What is foungbround, please?

midgey Sat 16-Oct-21 11:46:22

I just googled foungbround and Kittylester’s post came up!

Charleygirl5 Sat 16-Oct-21 13:14:33

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought feather dusters just flicked dust from one area to another. You need to use something on a pole to which the cobwebs and dust can stick and you can either wash and/or empty.

Auntieflo Sat 16-Oct-21 13:19:12

I had an ostrich feather duster and after a while it just moulted, which was to say the least annoying, as it had been expensive.

kittylester Sat 16-Oct-21 13:21:54

foungbround is obviously flicking around!!!!! Honestly!! I thought everyone knew that! grin

Nonogran Sat 16-Oct-21 17:46:55

I have sheepskin wool ones on a stick & man made fibre ones too. I wash mine regularly and line dry. That keeps them nice. They pick up dust & webs very well. I imagine a feather duster would just move the dust whereas my dusters actually pick it up. Works well for me especially in those hard to reach places like the top of a free standing wardrobe.

JackyB Sat 16-Oct-21 18:21:06

Swiffer are hard to beat, they pick up everything and keep hold of it until you dispose of the mop part. I dust through the house using just the one, then bin it. If you do it once a week that doesn't work out too expensive.

I have a telescopic handle for it, so I can do cobwebs on the ceiling and get underneath everything.

Josianne Sat 16-Oct-21 18:23:27


Don't leave your fluffy duster where your naughty pup can find it though, that's all I'm saying! Naughty boy! 🐶


Nortsat Sat 16-Oct-21 19:29:19

Kitty there obviously aren’t many foungbround-ers on GN!
We may need to start a specialist foungbround-ing thread for support.

SpringyChicken Sat 16-Oct-21 23:09:24

I use the kitchen broom to dust away cobwebs on walls and ceilings and the vac's extension wand with brush attachments for ornaments, picture rails, skirting , pictures frames, mirrors and furniture. I seldom use a duster.

PollyTickle Sun 17-Oct-21 00:07:57

I foungbround my ornaments weekly ish with an ancient washable nylon thing on a long pole, given to me by my mother-in-law along with a embank.
What was she trying to say.

PollyTickle Sun 17-Oct-21 00:08:25


Blossoming Sun 17-Oct-21 00:28:06

I foungbround my ornaments with an embank. It’s much the best way.

grannyactivist Sun 17-Oct-21 01:37:35

I sadly don’t have an embank and I’m afraid I never got the hang of foungbrounding, so I shall continue to use my husband to get at hard to reach cobwebs and dust. 🤪

nadateturbe Sun 17-Oct-21 08:06:53


I just googled foungbround and Kittylester’s post came up!


PollyTickle Sun 17-Oct-21 08:11:09

Do you have a very thin husband with a big mop of feathery hair grannyactivist.

PollyTickle Sun 17-Oct-21 08:32:13

I think we’ve nailed it Blossoming.

Josianne Sun 17-Oct-21 09:05:15


Do you have a very thin husband with a big mop of feathery hair grannyactivist.

Now there's a thought! My idol would have been ideal.

Nannagarra Sun 17-Oct-21 11:54:37

As I age I’m finding it increasingly difficult to lift DH to foungbround and prefer a lambs wool or an ostrich feather duster, neither of which is becoming threadbare on top! 🤣