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Lilypops Sat 15-Jan-22 17:46:23

When there are a few laundry pods left in the bottom of the plastic box they come in , has anyone found they just leak and go all mushy and sticky,? they are virtually useless,I have found this with cheap ones eg from Lidl to more expensive like Bold , Ariel Fairy,
I am thinking of going back to liquid detergent or powder,

MerylStreep Sat 15-Jan-22 17:50:32

Sorry, can’t help as I’m totally against washing pods. I use washing sheets

Josieann Sat 15-Jan-22 17:52:02

Yes, I think if they get wet it breaks down the plastic casing. Mine are on the windowsill in a cold utility room and I wondered whether they were getting damp. Either that or the plastic is made thinner now.

Shinamae Sat 15-Jan-22 17:55:16

I stopped using them years ago as they only seem to get stuck in the rim of the door

Witzend Sat 15-Jan-22 17:57:50

I stopped using them a couple of years ago, after reading how they clog up the machine with gunk. As I saw for myself, after doing a recommended 90 deg empty ‘wash’ with just soda crystals.
The amount of dirty, grey looking foam that appeared was shocking. There was still some with a 2nd ditto wash.

Just powder now, and soda crystals, since we’re in a hard water area.
The powder used to get a bit damp and lumpy sometimes, so I now transfer it to a lidded plastic tub.
That’s far less plastic than when I used to buy the pods, though.

Kim19 Sat 15-Jan-22 17:58:40

I stopped using them in favour of powder when I read somewhere that the pods left plastic residue molecules in our water system.

Fleur20 Sat 15-Jan-22 18:22:34

For the first time in years I bought washing powder this month instead of liquid.. same brand same 'perfume' and noticed today that the faint grey/black spots I have fought with on the inside of the door seal have vanished!
Think I will be sticking with the powder.

Calistemon Sat 15-Jan-22 18:36:34

I stopped using them ages ago, after I heard of a child who swallowed one.

They are dangerous things.

Josieann Sat 15-Jan-22 18:42:29


I stopped using them ages ago, after I heard of a child who swallowed one.

They are dangerous things.

Yes, as are dishwasher tablets.

Franbern Sun 16-Jan-22 09:07:47

Like others I use washing sheets, no plastic involved. I do have an old container from those pods, in which I keep the powder, - that I purchase loose, to use instead of calgon (I am also in a hard water area). Do think it is about time that those pods are actually banned. Surely, they not only damage washing machines, but - and far more important - is that they contribute towards plastic in the oceans.

Josieann Sun 16-Jan-22 09:29:41

Yes Franbern I pulled myself up on their usage yesterday and decided to go back to powder.
Thanks for the discussion Lilypops which ever way it went.

grannyrebel7 Sun 16-Jan-22 09:33:11

What are washing sheets?

Niobe Sun 16-Jan-22 09:35:09

I have gone back to powder too because I was not happy about the liquid coming in plastic bottles. Powder comes in cardboard which is better for the planet. I did try the capsules many years ago but stopped when I found the remains of a capsule in the completed wash. Looked like snot!

giulia Sun 16-Jan-22 09:55:25

Yes, what are washing sheets? I live in Italy. Unheard of here.

henetha Sun 16-Jan-22 10:03:22

I stopped using them since I read that tiny plastic particles from them, and similar plastics, end up in the sea. I now use powder, or powder tablets.

Grandmagrim Sun 16-Jan-22 10:07:49

I don’t use them, when I tried them out I struggled to open the plastic tub they come in. The aftermath of snotty goo when they don’t melt entirely is too annoying .

Sago Sun 16-Jan-22 10:09:21

Washing sheets are like tumble dryer sheets to look at, you pop them in the drum and away you go.
I have not used them yet as I’m still using a bumper box of Ariel but as soon as it’s finished I will be trying them.

Sago Sun 16-Jan-22 10:10:36

Here’s a link

Shropshirelass Sun 16-Jan-22 10:11:31

I have swapped over to using Eco Eggs, they are fantastic. No more laundry liquid. The egg is filled with little scented beads and will last for over 70 washes. Only thing I use now.

mokryna Sun 16-Jan-22 10:11:45

What are these laundry sheets also has anyone use laundry balls which I am hearing about?

mokryna Sun 16-Jan-22 10:12:50

Cross posts re balls. Are you satisfied with the results against stains?

Oldwoman70 Sun 16-Jan-22 10:16:30

I have never used washing pods - however, I do find that some supermarkets are now reducing the amount of powder they stock and stocking more of the pods. Yesterday I got the last box of washing powder on the shelf.

SachaMac Sun 16-Jan-22 10:20:11

I’ve recently gone back to powder, more environmentally friendly & more economical especially if you buy the massive boxes when on offer (just a pain to store) Definitely keeps the washing machine cleaner too. Not seen or heard of the laundry sheets, are these in the supermarkets?

Calistemon Sun 16-Jan-22 10:24:53

I store them on their side, SachaMac.

They do seem to work out cheaper and give good results even using a little less than recommended.
And yes, the washing machine is clean too, where the powder goes in, than when I used liquid.

Will investigate the laundry sheets.

Sashabel Sun 16-Jan-22 10:25:38

I would never use washing pods. I use powder as I like to wash everything at 30 degrees and the pods do not always dissolve a lower temperatures (according to a friend of mine). I also like to use different amounts of detergent according to what I am washing, i.e. a little more for towels and a little less for stuff that just needs a quick refresh. Luckily, I live in a soft water area so do not use fabric conditioner, but I always add a little Dettol Laundry Cleanser to each wash instead as it gets rid of any unwanted smells.