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Anyone never owned a tumble dryer or microwave? - how do you manage?

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Kandinsky Wed 12-Jan-22 09:29:33

Regarding tumble dryers: How do you get clothes dry in the winter?
Obviously years ago no one had all the ‘Mod Cons’ ( I’ll never know how my mother coped with 4 children & no washing machine, central heating etc )
Microwaves are obviously not that essential but very quick & handy.

GagaJo Wed 12-Jan-22 09:39:22

I don't rate tumble dryers. I've had them but don't like them. I think they damage clothes and waste energy.

Currently living with my DD and my DGS and they produce a lot of washing. If I time it right, I can get it out on the line and mostly dry and bring it indoors to finish drying it. I just make sure I stay on top of the laundry and don't (as my DD invariably does) decide to do it on a rainy day or a specific week day.

I've got a couple of airers I use in the house and the clothes that in theory should be ironed are dried, on hangers. No ironing needed then.

Peasblossom Wed 12-Jan-22 09:39:53

Actually there aren’t many days that you can’t hang the washing out to get a bit of a dry. Then I put it on a rack in the utility room.

Before the luxury of the utility room, I had a a retractable line in the bathroom.

When I’ve used a tumble dryer at my sons I haven’t liked it. It shrinks things. The cost! The environment!

I do use the microwave.

Petera Wed 12-Jan-22 09:49:35

Never had a tumble dryer - use a pulley. And in fact our clothes dry quicker in the winter when the house is heated than in the summer

Petera Wed 12-Jan-22 09:50:23


Never had a tumble dryer - use a pulley. And in fact our clothes dry quicker in the winter when the house is heated than in the summer

...and we no longer have a microwave. It's main function seemed to be warming milk.

GagaJo Wed 12-Jan-22 09:51:19

I also use the radiator in my bedroom. It gets VERY warm in there, too warm for me. And dries my sinuses out, so a bit of damp washing overnight is useful.

eazybee Wed 12-Jan-22 09:52:15

I would say a tumble dryer is almost essential if you work full time and have a family, in order to get clothes and bedding dry, but after my last on expired I didn't replace it and haven't missed it.
In winter clothes dry in the airing cupboard and bedding and towels overs over the bannister because there is no urgency for them and there is only me to consider.
I could manage without a microwave but use it for defrosting, to cook vegetables, soup, fish and bacon and to reheat food. Really, mainly it replaces the hob and cuts down on steam and smells!

eazybee Wed 12-Jan-22 09:52:38

last one

Kali2 Wed 12-Jan-22 09:55:40

I have both- and practically never use either.

Grannybags Wed 12-Jan-22 09:56:04

I used to have a tumble drier but never used it. Didn't like what it did to the clothes.

If it's too wet outside I use a heated airer, sometimes radiator if I have a lot to dry

henetha Wed 12-Jan-22 10:02:09

I've never had a tumble dryer. I manage to dry clothes ok.
In the summer there's a big whirly washing line in the garden, and in the winter there's a big sunny porch where I hang things on an airer. In fact, it's a sunny day here and I'm just about to hang some washing out in the garden now.
But I do have a microwave, and I do use it.
The whole of the time my children were growing up, I never had a washing machine. When I look back now, heaven knows how I coped!

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 12-Jan-22 10:04:11

Always had a tumble dryer. My kids have draped clothes all over the place, including the tops of doors if necessary, in various residences. The mould loved it!

Now they all have their own homes, and tumble dryers. We’re always astounded builders put dishwashers in, but not dryers. Now a dishwasher is something I would never have. A complete waste of space, and all that bending up and down. Just wash up and rinse as you go along.

There’s no need for damage to clothes to happen Gagajo. The trick is to keep the heat low, only do half the load at a time, and remove just before the clothes are too dry. I always keep checking, and get some bits out before others.

We’ve only had a microwave for about ten years. Really handy when we had our kitchen refurbished, otherwise hardly ever use it.

Have never really noticed much difference energy wise. We are very conscious of energy use. Always have been. Our kids on the other hand seem to leave lights on everywhere. Infuriates me!

DanniRae Wed 12-Jan-22 10:04:47

I have a tumble drier, mainly used by my daughter for her towels. I think it ruins clothes. I have an airer on the landing and dry my stuff on there with bedding going over the banisters.
I do have a microwave but could do without it.
What I would love is a dishwasher but there is no room in my kitchen for one.......when I get a new kitchen fitted I will definitely make sure that there is room for one!

muse Wed 12-Jan-22 10:41:01

I used to have a tumble drier and loved it for towels. Since moving, I rely on a pulley that’s in our bedroom annex, or the line outside. Always spin on high level to get as much moisture out as possible. Never dry in the cottage as it creates black mould. Bain of my life!

Yes to microwave but it’s mainly for reheating something. We produce our own electricity (PV) and microwaves gobble up a huge amount of power judging by what our solar programmer tells me.

MaizieD Wed 12-Jan-22 10:56:28

I have a tumble drier, used primarily for the towels once a week, occasionally for emergency drying of other stuff. Washing goes on the line outside or the pulley in the utility room.

I feel very sorry for people who have no access to an outside clothes line and no space for a pulley. Their only alternative is damp washing draped on radiators etc.

We have a microwave, as well. Useful for heating milk and reheating food. Does it cost more than using the stove?

We have a dishwasher, too. Does that make us environmental vandals?

kittylester Wed 12-Jan-22 11:01:54

I have had tumble dryers for years (5 children either in nappies or out getting dirty) and used it a lot in when the children were young. I rarely use it now preferring to dry on a pulley in the utility room. I never dry outside.

I use my microwave for cooking peas and reheating take aways from the Italian restaurant. I suppose I could do without it but wouldn't like to.

Hetty58 Wed 12-Jan-22 11:02:31

Kandinsky, I've owned tumble driers - but gave up on them when I discovered dehumidifiers. My daughter has never got around to having a microwave and manages just fine without one. I use mine a lot, but she doesn't want a 'cluttered' kitchen.

kittylester Wed 12-Jan-22 11:02:59

Maizie dishwashers are more ecologically sound that washing up by hand.

EllanVannin Wed 12-Jan-22 11:08:50

I've had the same one for years now but is not used very often, only for taking out creases as washing has always been hung outside.

Even the microwave doesn't get used to capacity, but it's there !smile

GagaJo Wed 12-Jan-22 11:09:30

To be honest MaizieD, I have never wanted a tumble dryer or a dish washer, not for the eco friendly reasons, but because when I've had them, I haven't used them/disliked them.

Now I'm pleased I don't need them because they're unnecessary energy gobblers. But that is a bi product of my real reasoning.

I don't have a microwave either, because the last one broke. I DO miss that, but not enough to replace it.

TerriBull Wed 12-Jan-22 11:31:59

I've owned both for years, but remember a time when everyone had a microwave and we didn't, A tiler doing some work in the house handed me some vile looking Gingsters shite pie thing with a " 'ere bung that in the microwave for me luv" to which I replied, "I'm afraid I don't have one" choking on his brew and then recovering his composure, he said something along the lines of "what no microwave!!! 'ow d'ya manage?" "Surprisingly well" was my reply. Since having one, I've never found it vitally important anyway., if I had to, could easily do without it.

jaylucy Wed 12-Jan-22 11:42:52

We have a tumble dryer but only because it was given to us by my brother in law when he was clearing his parents house out.
I use it as little as possible as I much prefer hanging washing outside to dry.
Before I had the dryer, I used an airer to dry clothes on and we also have a covered area where we can dry things. How my mum managed to get clothes dry for 2 adults and four children always amazed me - but then I don't think that we wore things just the once and chucked them in the laundry basket like we do now!
Wouldn't be without my microwave - from heating soup etc to cooking veg, jacket potatoes and ready meals, it's in use just about every day.

Chewbacca Wed 12-Jan-22 12:23:26

I've had a tumble dryer for all my adult life but, when I moved house 3 years ago, I had to make a choice between that or a dishwasher. I chose the dishwasher. Best decision ever. Washing is now either dried out in the garden or on an airer in the rear porch; never on radiators. Dishwasher is very economical on both water and energy usage and used twice a week.

Franbern Wed 12-Jan-22 13:02:36

Well, am coming on in defence of both machines. When I lived in a house, did have a tumble dryer in utility room but used rarely - in summer the whirlygig in the garden, and in winter an airer in utility room. Now I live in a flat, use the my heatpump tumble dryer with every wash. Wonderful machine, reasonably economic to run. Means that a load of washing is done, dried and put away within a few hours. Nothing hanging around anywhere in the flat.

Microwaves I have had for so very many years. My current one replaces a big oven as it is a combi-microwave. More economic for me to run that a normal large oven. Do everything in it, from cooking my porridge in the morning, through baking cakes, making my bread, and cooking my fresh salmon, or chicken, etc for my evening meal.

Thank goodness we have moved on from a large pot held over an open fire, or even a coal fired range being on all the time. I love modern kitchen items.

Although there is just me.....I still have a narrow dishwasher, and use this just for when I have company for a meal - or to give my glassware a wash through every so often - it comes up so sparkling.

Also love my toaster, and (or me) my electric egg boiler and my hot water gadget -although when I get my kitchen refitted, I will change that out for one of those boiling water taps.

Casdon Wed 12-Jan-22 13:07:17

I use a Lakeland heated clothes horse in the winter, it can be used for everything unlike a tumble dryer, and it’s much cheaper to run, about the cost of a light bulb. It can fit three loads on, and warms up the room it’s in so I’ve switched off the radiator. I wouldn’t be without it.